Index of New South Wales Pastoral Lease names in 1923 (2024)

This post contains an A-Z list of hundreds of New South Wales pastoral lease names made for a map of New South Wales showing pastoral stations and published by H.E.C. Robinson in 1923. Much of the information was compiled for the publisher by Alex Wilson and Stock Branch, and the District Stock Inspectors. I have extracted the names in the map and created a word list so allow for easier searches. The numbers after the name refer to the coordinates on the map and while I haven’t loaded a high res version of the map to this post there is a link in the map caption to the large version in the State Library of New South Wales catalogue which will allow you to pinpoint the location of the pastoral station.

Index of New South Wales Pastoral Lease names in 1923 (1)

A-Z Listing of Pastoral Stations


Abbey Green, L.5.0.

Abbey Green, L.3.8.

Abbeyville, J.7.0.

Abbotsford, D.G.A.

Abbotslea, l<.4.A.

Abbottville, L.5.8.

Abedoar, H .2.8.

Aberbaldie, LA.A.

Abercrombie, D.7 .C.

Aberfeldie, J.2.D.

Aberfeldie, L.2.B.

Aberfoyle, M .3.A.

Abermarle, F .2.C.

Abingdon, G.8.8.

Abington, L.3.A.

Abydos, F .J.B.

Adavale, G.4.D.

Ada vale, H.5. D.

Adelaide Vale, H.4.0.

Adelargo, H.6.D.

Adrah (Mt.), G.8.8.

Alrlands, J.3.C.

Airlie, L.3.D.

Airlie, L.5.8.

Airly, l<.6.A.

Airy ( 111t. ) , G.8.C.

Alagula, G.s.B.

Alambra, H.3.C.

Alambur, F.8.D.

Alawa, H .3.A.

Alawa. 1(.2.0.

Albano, L.5.A.

Albermarle, B.5.8.

Albermarle, C.5.A.

Alberstoke, H.3.0.

Albert Park, H .2.c.

Albion, J.3.C.

Aldreds, 0.7.C.

Alexander R., D.8.A.

Alexander Vale, J.9.C.

Alice Downs, K.2.D.

Allee Grove, H.4.C.

Aliceton, L.5.C.

Alice Vale, D.8.0.

Allandale, C.7.0.

Allandale, 1(.2.B.

Allanvale, A.6.C.

Allan Vale, C.7.A.

Allendale. J.5.A.

Allendy, D.5.A.

Allonby, G.8.A.

Alloonbah, H.2.C.

Allowah, E.8. D.

• ••–···-·· u t r

,,,,,.IIUWO.Jr tt,'”T•’-‘•

Alloway Bank, J .6.8.

Allwood, E.7.B.

Allwood, J .6.D.

Alma, D.6.C.

Alma, F.4.8.

Alma, H.9.C.

Alma, 1(.2.A.

Almora, H .3.C.

Alndale, l<.4.D.

Aloe Bank, l<.7.B.

Aloeburn, F .8.8.

Aloura, J.4.B.

Alpha, J.5.0.

Alpine, L.2.A.

Alton, F.7.D.

Alton & Gaback, H.7.8.

Alton Park, E.8.C.

Alton Park, H.5.8.

Alum Ck., J.8.D.

AR1aroo, H.6.8.

Amegh (New), G.3.D.

Amondale, J. I .C.

Amphitheatre, E.4.8.

Anambah, L.5.C.

Anandale, J.6. 0.

Anembo, J.8.D.

Angle ( Mt.), J.4.C.

Angledool, G.2.B.

Anglefleld, J.2.C.

Anglesey, 1(.3.8.

Angora, D.6.C.

Angullong, H.6.C.

Annandale, G.8.D.

Apperby, J.4.8.

Appin, 8.5.A.

Apple Tree, J.3.8.

Applewood, L.2.A.

Apsley, H.5.C.

Apsley, E.7.A.

Apsley, J.7.8.

Apsley, J.6.C.

Arable Ck., H.9.B.

AraJoel, F.7.C.

AraJoel & Sth. Berry Jerry,

F .8. B.

Araleun, G.3.0.

Araluen, K.2.8.

Aramac, K.2.A.

Aran, K.2.D.

Arara, E.2.A.

Aratula, E.8.0.

Aratula, J.7.0.

Arcadia, E.6.C.

Arcadia, F.8.8.

Archerfleld, L. 5.C.

Archer’s Flat, J.9.D.

Ardblair, J.2.A.

Ardblair, L.2.C.

Arden Hall, L.5.A.

Ardersier, H.7.0.

Ardersier, 1(.2.8.

Ardleigh, 0.8.A.

Ardsley, J.6.8.

Argilla, H.4.A.

Argo, J.6.A.

Ardgour, l<.4.D.

Argyle, H .8. 0.

Argyle, F.8.8.

Argyle, L.5.A.

Ariah, G.7.A.

Ariah Park, G.7.A.

Arlington, C.6.C.

Arlington Plains, 0.5.0.

Armatree (New), H.4.8.

Armour, J., 0.8.A.

Arnold, W. H. T., K.4.A.

Arnprior, J.8.8.

Arraglui, 1(.4.C.

Arramagong, H.7.A.

Arramagong West, H.7.A.

Arrawatta, L.2.D.

Arrowfield, 1(.5.8.

Arrowsmith (Mt.), A.3.8.

Artesia Farm, F.2.0.

Arthursleigh, H .4.C.

Arthursleigh, 1(.7.D.

Arthur’s Seat, L.2.A.

Artlington, 1(.4.0.

Arumpo, 8.6.C.

Arundle, F.8.C.

Ascot or Four Bob, G.6.A.

Ascot Vale. A.5.A.

Ashantee, H.3.A.

Ashburne, H.4.8.

Ashburton, J.6.A.

Ashby, J.3. 0.

Ashby, 1(.2.A.

Ashfield, H.3.A.

Ashford, J.7.A.

Ashil, L.3.8.

Ashlea, M.4.0 .

Ashleigh, H.6.8.

Ashvale, 8.6.0.

Aston, J.9. 0.

Atbara, 0.8. D.

Atbara, G.6.C.

Athlyn, M.2.A.

Athol, J.6.0.

Athol, L.3.0.

Athole, F.8.A.

Atholstone, J.3.8.

Atholwood, L.2.A.

Auburn, F.8.0.

Auburn, G.5.8.

Auburn (Mt.}, :<.4.C.

Auburn Vale, H.6.B.

Auburn Vale, L.2.0.

Audrey Lea, 0.6.C.

Austral Eden, M.4.8.

Austn. Agricl. Coy.’s, l<.4.0.

Australian Agl. Coy., L.5.8.

Avenal, A.3.0.

Avenue (The), C.4.A.

Avenue (The), F.7.0.

Avoca, A.G.A.

Avoca. A.6.8.

Avoca, A.6.C.

Avoca, H.4.A.

Avoca, 1(.2.B.

Avoca Valley, H .6.C.

Avon, L.5.8.

Avondal e, A.4.C.

Avondal e, 0.8.A.

Avondale, 0.8.C.

Avondale, E.8.C.

Avondale, F.8.A.

Avondale, G.6.A.

Avondale, G.8.A.

Avondale, J.2.C.

Avondale, J.2.0.

Avondale, J.6.D.

Avondale, 1(.3.A.

Avondale. L.2.B.

Avondale. L.-1.D.

Avon Downs, H.2.C.

Avon Lake. J.9.0.

Avonsyde, H .6.C.

Avymore, J. I .C.

Ayr, 0.7.C.

Ayr, L.4.0.

Ayredale, J.9.C.



Baalgammon, J.2.C.

Babinda (New), F .4.C.

Babingah, J.9.A.

Back Booroomugga, F.4.A.

Back Brewaranna, F.7.C.

Back Creek & Nobby’s La•

goon, G.6.0.

Back Droubalgie, H.6.A.

Back Esperance, G.3.0.

Back Merrigal, H.4.A.

Back Plain, 1(.3.B.

Back Tenandra, H.4.A.

Back Wardry, F.6.8.

Backwater, 0.8.A.

Backwater, H .5.A.

Back Yamma, H.6.A.

Baden, F.7.C.

Baden Park, 0.5.A.

Baerami, 1(.5.A.

Bagdad, H.6.C.

Sago, G.8.C.

Bailey Park, l<.3.0.

Bairnkine, H.2.A.

Baker’s Ck., M.5.A.

Balabla (Upper), G.7.8.

Balaclava, L.2.C.

Balagula, H.3.0.

Batala, L.3.D.

Balalabla, J.8.C. see – UNPUNISHED CRIMES. (1898, November 18).The Cobargo Chronicle (NSW : 1898 – 1944), p. 1. Retrieved July 3, 2024, from

Balarang, J. I .D.

Balblair, L.3.8.

Balbriggan, J.8.A.

Balcatherine, 8.6.D.

Bald Hill, J.3.8.

Bald Hills, H.6.0.

