Orbit Model 57896 Manual Pdf (2024)

1. Orbit Underground Controller Manuals

  • Orbit Underground Controller Manuals ; Model Number, Picture, Manual PDF Link ; 57894, 57896. Manual ; 28568. Manual · Remote Manual ; 57594, Manual ; 57004, 57006, ...

  •  Model Number Picture Manual PDF Link 57894, 57896   Manual 28568   Manual Remote Manual 57594  Manual 57004, 57006, 91024, 94002, 94004   Manual 57880 Manual 57926  Manual 83700  Manual

Orbit Underground Controller Manuals

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Orbit 57896 Sprinkler Timer Manuals - ManualsLib

3. [PDF] Installation Manual / User's Manual - Watermaster Irrigation

  • The Orbit® timer provides convenience and flexibility, letting you run a fully auto- matic, semi-automatic, or a manual watering program for all your watering ...

4. ORBIT 57896-50 RJ QUICK START MANUAL Pdf Download - ManualsLib

  • View and Download Orbit 57896-50 rJ quick start manual online. 57896-50 rJ timer pdf manual download.

ORBIT 57896-50 RJ QUICK START MANUAL Pdf Download - ManualsLib


  • 18 nov 2009 · This product is intended to be used as an automatic sprinkler timer for activating 24 VAC irrigation valves, as described in this manual .

6. Easy-Set Indoor/Outdoor Swing Door Timer - OrbitOnline

  • The Orbit Easy-Set Dial Logic Sprinkler Timer takes uncertainty out of watering by helping you set a custom sprinkler schedule for your lawn.

Easy-Set Indoor/Outdoor Swing Door Timer - OrbitOnline

7. [PDF] Orbit model 57896 user manual

  • ... Timer Orbit 57896 Outdoor Swivel Panel Spray System Timer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF. Documents: Go to donwload! Owner's manual - (English, Spanish) User ...

8. Orbit 57894-27896 Timer User Manual

  • 4 sep 2022 · This user manual is for Orbit 57894-27896 Timer. It provides detailed instructions on how to set and use the timer with model numbers 27892, ...

  • This user manual is for Orbit 57894-27896 Timer. It provides detailed instructions on how to set and use the timer with model numbers 27892, 27894, 27896, 27999, 28566, 28568, 57567, 57894, 57896, 57899, and 57900. Download the PDF for a step-by-step guide.

Orbit 57894-27896 Timer User Manual

9. [PDF] Installation Manual / User's Manual Manuel d ... - Aqua Center Europa

  • The Timer gives you a number of manual and semi-automatic modes for flexibility in ... dealer to purchase an Orbit® Model 57091. (94060) automatic rain shut-off ...

Orbit Model 57896 Manual Pdf (2024)


Why is my sprinkler system not responding to the controller? ›

Inspect the sensor for debris or damage. The sensor may need to be cleaned, restarted, repaired, or replaced. If your controller seems to be working, or at least turning on, but the sprinklers themselves are acting erratically, there may be damage to a sprinkler line, head, or another part of the sprinkler system.

How can you tell if an irrigation controller is bad? ›

The water sprinkler controller stops working: Here are four main problems that could cause your controller to stop working: it fails to keep time, your timer dial may not be turning, your controller won't turn in the manual mode, or the controller fails to operate in the auto mode.

How do I reset my orbit sprinkler system? ›

If you already have your device programmed, then performing this step could clear any custom programming that you have set up. Open the front door, then open the swing panel. Locate the reset button. Press and hold the reset button for 10-12 seconds.

Why does my sprinkler system turn on manually but not automatically? ›

Poor water pressure is a common reason for malfunctioning sprinklers and a significant cause of insufficient coverage. If your system shows low water pressure, there's a chance of blockage in the hardware or a leaking pipe. An automatic system may fail to turn on if the pressure is low, resulting in manual activation.

How long should an irrigation controller last? ›

One of the components that you may need to replace regularly are the wires, often due to improper installation and corrosion. Valves will give you 10 to 15 years of service, while controllers 5 to 10 years.

How do I know if the solenoid is bad on my sprinkler system? ›

Constant water flow: The solenoid may stick open, allowing a trickle or full stream of water to move through the sprinkler, even when the system tries to shut it off. Water leaks: High pressure from a broken or faulty solenoid stresses your sprinkler system, causing minor or large cracks and leaks.

How to unstick a sprinkler valve? ›

Stuck Sprinkler Valve

To check this, unscrew the solenoid, allow water to pass through the valve, and then close the solenoid again. If this doesn't solve the problem, turn off your sprinkler system, disassemble the faulty valve, and look for any small rocks in the diaphragm.

Why is my orbit sprinkler not rotating? ›

There may be a blockage in the nozzle, sprinkler inlet, control valve, or piping. Also, if the control valve has a flow control, it may be turned down. If the sprinkler has a filter, it may need to be cleaned. There are dry areas in front of or around the sprinkler head.

Can a sprinkler solenoid stuck open? ›

When a valve remains stuck open, it can overwater your lawn, killing grass and other plants. The cost to replace a sprinkler valve is $13 to $150. Some of the common causes of a stuck valve are debris buildup, a stuck diaphragm, or a shorted solenoid.

Why is water not going to my sprinkler system? ›

If your sprinkler system is not getting water, a number of things could be the culprit: The backflow may be off. If the handle on your backflow valve gets inadvertently shut off, it restricts any water from flowing past the backflow and to the sprinkler system valves. Your rain sensor might be faulty.

Why is my irrigation controller not turning the pump on? ›

Your irrigation pump not turning on for a number of reasons, the most common being a lack of power or water. Other reasons could be a burnt-out motor, clogged filters or damaged wiring.

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