Bald Hills, H.7.A.

Bald Hills, J.5.D.

Bald Hills, J.9.D.

Bald Hills, M.3.B.

Bald Nob, L.2.C.

Bald Ridge, J.4. D.

Balgay, G.5.A.

Balgownie, J.9.D.

Ballanafad, J.8.0.

Ballandean, G.6.C.

Ballandry, F.7.A.

Ballangeich, E.8.C.

Ballaree, G.3.D.

Ballater, E.3.8.

Ballimborah, J.2.0.

Ballingarrah, G.7.C.

Ballyhooley, 8.5.A.

Balmain, 1(.2.B.

Balmoral, H.3.8.

Balmoral, J.5.C.

Balmoral, l<.5.8.

Balnabeen, H .2.8.

Balowra, F.5.A.

Banandra, F.7.D.

Banar, G.6.A.

Ban Ban, L.3.B.

Banda, H.9.C.

Bandanora, J.6.8.

Sando, H.2.A.

Sando, J.4.8.

Bandon, H.6.D.

Bangadilly, 1(.7.A.

Bangaroo, H.6.C.

Bangaroo (Old), H.6.C.

Bangate, G.2.B.

Bangheet, 1(.2.D.

Bango, J.7.D.

Bangus, G.8.B.

Bank (New), H.3.C.

Bank Field, D.7.C.

Bank Vale, F.8.8.

Bannaby, J.7.B.

Bannister, J.7.C.

Bannockburn, L.2.D.

Banoon, 1(.3.A.

Bantry Grove, J.6.D.

Baradine, H.3.C.

Baratta, D.R.B.

Barbigal, H.5.8.

Bareela, 1(.3.B.

Bareena, F .7.0.

Barellan, F.7.8.

Barellan, F.7.8.

Bargenong, G.6.8.

Bargong, J.5.D.

Barham. 0.8.D.

Barmedman, G.7.A.

Barnato, D.4.C.

Barnato, J. I.C.

Barokville, H.3.A.

Baronne, H.4.B.

Barooga, E.8.C.

Barooma, l<.2.A.

Baroona, H .2.C.

Baroona, J.2.A.

Baroona, L.5.0.

Bartley’s Ck., H.6.A.

Barra, J. I .c.

Barraba, L.5.0.

Barrabadeen, H.5.D.

Barrabool, E.7.0.

Barradale, C-4.0.

Barragan, J.5.C.

Barratta, F.5.C.

Barreenong,- G.6.C.

Barrengarry, I<. 7. B.

Barriato, J. I .C.

Barroneal, G.2. B.

Barry, L.4.0.

Barsham, 1(.4.C.

Barwick, M.3.0.

Barwon Vale, G.3.B.

Baryulgil, M.2.B.

Bassendean, L.3.A.

Bassett Dns., H.6.C.

Bathampton, J.6.A.

Ballow, S.S., H.8.0.

Baymore, C.6.A.

Beablebar, G.4.0.

Beaconsfield, J.6.C.

Bealbah, G.4.B.

Bcanbah, H.3.0.

Bearbong, H.4.C.

Beaudeserl, J.5.0.

Beaufort, H.7.0.

Beaufort, L.2.C.

Beaumont, L.2.A.

Bective, J.4.A.

Bcctive, 1(.3.C.

Bedan Stn., A.5.B.

Bedervale, J.8.B.

Bedford Park, H.4.B.

Bedooba, E.5.B.

Bedullick, J.8.A.

Beebrew, 1(.5.A.

Beechworth, J.5.D.

Beefwood, l<.2.A.

Beemelon, 0.8.A.

Beemery, F.3.A.

Beethoven, H.2.C.

Beggan Beggan. H.7. D.

Belah Park, G.3.B.

Belalie, E.2.B.

Belalie, E.6.0.

Belar, J.4.A.

Belara. G.r,.c.

R11>lf:tr-,h I~ ~

—·-· …… , …… ,….,

Belarbone, G.4.A.

Belarina, G.4.A.

Belaringar, G.4.C.

Be:ar Park, G.4. D.

Belarra, H.2.C.

Belars (The). G.4.0.

Belar View, G.4.B.

Belar View, 1(.2.A.

Belatherie, E.6.A.

Belbora, M.5.A.

Belbowrie, J.3.B.

Beldolba, L.5.B.

Belford, E.4.C.

Belgian Park, 0.6.A.

Belgravia. J.6.A.

Belladonna, J.9.0.

Bellaree Vale, G.3.0.

Belle Vale, H.7.C.

Belle View, J.9.0.

Bellevue, B.6.D.

Bellevue, C.6.B.

Bellevue, F.3.A.

Bellevue, J.2.0.

Bellevue, l<.3.B.

Bellevue, l<.6.C.

Bellevue, L.2.C.

Bellevue, L.3.8.

Bellona, M.2.B.

Bellond, J.8.A.

Bellrigge, L.2.A.

Bellsgrove, A.7.A.

Bellsgrove, 0.3.C.

Belltrees, L.4.0.

Bellview, G.3.0.

Bellvue, F.8.A.

Belmont, H.7.0.

Belmont, J.2.0.

Belmont, l<.6.C.

Belmont, 0.8.D.

Belmont, G.4.A.

Belmont Park, l<.6.C.

Belmore. A.6.0.

Belmore, F.4.C.

Belmore, 1(.2.A.

Belmore Park, L.2.A.

Belowrie, H.5.0.

Benah, G.4.A.

Benalbri, J.3.C., l<.3. 0.

Benalong, H .5.8.

Benambra, G.8.0.

Benarca, 0.8.C.

Ben Avon, G.3.0.

Ben Buckley, J.5.A.

Bendeck, 0.7.8.

Bendee. l<.2.A.

Bendeena, H .2.A.

Bendenine, H.7.C.

Bendigo Park, 0.6.A.

Bendooley, l<.7.A.

Benduck, 0.7.B.

Bened::i, F.2.B.

Benediti, M.4.A.

Benerembah, E.7.B.

Bengalla, I<. I .c.

Bengalla, l<.5.B.

Bengallow, B.7.0.

Beni, H.5.B.

Ben laddie Park. J.9.D.

Ben Lomond, L.3.B.

Ben Lomond. E.3.C.

Benmore, L.5.A.

Benongal, C.7.0.

Bent’s Hill, F.7.B.

Bentwood, H.3.B.

Beragoon, E.7.D.

Berangeraine, E.7.A.

Berawinnia Downs, C.2.B.

Berawinnia Downs, No. 3,


Bereen, l<.3.A.

Beremegacl. or Tulla, 0.8.A.

Bergalia, 1(.8.0.

Bergin-op-zoom, L.3.C.

Beri, J.6.A.

Beri, 1(.2.A.

Berida, H.4.C.

Bericfa (New), H.4.C.

Berilee, l<.2.A.

Berragoon, H.3.B.

Berrembed, F.7.C.

Berrembed North, F .7.C.

Berrigal, 1(.2.0.

Berrigan (Old). E.8.C.

Berry Jerry, G.7.0.

Berry Jerry South, F.8. 8.

Berry Park, L.5.C.

Berthong, H.7.A.

Berthong, H.7.A.

Berwick Park, 0.7.B.

Bethungra Park, G.7.C.

Bettowynd, J.8.C.

Sett’s Camp, H.9.A.

Beulah, G.4.A.

Beumonto, 0.8.C.

Beverley, H.7.B.

Beverstone, 0.7.A.

Bexley, H.2.C.

Biambil, J.4.0.

Biambi l (Old), J.4.0.

Bibbenluke, J.9.0.

Bibbijibbery, G.4.B.

Bibilah, I<. 1.0.

Bickham, 1(.4.C.

Bidura, C.7.A.

Bidwell Downs, l<.2.B.

Big Badja, J.9.A.

Big Bend, A.7.A.

Bigga, J.7.A.

Bigga House, J.7.A.

Biggam, H.9.B.

Big Plain, F.7.C.

Big Springs, G.8.A.

Big Swamp, M.4.C.

Billaah, F.7.C.

Billabong, G.8.B.

Billabong, G.6.0.

Billabong, G.6.0.

Billabong Creek, G.8.D.

Billabong East, H.6.A.

Billabong (Little), G.8.C.

Billapalap, G.8.B.

Billenbah, F.7.D.

Billeroy, H.3.0.

Billila, C.4.0.

Billilingra, J.9.A.

Billy Billy, J.8.A.

Billybingbone, G.3.A.

Bimbajong, J.5.0.

Bimble, H.3.0.

Bimmel, J.9.0.

Binda, H.6.0.

Bi ndah, J.5.A.

Bingberry, 1(.5.B.

Singletree, J.6.B.

Bingman, J.5.C.

Binnawee, J.5.B.

Binneguy, 1(.2.0.

Binnia Ons., J.4.C.

Binni Ck., H.6.C.

Biroon, J.7.0.

Birrabirrman, H.2.B.

Biraganbil, J.5.A.

u1rre11an, J.7.A.

Birriwa, J.5.B.

Biwondah, l<.3.0.

Blackburn, H .7.C.

Blackdown, J.6.B.

Black Gate, B.5.B.

Black Hill, A.5.A.

Black Jack, H .9.C.

Black Lake, H.9. B.

Black Mount, H.4.B.

Blackspear, l<.I.D.

Black Springs, H.7.0.

ls1acK ::.11rings, l<.3.B.

Black Willow, J.5.0.

Blair Hill, L.2.C.

Blairmore, J.3.C.

Blairmore, l<.5.B.

lslaKe warran (Mt.), 1(.4.0.

Blakefleld, 1(.5.B.

Bland (East), u.7.B.

Blanket Flat, J.7.A.

Blantyre, H.2.0.

Bleak House, J.2,D.

Bleak Plailis, F.8.A.

Blenheim, J.6.C.

Blinkbonnie, G.6.C.

Blink Bonn;e, L .. 0.

Blong, J.7 .C.

Bloomfield. H.7.C.

Bloom Field, l<.4.C.

Blowclear, G.6.B.

Blowering, H.8.A.

Blowering West, H.8.A.

Blue Hills, 0.6.0.

Blue Mountain, L.3.C.

Blue Nobby, l<.2. B.

Bluff Lea~es, A.5.A.

Bluff (Ttte), F.7.A.

Blumenthol, L.4.0.

Blytheswood, 1(.4.B.

Blythwood Park, 0.8.A.

Boag, J. W., I( .. A.

Boambola, H.8.B.

Bob (Mt.), H.o.B.

Bobadeen, J.5.B.

Bobadeen (Old), J.5.B.

Bobbiwa, J.3.B.

R~h,,,t~ h S: q A

– .. … ……. … . …… .

Bobeyan, H .8.C.

Bobundara, J.9.D.

Boco, J.9.0.

Bocoble, J.5.C.

Bodalla, l<.9.A.

Bodangora, J.5.A.

Bogabigal, G.6.B.

Bogalara, H.7.C.

Booalong, H.7.C.

Bogamildi, l<.2.A.

Bogan, I/ (East), F.3.B.

Bogan, 18 (East), F.3.B.

Bogan, No. I (W~st), G.4.0.

Bogan, No. 2 & 3 (West),


Bogan, No. 6 (West), F.4.B.

Bogan, No. 7 (West), F.4.B.

Bogandillon, G.6.A.

Bogara Lagoon, G.3.B.

Bogeira, G.2.B.

Bogeira Back, G.2.B.

Bogewong, G.3.B.

Boggy Creek, J.2.C.

Bogie, l<.5.0.

Bogobogalong, H.6.0.

Bogolong, H .7.C.

Bogong, H.9.A.

Bohena, J.3.C.

Bolaka, B.5.B.

Bolaro, H.8.C.

Bolaro, J.5.A.

Bolaro Forest, H.9.B.

Bolero, F.7.B.

Bolinda Glen, F.8.0.

Bolivia, L.2.B.

Bollard’s Flat, J.8.0.

Bollymena, 0.7.B.

Boloar View, H.8.C.

Boloco, H.9.C.

Bologoy, G.4.C.

Boloko, H.9.C.

Bolong, H.7.B.

Bolygamy, F.6.C.

Bomaderry, l<.7.C.

Bomalli, G.2.B.

Bombira. J.4.0.

Bomera, J.4.B.

Bomuckledi, J.2.C.

Bomun, J.4.A.

Bona, G.4.B.

Bon Accord, L.5.A.

Bonalbo (Old), 1\1.1.C.

Bonangar, J. I.C.

Bonanza, H.2.A.

Bondo, H.8.B.

Bone Bone, J.4.0.

Boneda, F.2.B.

Bongebong, H.4.C.

Bongongo, H.8.A.

Bonnie Doon, G.3.C.

Bonnington Park, L.5.B.

Bonshaw, L.2.A.

Booabula, 0.8.B.

Boobera, 1(.1.0.

Booberoi, F.5.0.

Booberoi, F.6.B.

Book Book, G.8.B.

Booka Booka East, G.3.A.

Bookham, H.7.C.

Bookit Id., 0.8.0.

Boola. l<.4.B.

Boolaboolka, C.5.0.

Boolbar, G.4.B.

Boolcarrol, J.3.A.

Booligal, 0.6.C.

Booloocoroo. 1(.4.A.

Booloola, J.4.B.

Boolooree, F.r..A.

Boolooroo, J.2.B.

Boomanoomana. E.8.C.

Boomanulla, G.4.B.

Boomanulla, G.4.C.

Boomerang, G.4.B.

Boomey, H.6.B.

Boomiaricool. C.7.A.

Boomley, J.5.A.

Boomley, Upper, J.4.0.

Boon, C.8.B.

Boona (”le t), G.5.0.

Boonal, I<. I.C.

Boonaldoon, J.2.A.

Boonara, I(. 1.0.

Boenaree, H.2.C.

Boona West, G.5.0.

Boondara, 0.6.B.

Boonewell, H.2.C.

Boonoke, E.8.A.

Boonoke Nth., F.8.A.

Booral House, L.5.C.

Boorandal, H.4.C.

Boorandi, J.4.B.

Boorara, L.5.C.

Boorebanglo, J.7.0.

Boori, J.4.0.

Boori, 1(.4.A.

Boorie Creek, N.1.0.

Boorithumbil, F.6.A.

Boorithumbil (Mt.), F.6.A.

Boorolong, L.3.A.

Boorook, M. I. 0.

Boorooma, G.2. 0.

Booroomba, H.8.B.

Booroomin, J.3.C.

Booroomina, l’.2.A.

Booroomugga, F.4.A.

Booroomugga (Back), F .4.A.

Booroondara Downs, E.4.B.

Boothenba, H.5.B.

Bootheragandra, E.6.C.

Bootl u ngie, B.5.A.

Bootra, B.3.B.

Booyamurra, J.4.C.

Borah, J.1.0.

Borah, J.3.C.

Borah, l<.~.c.

Boraig, H.8.0.

Borambil, G.6.A.

Borambil, J.4.0.

Borambola, G.8.B.

Boree, J.2.B.

Boree Creek, F.8.B.

Boree Gabonne, H.6.B.

Boree Grange, E.8.B.

Boree Park, E.7.0.

Boree Park, G.4.C.

Boree Park, G.7.A.

Boree Plains, C.6.0.

Boreeyamma, J.1.0.

Borga, J.5.C.

Boronga, J. I .C.

Borumbil, G.3.B.

Bostobrick, M.::..B.

Bothero, J.4.0.

Bougong, F.i’.A.

Boulebedah (Lake), 0.5.B.

Boulka Lake (now various

leases), A.2. 0.

Boundary Creek, l<.3.B.

Boundary Gate, 1(.2.A.

Boundary Park, E.8.0.

Boundary Run. A.6.0.

Bourbah, H.4.A.

Boureong, J.7.0.

Bourke’s Creek, G.8.0.

Bowen Park, H.4.0.

Bower Hill, L.1.0.

Bow Forest, 1(.5.A.

Bow Glen, l<.5.A.

Bowler’s Flat, H.8.A.

Bowman River, L.4.C.

Bowra, G.3.A.

Bow Vale, l<.5.A.

Bowylie, J.8.A.

Box Camp, G.5.B.

Box Cowal, G.4.A.

Box Cowal, G.5.B.

Box 8, C.8. 8.

Box Hill, E.8.B.

Box Hill, J.8.B.

Box Hill, l<.4.B.

Box Swamp, E.8. B.

Boxvale, C.3.0.

Box Valley, J.5.B.

Boyd, G.6.C.

Boyong, 0.7.A.

Bradgate Park. J.6.0.

Braeburn, G.4.C.

Braeburn, H.4.A.

Braeburn, J.6.A.

Braefleld, l<.3.0.

Braehour, G.8.A.

Braemar, 0.7.C.

Braemar. G.4. B.

Braemar, J.3.C.

Braemar, M.2.B.

Braeside, H.2.C.

Braeside, 1(.4.C.

Brae (The), J . .s.A.

Braes (The). l<.~.c.

Brain G., G.8.B.

Brae Springs, F.8.C.

Bramah, C.7.A.

Bramble, H.4.B.

l:Sranch (The), H.5.C.

Brandon (Mt.), H.2. 0.

Branga East, L.4.B.

Branga Park, L.4.B.

Branga Plains, L.4.B.

Branston, H.4.C.

Branxton, H.2.C.

Branxton, J.8.B.

Branxton, L.2.A.

Brassi Park, 0.8.C.

Brawlin, H.7. 0.

Breakfast Ck., G.7.B.

Break’o’day, E.8.B.

Bredbo, J.8.0.

Breelong, L.3.A.

Breelong (New), H.4.C.

Breenie, J. I .o.

Breeza, 1(.4.A.

Bromegad or Tulia, 0.8.A.

Brenda, G.2.A.

Brentwood, J.4.B.

Brewaranna, F.7.C.

Browarran na C Sack), F.7.C.

Brewon, G.3.A.

Brewon, G.3.B.

Brewongle, G.3.A.

Brian’s Vale, H.7.0.

Briar Brook, L.3.A.

Briar Park, J.6.C.

Briarwood. L.2.0.

Bri Bri, E.7.A.

Brickface, E.2.B.

Bridgewater. H.5.0.

Bridgman, L.5.A.

Briel, M .4.A.

Briery, G.3.A.

Brigalaws, J.2.0.

Brigalow, H.5.C.

Brigalows (The), G.3.B.

Brigalows (The). K.S.A.

Brightlands, G.4.C.

Brighton, L.4.A.

Brighton Park, L.3.D.

Brightside, J.8.B.

Brinawa, H .4.A.

Brindabella. H.8.B.

Brindingabba, 0.2.B.

Brindley Park, 1(.5.A.

Bringagec, E.7.B.

Bringenbong, H.9.A.

B’ristol, 1(.2.A.

Broadmeadows, F.8.0.

Broadwater, J.6.A.

Broadwater, N.2.A.

Brogheda, l<.5.B.

Bronte. J.7.C.

Brookfield, H.7.0.

Brookfield, J.5.0.

Brookfield, J.9.A.

Brookfield, L.5.C.

Brooklands, G.4.A.

Brooklyn, 1(.2.C.

Brooklyn, L.3.B.

Brooklyn, L.5.A.

Brookong, F.8.B.

Brookside, H.6.C.

Brookside, L.3.B.

Brookvale, J.8.B.

Broombee, J.5.C.

Broo m1ield, F .4. B.

Broomfield, K.5.B.

Broomsgrove, J.4.A.

Broone, l<.5.B.

Brotheroney, F.6.B.

Broughton Vale, B.4.0.

Browlee, F.7.0.

Browne (Mf.), A.2.C.

Brownlea, J.6.C.

Brownie, O.P., J.9.0.

Brownlow Hill, l<.7.B.

Brown’s Camp, H.9.C.

Brubri, 1(.3.C.

Bruccdale, J.6.B.

Bruie Plains, G.5.C.

Bruira, E.4.C.

Brundah, H.6.0.

Brundah, H.7.C.

Brundah North, H.6.0.

Brundle, J.2.B.

Brungle (Beach), H.8.A.

Brungle (Campbell), H.8.A.

Brunker Place, 0.7.0.

Brurigit, L.5.B.

Brushgrove, L.3.0,

Brushy Creek. L.3.A.

Brymer, 1<.s.o.

Buccarumbi, M.2.0.

Buccleuch, M.2.A.

Buckaginga, G.8.0.

Buckalow, A.5.0.

Buckambool, E.4.C.

Buckanbee, 0.4.A.

Buckburraga, J.6. 0.

Buck Burraga, J.6.C.

Buckenboura, l<.8.A.

Buckeroo, F.3.C.

Buckie, l{.2.A.

Buckl inguy, G.4.A.

Buckinbah, H.5.C.

Buckinbong, F.7.0.

Buckwaroon, E.4.8.

Budda, 0.4.A.

Buddabadah, G.4. 0.

Buddah, J.3.B.

Budda Hall, H.5.A.

Budda Lake, H.5.A.

Budden, l<.5.A.

Buddigower, F.7.8.

Buderie, J.2.B.

Budgeree, A.5.0.

Budgeree, J.6.0.

Budgery, F.4.C.

Budgewar, 0.7.8.

Budiong, J.8.8.

Buffalo Park, F.7.0.

Bugg’s Ck., L.S.B.

Bugilbone, H.3.B.

Buiwan, L.2.A.

Buckalong, J.9.0.

Bukalong (South), J.9.D.

Bukkulla, L.2.0.

Bukulla, H :!.A.

Bula way ( M\t.), J.4.A.

Bulgandra, F.8.C.

Bulgandramine, H.5.D.

Bulgar, H.3.0.

Bulgarra, J.3.A.

Bulgary, F.8.8.

Bui gas (The). H.4.C.

Bulgoo, E.4.C.

Bulkira, l{.2. B.

Bulla, D.4.C.

Bufla BuTia, 0.4.C.

Bullagreen. H.4.A.

Bullamalita, J.7.C.

Bullarora, H.3.D.

Bullatella, E.8.D.

Bullenbalong, H.9.8.

Bullenbong, F.8.8.

Bullenbong East, F.8.B.

Bullenbong West, F.8.B.

Bullerana, J.2.B.

Bullerawa, J.3.A.

Bulletana, J.2.B.

Bulliac. L.4.C.

Bullio. l<.7.A.

Bull Plain, F.8.0.

Bulpunga, A.6.C.

Bulyeroi, J.2.D.

Bumbaldry. H.6.0.

Bumbaldry (Upper), H.6.D.

Bumbally, 1(.7.0.

Bumbalong, J.8.D.

Bumbowlee. H.8.A.

Bummaroo Ford, J.7.B.

Bunamago, J.5.C.

Bunarba North, J. I .D.

Bunarba South. J.2.A.

Bunda. E.6.C.

Bundabulla, G.2. 0.

Bundabulla, U1iper, G.2.D.

Bundaburra. G.6.B.

Bundaburra Ck.. G.6.8.

Bundarbo, H.7.D.

Bundarraga. 1(.4.C.

Bun~ella, E.4.B.

Bundella, J.4.C.

Bundemar, H.4.0.

Bundir<gerie, F.7.C.

Bundilla, H.4.A.

Bundinbarrina. H.2.D.

Bundori. J. I.D.

Bundure. E.8.B.

Bundy, H.3.D.

Bundy. 1(.2.D.

Bundyulumblah. D.7.C.

Bungaba, J.5.B.

Bungagee, G.8.8.

Bungarambil, G.8.C.

Bungarby, J.9.0.

Bungawalbyn, N.2.A.

Bungay, M.4.D.

Bungle Gully, H.3.A.

Bungowannah, F.8.C.

Bunker Hills, 1(.4.A.

Bunna Bunna, J.2.D.

Bunnamagoo, J.6.C.

Bunneringee. A.6.C.

Bunnor, J.2.A.

Buntington. G.4.0.

Bunumburt, C.7.B.

Buramilong, H.4.C.

Burburba, J.7.C.

Burburgate, l<.3.D.

Burcham, G.5.C.

B….u. rd…e nda, …G…..5…A .

ouryoun, M .o.ts.

Burham Park, L.5.8.

8 u ri, L.3.C.

Burindi, l<.3.A.

Burmah, l<.2.8.

Burnie, J.8.8.

Burnima. J.9.0.

Surra. H.8.0.

Surra (Little). H.8.B.

Burrabadine, H.5.B.

Burrabogie, E.7.D

Burrabogie Sth., E.7.D.

Surra Surra, G.5.D.

Burragine, l<.4. D.

Burram u nda. H.7.A.

Burranba, H.2.A.

Burrandown, H.2.B.

Burrangong, F.8.A.

Burrangong, H.7.A.

Burrawang, G.6.8.

Burrawang, H.5.C.

Burrawang (Little), H.5.C.

Burredah, J.4.D.

Burren, J.3.A.

Burren (Old), H.2,C.

Burrenbah, H.2.B.

Burren Burren, H.2.B.

Burrendong, J.5.D.

Burrendoon, J.2.A.

Burren East. J.3.A.

Burringa, G.7.C.

Burringbah, J.5.B.

Burringbar, N. I.A.

Burrowa Hills. H.7.C.

Burroway, H.5.A.

Burrundulla. J.5.C.

Burryjaa. F.8. D.

Burta Stn., A.5.A.

Burtundy, B.6.D.

Burwood, D.5.A.

Busby Flat, M.2.8.

Bushmede, L.4.8.

Busffield, E.8.C.

Butherwah, F.8.A.

Butler (Mt.), L. 3.C.

Butterbone, G.4.8.

Byalla, J.7.D.

Sybilla. 1(.1.C.

Bygaloree. F.6.B.

Bygoo, F.7.8.

Bylong, 1(.5.A.

Bynya, F.7.A.

Byrneville, J.7.D.

Byrock, F.3.D.

Byron, L.2.D.

Bywanna, J. I .C.

Bywong, J.8.A.


Cabar-fae, L.3. B.

Cabbon Ck., L.4.A.

Cadagan, H.4.D.

Cadara. G.5.A.

Caddigat. H.9.8.

Cadell, D.8.0.

Cadow, G.6.8.

Caergurgle, L.5.8.

Caermarthen, 1(.3.C.

Caha, H.7.D.

Caidmurra, H .2.8.

Caigan, J.4.D.

Cainbil, J.5.B.

Cairnie, L.3.C.

Cairnsmore, L.5.8.

Calabash, H.7.B.

Calderwood. H.7.D.

Calga, H .4. B.

Calga West, H.4.8.

Calimo, D.8.B.

Callaghan’s Creek, M.4.D.

Callala. J.4.8.

Callalah, G.4. 0.

Callinga, B.5.A.

Callubri, G.4. D.

Calmundy, H.2.D.

Caloola, J.~.C.

Caloola, J.6.0.

Caloola. J.8.C.

Cambalong, J.9.D.

Cambo Cambo. H.2.1!1.

Cambuskenneth, F.3.D.

Camden Park, l<.7.B.

Camilaroi, H.2. B.

Camira, M.2.B.

Camp (Old), J.7.A.

Camp (The), H.5.A.

Campbelfields, H.7.B.

Campbell (Mt.), J.8.A.

Camperdown, M.3.A.

Camp Fire, L.4.A.

Campo Santo, 1(.3.A.

Camp Plain, E.6.C.

Canada, 1(.2.D.

Canadian Lead, J .5.B.

Canally, C.7.D.

Canally, D.5.D.

Candon, D.7.A.

Caneema, 1(.5.A.

Cania, J.9.A.

Canomodine, H.6.C.

Canonbar, F.4.C.

Canonbar, G.4.D.

Canoon, D.7.C.

Caoura, 1(.7.D.

Carabobala (New). G.8.D.

Carabobala (Old), G.8.D.

Carabost, G.8.C.

Caradoc, C.3. D.

Caragabal, G.6.C.

Caragabal Ck. (Little), G.&.c.

Caragabay, G.6.C.

Carbeen, J.3.A.

Carbeenf, 1(.1.D.

Carboona, G.s.c.

Carboona, G.8.C.

Carbucky, J. I .C.

Cardew, H.4.D.

Cardington, H.5.C.

Cardonis, J.3.A.

Cardross, J.7.C.

Careenya, G.6.C.

Careunga, J.2.B.

Carilla l(olkibertoo, F.6.C.

Carinda, G.3.B.

Caringal, F.7.D.

Caringle, F.2.B.

Caringle, H.6.B.

Carinya, L.2.C.

Carlamindra, J.9.A.

Carlingford, J.I.C.

Carlisle, G.5.D.

Carlowrie, G.6.A.

Carlowrie, L.3.A.

Carlton, C.6.C.

Carlton, G.4.C.

Carlton, H.6.B.

Carlton, H.a.B.

Carlyle, 1(.5.B.

Carnerney, E.8.B.

Caroon, F.6.C.

Caroona. l<.4.A.

Caroondoon, D.7.C.

Carraboblin, G.6.B.

Carrabolla, L.5.A.

Carrah. E.8.B.

Carramar. E.8.C.

Carrawarra, l<.2.C.

Carrawobbity, G.6.B.

Carrego, E.7.A.

Carrigan, G.5.B.

Carrington, J.8.A.

Carrington. 1(.5. B.

Carroll’s Creek, M. I.D.

Carstairs, B.6.D.

Carthona, G.3.B.

Cartland, F.2.B.

Cartriff, H.3.B.

Carumbi, G.7.B.

Carwell, F.2.B.

Carwell, G.4.B.

Carwoola, J.8.A.

Caryapundy Swamp, No. f,


Caryapundy Swamp, No. 2,


Caryapundy West, B.2.A.

Carysfoot, l<.6.A.

Cashel, H.3.B.

Castle (Old), J.5.B.

Cassilis, 1(.4.D.

Castle Mountain, 1(.4.C.

Castfestead, H.7.C.

Cathcart, H.6.C.

Cathundral, G.4.C.

Cathundral (Old), G.4.C.

Cato (The). E.2.B.

Cattle Creek, 1(.4.D.

Cato, G.3.A.

Cavan, B.6.D.

Cave Flat, H.7.C.

Cave Valley, H.8.B.

Cawarra, L.S.B.

Cawdor. L.2.A.

ca*wkers Well, B.4.C.

Cecil Plains, J. t.C.

Cedar Grove, D.7.C.

r,.r1.,. .. ,. /’T.._.,., ,: ? 0

V\,UU.1 ,> \ t IIG/ J I oV ♦ Uo

Cedars (The), G.4.C.

Ceelnooy, H.3.C.

Central Lansdowne, M.4.D.

Central Station, E.4. D.

Chah, C.8.B.

Chain of Ponds, l<.3,B.

Challigum, J.2.C.

Champion Hills, J.9.C.

Chandbulvig, H.2.C.

Charlesville. H.6.C.

Charleton, J.6.C.

Charlevme. J.6.A.

Charlton, F.3.B.

Charmwood, G.4.D.

Chatsbury, J.7.C.

Chatsworth, N.2.A.

Cheesemans Creek, H.6.B.

Chelery T.. D.7.D.

Cheridel, H.4.A.

Cherry Tree Hill, L.2.D.

Chetwynd, D.8.A.

Cheviot Hills, L.2.A.

Cheviott Hills, M.I.D.

Cheviot! Hills, M. I. D.

Chevy Chase, L.3.C.

Ch idowla. H .7.C.

Chiffendale, H.4.C.

Cinnigulla, 1(.3.C.

Clairwood, H.3.B.

Claisnock, H .7.A.

Clandulla, J.5.C.

Claralar, J.5.B.

Clare, D.6.A.

Clare Corner, C.6.B.

Clare Lake, C.6.B.

Claremont, C.6.B.

Claremont, H.3.A.

Claremont, J. I .D.

Clarendon, C.6.C.

Clarevaux, L.2.C.

Clare View, M.4.C.

Claris Park, G.7.C.

Claverton, H.4.C.

Claverton Park, L.2.D.

Clear Hill, F.8.D.

Clear Hills, G.7.C.

Clear Hills, J.7.D.

Clearview, G.3.A.

Clear View. D.7.D.

Clerkness, L.3.A.

Clevecou rt, l<.3.C.

Clevedcn, H.8.A.

Cleveland, H.2.B.

Clevelands, G.2.C.

Cliff, I<. S., 1(.4.B.

Cliffden, D.3.D.

Cliffden, H.6.C.

Clifford Downs, E.7.C.

Clifford Grove, D.6.A.

Clifton, G.7.C.

Clifton, G.8.D.

Clifton, H.7.A.

Clifton, 1(.4.B.

Clifton. 1(.7.B.

Clifton, L.2.B.

Clifton, L.3.A.

Clifton, M.4.A.

Clifton Bore, B.2.C.

Clifton Downs, D.2.B.

Clifton Grove, J.6.A.

Clifton Grove, J.6.B.

Clifton Hills, G.7.D.

Clonknn, E.6.A.

Clonleigh, G.5.C.

Clouds Creek, “M.3.B.

Clovendale, L.4.B.

Clover Ck., E.3.D.

Clover Hill, H.7.A.

Clunes, N. I.D.

Cluny, G.4.A.

Clybucca, M.3.C.

Clyde, F.8.B.

Clyde, G.3.A.

Clyde, J.2.B.

Clydesville, 1(.3.C.

Clylie, H.2.C.

Clyrie Bros., C.8.B.

Coal Ck., 1(.5.B.

Coaldale. M.2.B.

Coally, B.2.D.

Coally Dam, B.2.D.

Coal Park, J.7.C.

Coan Downs, E.5.C.

Cobadong, J.7.B.

Cobark, L.4.C.

Cobbadah, l<.3.B.

Cobbagumbalin, G.7.0.

Cobborah, J.5.A.

Cobbraball, l<.3.A.

Cobham Lake, A.3.B.

Cobo co, H .5.A.

Cobraball, l{.3.A.

Cobramunga, C.8.8.

Cobran, 0.8.C.

Cohran Vale, 0.8.C.

Cobrauraguy, J.5.A.

Cochrane Creek, 0.8.A.

co*cketgedong, F.8.A.

co*ckleshell Corner, H.5.B.

Cocopara, F.6.0.

Cecup, H .8.A.

Cogga, F.3.B.

Coghill, J .3.A.

Colane, G.4.A.

Colane, l<.2.B.

Cold Stream (Lower), N.2. 0 .

Cold Water Ck., J.6.0.

Colenso Park, 0.8.D.

Collarene, l{.3.8.

Collaroy, l{.5.A.

Collaroy, S.S., l{.5.A.

College Green, H.2.0.

Collendina, F.8.0.

Collerina, F.4.C.

Colley Creek, l{.4.C.

Colliburl, H .5 . .ii.

Collie, H.4.0.

Collie Camp, H .3.C.

Collingwood, H.7. 0 .

Collingwood, J.5.C.

Collingwood, J.7.0.

Collingwood, l<.6.C.

Collingwood, L.4. 0.

Collinore, J.6.0.

Collinswood, J.9.C.

Collyblue, l<.4.A.

Collymongle, H.2.B.

Collytudulah, H.2.C.

Collywarry, G.2.0.

Colma, H.3.A.

Colm Lee, J.2.8.

Colombo, J.8.B.

Colombo Creek, E.8.B.

Colombo Plains, F .8.A.

Colrain, A.6.C.

Colrose, H.3.C.

Comalah, H .2. D.

Combadello, J.2.C.

Combadery, G.3.B.

Combala, M.3.A.

Combaning, G.7.C.

Combara, H.4.A.

Combogolong, H.3.A.

Comboogle, H.5.B.

Come-by-chance, H.3.A.

Comersdole, C.8.8.

Compadore, 0.3.C.

Compton, H .5.A.

Compton Downs, F.3.A.

Conapaira, F.6.0.

Conda, l{.3.B.

Condell Park, l<.7.B.

Condobolin North, G.5.0.

Condonblonga, G.8.B.

Condong, N. I.A.

Congi, L.3.B.

Conimbla Ck., H.6.C.

Coningdale, L.3.B.

Connulpie Selection, B.2.A.

Conoble, 0.5.C.

Cooba, G.7.C.

Coobang, H.5.0.

Cooboolbodge, C.8.B.

Coobung, G.2.A.

Coocalla. J.2.8.

Coocoothama, F. 7. 0.

Coocoran, G.2.B.

Coodra, H.8.B.

Coo-ee, H.7.0.

Coogee, C.7.8.

Cooinbil, E.7.C.

Cooinoo, J.2.C.

Cooks Myalls, G.6.B.

Cooks Vale. J.7.A.

Coolabah, F.4.8.

Coolah, F.2.C.

Coolah, H.3.A.

Coolah, l<.3.A.

Coolamatong, H.9.B.

Coolaminyah, 0.5.0.

Coolamon, L.2.8.

Coolanbilla, l<.4.A.

Coolangatta, l{.7.C.

Coolatai, l<.2.8.

Coolatai Ville, l{.2.B.

Coolatville, J.4.C.

Coolegong, H.7.A.

Coolemine Plains Sth., H.8.C.

Coolibah Ons., H.3.B.

Coolinroobie, F.7.B.

Coolong, l<.7.A.

Coolumbucca, l<.8.A.

Cooma. J.2.A.

Coomalah, H.2.C.

Coombah. A.6.8.

Coombie, E.5.0.

Coombing, J.6. 0.

Coomboogle, H.5.B.

Coomoo Coomoo, l{.4.0.

Coonoo Coonoo, l<.4.8.

Coomooragee, N.1.0.

Coonaroo, J.5.8.

Cooncoolie, E.2.0.

Coondarra, J.2.0.

Cooneen, 0.7.C.

Coonerang, J.9.A.

Coonghoonbula, H.9.C.

Coonimbia, G.3.C.

Coonong, F.8.A.

Coonorton, G.8,A.

Cooper (Mt.), J.9.0.

Cooplacurripa, L.4.C.

Coorabong, H.5.A.

Cooraldooral, M.2.0.

Cooraldooral, M .2. 0.

Cooranga, l{.2.8.

Coorawang, H.3.C.

Cooredulla, 1\1.2.A.

Coorei, L.5.B.

Cooringoora. 1<.2.c.

Coorong, 1<.1.0.

Cooroogong, J.6.B.

Coota Park, H.6.C.

Connu1J1ie Down.;, 8.2.B.

Cooyal, J.2.0.

Cooyal, J.5.B.

Copago. C.4.A.

Coppabella, G.8.C.

Coppabilla, H.7.C.

Coppcrhan n ia, J.6.0.

Cooper Rock, 111.3.0.

Coppymoranbilla, 1(.1.D.

Coradgery, H.5.0.

Cora~. J.4.A.

Corcoran Plains, H.7.B.

Coree, E.8.8.

Coreen, F.8.0.

Coreenabri, J.2.A.

Coree Park, E.8.C.

Corella. F.2.0.

Cori, G.5.B.

Corinda, l{.2.A.

Coringa, 0.5.A.

Coring11, H.2.C.

Coriston, C.7.C.

Cornalla, E.8.0.

Corn dale, N. I. 0.

Corners (The), G.4.A.

Cornersville, L.4.C.

Cornucopia, H.5.A.

Corona, A.4.A.

Coronga Downs, F.4.A.

Coronga Peak, F.3.0.

Corridale, G.8.B.

Corrong, 0.6.0.

Cossington, J.5.B.

Costello, M., E.6.A.

Cote Lea, H .2.C.

Cottage Ck.. J.9.A.

Cottage Park, J.9.A.

Cottesbrook, L.2.B.

Cotway, H.8.A.

Coulston, l{. l .O.

Couralie, G.5.A.

Courallie Park. 1<.2.0.

Courtrai, 0.6.B.

Cousdale, J.3.A.

Coutt’s Crossing, M.2.C.

Cove Experimental Farm,


Cowabbie, F .7 .C.

Cowal (Lake), G.6.0.

Cowal North (Low’s), G.6.0.

Cowal ( North). G.6.A.

Cowal Park, E.7.A.

Cowals (The), E.4.C.

Cowcumbla, H.7.0.

Cowenambla. H.7.0.

Cowga, F.3.8.

Cowl Cowl. E.6.C.

Craddock, l<.2.8.

Craigdon, l<.3.A.

Craigdon, L.3.8.

Craigend, L.4.B.

Craigie, 0.8.A.

Craigie, J.9.0.

Craigiedale, 0.8.A.

Craiglea, J.6.0.

Craiglea, L.5.A.

Craigmore, G.3.B.

Crambo, l<.5.A.

Crankies Plains. J.9.0.

Crawney, L.4.0.

Crescent Hd., M.4.B.

Cress Field, l<.4.C.

Crowley, W., C.8.B.

Crewy, 1(.4.A.

Creel (The). H.9.B.

Crickenbah, J.4.B.

Crinolyn, J.2.A.

Cronice, J.5.B.

Croobie, 1(.2.A.

Croppa, K.2.B.

Cross Hills, J.6.D.

Crown Camp, F .6.C.

Crown (Tne), l<.6.A.

Crowther, H.7.A.

Cryon, H .2.C.

Crystal Hi II, L.3.A.

Cuan (The), l<.S.B.

Cubas (The), 0.6.C.

Cuba Vale, E.7.A.

Cubberoo, J.3.A.

Cubbo, J.3.0.

Cubmurra, H.9.B.

Cucumber, H.6.C.

Cucumgilliga, H.7.B.

Cuddell, F.7.0.

Cuddy, F.3.B.

Cringedal e, C.7.A.

Cuen, l<.4.C.

Cuerindi North, l<.3.C.

Culboekie, J.8.0.

Cullenbone, J.5.C.

Cuddendore, M. I.A.

Cullingar Mines, H.7.0.

Cullingerai, G.7.A.

Cullingoral, J.5.A.

Cullingral, 1(.5.A.

Cu Iii ngral. S.S., l<.5.A.

Cullingyeuk, C.8.B.

Culpataro, 0 .6. 0.

Culpaulin, C.4.0.

Culpra, B.7.0.

Cu ltowa, 0.4.0

Cumbemarra, J.9.0.

Cumberdorn, H.3.A.

Cumberoona, G.9.A.

Cumbie, J.3.0.

Cunglebung, M.2.0.

Cunningham Plains, H.7.0.

Cunningyeuk, C.8.B.

Cuppacumbalong, J.8.A.

Curban (New). H.4.C.

Curlew, E.7.B.

Curra, G.5.C.

Curraburrama, G.7.B.

Curracaback, L.4.C.

Curracabah. J.<S.C.

Curra Creek, H .5.C.

Curragh, E.2.0.

Curragh (The), H.6.C.

Curragh (The), J.6.0.

Curragundi. J.2.A.

CurraJong, F.7.C.

Currajong Hills, F.4.B.

Currandooley, J.8.A.

Currangandi, 1(.3.A.

Currangorambla and Long

Plain, H .8.C.

Curranyalpa, 0.4.B.

Currawang, H .9.C.

Currawee, J.2.B.

Curraweena, E.3.C.

Currawinya, M.1.D.

Currawong, H.7.A.

Currica, J.I.C.

Curra Ck., H.5.C.

Curry Flat, J.9.A.

Curtis, W., J.9.C.

Cutheroo, A.5.C.

Cuthowarra, B.4.C.

Cuttabri, J.3.A.

Cuttabunda, G.2.A.

Cuttygullaroo, E.4.B.

Cwmteg, J.I.C.


Dabee, 1(.5.D.

Daffodil. 1(.4.C.

Oahomley, H.3.A.

Dairy Park, F.7.C.

Dairy Park, J.6.0.

Daisy Bank, J.9.C.

Daisy Plains, 0.6.C.

Dale (North), C.8.B.

Dalkeith M A A

Dalkeith, J.4.C.

Dalkeith, l<.2.B.

Dalkeith, L.3.A.

Dalmon, 111.1.A.

Dalree, E.8.B.

Dalwood, L.5.0.

Oampton, l<.4.C.

Danbury, L.3.0.

Dandaloo, G.5.B.

Dandaraga, J.2.A.

Dandaragga, E.4.C.

Dandridge Park, C.8.B.

Danenbilla, H.7.A.

Dangelong, J.9.A.

Darbalara, F.4.C.

Darbalara, H .8.A.

Darcoola, 0.7.B.

Dark Corner, J.6.B.

Darkwood, 1(.4.0.

Darling Block, “D,” C.6.G.

Darling Downs, E,4.B.

Darlington, B.6.A.

Darowen, J.5.C.

Darragh, C.7.0.

Dartmouth, K.5.B.

Daruble, u.4.D.

Davis, T., C.8.B.

Davys Plains, H.6.B.

Daylesford Park, 0.8.B.

Daytonia, 1(.2.C.

Dean (North). 0.8.A.

Deenderrah, H.3.B.

Deep Creek, H.6.C.

Deep Creek. J.9.D.

Deepdale, J.9.C.

Oeap Lead, H .6.A.

Deepwater, F .7 .c.

Deepwater. L.2.B.

Deer, H., M.5.A.

Deervale, M.3.B.

Defiance (Mt.), J.7.B.

Delalah, B.2.B.

Delalah Downs, C.2.A.

Delamere, H.2.C.

Delaware, F .9.B.

Deldoux. E.8.D.

Delegate, H.9.C.

Dellapool, F.7.C.

Delor. G.4.C.

Deltroit, G.8.B.

Demonstration Farm, G.4.D.

Denbigh, l<.7.B.

Denevoli, H.3.B.

Denham, P. B., l<.4.0.

Denman, G.2.A.

Denmy, H.4.B.

Oennykinine, J.4.0.

Derowie, H.5.C.

Derowie. H.6.B.

Derra Oerra, l<.2.0.

Derrengullen, H.7.C.

Derribong, G.5.B.

Derri Derri, G.3. 0.

Derrima, H.2.A.

Derriwong Park, G.6.A.

Derwent Park, J.3.C.

Devon, 0.8.B.

Dewett Creek, L.4.C.

Dcwett (The), L.4.C.

Dhu Robin, J.5.H.

Diamond Ck., J.7.A,.

Dicks Camp, H.4.0.

Dight C., 0.5.B.

Digilah, J.4. O.

Dijoe, E.3.C.

Dilga, H.5.C.

Dilladerry, H.5.0.

Dimberoy, l<.4.A.

Dimby, H.3.C.

Dimby Plains, 1(.4.0.

Dindierna, J.1.0.

Dine Dine, F.5.0.

Dingabee. L.5.B.

Dinga Dingi, G.7.B.

Dinner Hill. J.7.A.

Dinoa. H.3.0.

Dinton Vale, L.2.0.

Dip (The). 1(.4.A.

Diorna, E.7.0.

Dirnaseer G.7.C.

Disputed Plain, N.1.0.

Dixie, l<.4.A.

Dixie (Mt.l. J.7.0.

Dobikin. J.2.C.

Dobroyd, G,5.A.

Dockairn, J .6. B.

Dokwilly, D.8.B.

Dolgelly, J. I .C.

Dollar Vale, ll.7.C.

Donohoe, t<.7.A.

Donoghue, Jas., t<.4.A.

Doodle Coomer, F.8.C.

Doodle Coomer, G.8.D.

Doona, l<.4.A.

Doondi, H.4.B.

Doonside, G.5.B.

Dooroombah, H.4.B.

Do rad ilia, F .3.A.

Dora Dora, G.8.D.

Doreen, J.2.D.

Dorr ington, M. I.D.

Dorset, 1(.5.D.

Double Gates, E.4.C.

Douglas, H.7.B.

Douglas, J.8.A.

Douglas Park, G.3. B.

Doura, H.7.C.

Downham Farm, B.6.D.

Down Hill, J.8.A.

Downs (The), B.2.B.

Downs (The), J.2.C.

Doyburgh, J.7.A.

Dreamland, H.3.B.

Oriel, H.4.C.

Drildool, H.3.B.

Drinan, H.4.D.

Dromeda, J.9.A.

Dromre, C.5.B.

Droubalgie, H.6.A.

Droubalgie (Back), H .6.A.

Drumard, J.3.A.

Drumathol, F.8.B.

Drumduan, 1(.1.D.

Drungalier, G.4.B.

Dryburgh, H.7.B.

Dry Lake, D.7.0.

Dryplain, H.9.B.

Dry Plain, B.5.B.

Dubbo (Old), H.5.B.

Duckenfield. L.5.C.

Duckshot, D.7.A.

Dula Dulah, H.5.A.

Dulla Dulla, H.5.A.

Du llarer. L.5.A.

Dumbbells, l<.4.B.

Dumble, G.2.B.

Oum Oum, N.1.A.

Dumeindi, H.2.B.

Dumossa. E.6.C.

Dunalpins, L.2.D.

Dun beg, C.8. B.

Duncans Hill, J.6.D.

Dundoo, G.4.A.

Dundoo Hills, F.6.B.

Dundullimal, H.5.B.

Dungalear, H.2.D.

Dungory, H.5.A.

Dungowan, L.4.A.

Duninald, L.5.C.

Dunkeld, J.6.A.

Dunkeld, 1(.5.A.

Dunlcy Vale. L.3.A.

Dunlop, D.3.B.

Dunlop, 1(.5.A.

Dunmore, G.4.C.

Dunmuir, G.5.B.

Dunns Plains, J.6.D.

Dunnville, 1(.5.D.

Dunnville, L,.4.B.

Dunoon, L.3.A.

Dunsandle, F.2.A.

Dunsbury, G.4.C.

Duntroon, J.8.A.

Dunumbral. H.2.A.

Dunvarlech, E.7.C.

Dunvegan, A.6.C.

Dunvegan, F.7.C.

Dunvegan. 1(.3.D.

Dunwerian, J.3. D.

Dura, J.2.B.

Duraba, 1(.4.A.

Duranbah. N. I.B.

Duravale, J.2.B.

Durhambone, H.2.C.

Durham Court, 1(.3.C.

Durness, M.5.D.

Durridgerie, J.5.B.

Durrie Farm, J.5.B.

Durris Park, E.7.C.

Dusty Park. C.7.C.

Dynong, G.3.C.

Dyraaba, 111. I .c.


Eagle Grange. L.4.B.

Ealing Forest, l.7.D.

East Billabong

East Bland, G.7.B.

East Bogan, 17, F.3.B.

East Bogan. 18, F.3.B.

East Booka Booka, G.3.A.

Eastbourne, H.9.B.

East Branga, L.4.B.

East Bullenbong, F.8.B.

East Burren, J.3.A.

Eastern Plains, L. 3.B.

East Gerogery, G.8.D.

East Glen, l<.2.A.

East Glendon, L.5.D.

East Gunning, G.6.B.

East Jindabyne, H.9.B.

East Lynn, J.5.B.

East Lynn, 1(.2.D.

East Nyngan, G.4.D.

East Paradise. L.2.0.

Easton, R., M.4.D.

East Tregalana, G.6.C.

East Warrananga, A.6.C.

East Woodl:u1ds, G.S.B.

East Woorooma, D.8.A.

Ebor, M .3.A.

Eccleston. L.5.B.

Eccleston Park, l<.7. D.

Echo, J.5.D.

Eche Hills, L.4.A.

Edderton, 1(.5.B.

Eddy Park, L.2.0.

Edendal e, J.2.C.

Edenholme, D.6.A.

Edenmore, H.3.B.

Edenmore, H .4. 0.

Edgecombe (Mt.), M.2.8.

Edgeroi, H.3.D.

Edgeroi, J.3.B.

Edgeroi (Old), J.3.B.

Edgerton. L.2.A.

Edinglassie, l<.5.B.

Edward Park, 0.8.A.

Eena View, G.4.D.

Eenaweena, G.4.C.

Egan Creek, G.8.A.

Egansford, F.7.D.

Egelabra, F.8.C.

Egelabra, G.4.C.

Egerton, H.3.D.

Egremont, F.7.D.

Eiraban, H.4.0.

Elabah, J.6.A.

Elah, J.4.A.

Eldorado, E.3.A.

Elderdale, D.8.B.

Elgan, E.8.D.

Eli•Elwha, D.7.C.

Elimatta, F.8.’0.

Elingrow, J.9.C.

Ellalcigh. l<.2.D.

Ellamatta, H.7.D.

Ellengera.11, G.4.C.

Ellenville, 1(.7.B.

Ellersglen, F.8.D.

Ellerslie, E.8.C.

Ellerslie, F.2.A.

Ellerslie, G.4.B.

Ellerslie, G.8.B.

Ellerslie, J.4.C.

Ellerston, L.4.D.

Ellington. A.6.C.

Ellmore & Redhill, H.7.A.

Elmore, J.2. 0.

Elm Park, F .8.C.

Elmsleigh, 0.7.C.

Elmswood, l<.4.C.

Elrington (Mt.) & Ollalulla,


Elsieville, G.4.D.

Elsinora, C.2.B.

Elsinore, G.7.0.

Elsinore, M.3.D.

Elslow, J.3.0.

Elsmore, G.4.C.

Elsmore, L.2.b.

Elswick, G.5. D.

Elwood. D.7.C.

Embah, 0.7.B.

Embic, H .4.A.

Emerald Vale, 1(.1.C.

Emmaville. D.7.B.

Emmett Vale, D.8.8.

Emu Creek, H.6.C.

Emu Creek, L.3.C.

Emu Park, E.7.A.

Emu Park, D.8.C.

Emu Park, F.8.D.

Emu Plains, F.8.A.

Enara, H.8.8.

Enfield, J.5.C.

Enfield Park, L.4.8.

Englefield, L.4.A.

England. R., 0.8.A.

Enmore, A.5.A.

Enmore, G.5.8.

Enmore, L.3.C.

Enos, C.3.C.

Enterprise, G.2.C.

Epsom Downs, E.7.D.

Eramble, H.6.8.

Ercildoune, E.7.C.

Erdavale, H.3.C.

Eremeran, F.5.A.

Erigle, F.8.0.

Erin (Mt.), E.6.B.

l:rin (Mt.), 1(.4.D.

Erina, l<.2.A.

Erinbri, J.3.D.

Erindale, 1(.2.B.

Eringoarrah, G.8.B.

Erington, H.3.B.

Erinvale, G.7.C.

Erith, H.5.A.

Erlside, H.4.A.

Ermelo, G.5.C.

Ernoo, 8.3.C.

Erribenderry, F.6.A.

Erriwa, H.4.A.

Errowanbang, J.6. 0.

Errowanbang, J.6.0.

Erudgere, J.5.A.

Erymedura, H.6.B.

Esehol, H.5.8.

Esperance, G,3.C.

:MJerance (Back), G.3. D.

Essington Park, J.6.C.

Eton Vale, H.2.C.

Ettlesdale, J.6.D.

Euabalong, F.6.A.

Euabalong (New), F.5.D.

Eualdrie, H .6. D.

Euambaline, G.5.A.

Eurarona, J.6.8.

Eucumbene, H.9.8.

Eugildry, G.4.D.

Euglo, G.6.A.

Euilla, L.4.A.

Eulabil, 1(.3.8.

Eulalie, H.2.B.

Eulengo, H,2.C.

Eulindool (late West ME

rose), F.5.C.

Eulindra, J.2.A.

Eulo, F.7.D.

Eulo, L.4.A.

Eu Iola, H .7. D.

Eulomo, G.7.C.

Eulong, G.6.B.

Eulorel, G.2.8.

Eulowrie, l<.3.A.

Eu malga, H .5. B.

Eumbra, l<.3.C.

Eumo, H.4.A.

Eungai. l<.3.A.

Eungella, N.I.A.

Eunonyhareenyha, G.8.A.

Eurabah, H.3.A.

Eurabba, J. I .C.

Eurabba, G.7.B.

Eurabonny, F.6.C.

Euralah, H.2.D.

Euralie, H.7.C.

Euralla, l<.5.D.

Eurambeen, H.2.C.

Euratha, F.6.C.

Eureka, A.5.B.

Euroka, 0.8.A.

Eureka, G.4.C.

Eureka, G.5.B.

Eureka, H.4.A.

l:.ur~Ka, lv1.J.D.

Eureka, N.I.D.

Eurella, l<.3.C.

Eurie Eurie, H.2.D.

Eurie Plains, H.2.D.

Eurimbla, H.3.C.

Eurimbla, J.2.D.

Eurimburra, J.7.A.

Euroa, G.4.D.

Eurobin, H.8.A.

Eurobla, H.4.0.

Eurobla, J.5.D.

Eurogoa, F.4.C.

Euroka, G.7.B.

Euroka, H.3.A.

Euroka, 1(.6.D.

Euroka Park, H.7.C.

Eurolie, E.7.D.

Euromedha, H.5.A.

Euronga, F.7.B.

Eureol M.?. n

Europambela, L.3.C.

Eurow (Mt.), H.6.A.

Eurugabah, E.6.D.

Eurungie, H.2.A.

Euston, B.7.C.

Evergreen Hill, G.3.0.

Everleigh, J.4.A.

Evermore, J.3.A.

Eversleigh, G.4.B.

Eversleigh, L.3.8.

Everslie, 0.7.D.

Everton, F.6.B.

Everton, H .4.C.

Everton, H .7.C.

Everton. J.8.A.

Evesham, J.2.D.

Evilly Vale, 1(.7.B.

Ewenmar, H.4.D.

Ewingar, M.2.8.

Eyric, 0.8.A.


Fine Flour, M.2.8.

Fintona, F.8.A.

Fishponds, l<.2.C.

Five Mile, H.8.A.

Flaggy Mount, L.3. D.

Flatlands, J.5.C.

Flemington, H.3.A.

Flemington, L.2.A.

Flight $pgs., l<.5.A.

Flinton, 1(.2.B.

Flodden Vale, H.4.D.

Florida, F.4.A.

Florida, J.2.D.

Flowerburn, J.7.A.

Fairbain, R .. D.8.0.

Fairbain & Howe, 0.8.D.

Fair Bank, H.8.8.

Fairburn, M.3.A.

Fairfield, 0 .8.C.

Fairfield, F.2.A.

Fairfield, F.7.B.

Fairfield, G.3.B.

Fairfield, G.4.C.

Fairfield, G.8.B.

Fairfield, H .3.8.

Fairfield, H.3.0.

Fairfield, H.4.C.

Fairfield, H.4.D.

Fairfield, J.2.D.

Fairfield, J.3.C.

Fairfield. J.4.8.

Fairfield, J.7.A.

Fairfleld, J.8.C.

Fairfield, M.1.0.

Fairford, 1(.2.B.

Fairhaven, H.4.8.

Fairholm, G.3.0.

Fairholme, J.8.B.

Fairleigh. 0.6.D.

Fairlie Grange, E,7.C.

Fairlight, F.4.8.

Fairlight, H.8.8.

Fairlight, l<.4.0.

Fairlight. 1(.5.C.

Fairview, 0.6.B.

Fairview. 0.8.B.

Fairview, G.4.B.

Fairview, H.5.A.

Fairview, J.2.C.

Fairview. J.2.0.

Fairview, J.8.A.

Fairview. L.3.B.

Fairview, L.4.D.

Fair View, C.6.C.

Fair View, 0.8.A.

Fair View. J.7.A.

Faithful, F.8.8.

Faroham, G.3. D.

Farm (The). J.G.C.

Farmcot, A.5.B.

Farm Ridge, H.9.A.

Farrendale, G.5.B.

Farringdon, J.8.8.

Fassifern, M.3.A.

Faulkland. L.5.8.

Federal, N. I.D.

Fenelia. J.5.B.

Fernbank, E.7.C.

Ferndale, F.8.C.

Ferndale, H.4.D.

Ferndale, J.6.D.

Ferndale, L.4. B.

Ferndale, L.4.D.

Ferndale, M.~.A.

Fer n Glen, H.8.A.

Fernhill, H.8.A.

Fernhill, l<.2.C.

Fernlea, L.4.D.

Fern lee, L.2.A.

Fernleigh, H.3.A.

Fernleigh, J.8.C.

Fernleigh, N. 1.0.

Fernside, 1(.5.D.

Fernside, N. I .D.

F ernvale, L.4. D.

Ferodale, L .s.c.

Fleurs (Toe), 1(.6.C.

Folly (The), F.8.B.

Folly, S.S., J.4.C.

Fontainbleu, F.8.0.

Fontenoy, H.7.A.

Fouthill, J.7.C.

Fordend, 1(.2.C.

Forders, A.4.D.

Fordwich, L.5.D.

Forest ( The), G.7.C.

Forest Farm, L.3.D.

Forest Glen, J.4.A.

Forest Lodge, H.4.C.

Forest Lodge, J.6.0.

Forest Vale, J.2.C.

Forest Vale, J.5.A.

Forgl en, L.3.B.

Fork Log, E.6.C.

Fort Bourke, E.2.C.

Fort Grey, -A.2.A.

Fortuna, 0.8.B.

Fosters Valley, J.6.C.

Four Bob, G.6.A.

-1.D., l<.4.A.

4.G., H.2.0.

Foar Mile, H.8.D.

Four Mile Creek, G.8.C.

Foxdown, H.7.C.

Foxlow. J.8.D.

Frampton, G.7.C.

Frankfield, J.7.D.

Franklin, F.8.B.

Frantz, A., C.H.B.

Franxton, H.2.C.

Fraser’s Creek, L.2.A.

Freestone, 1(.2.B.

Fremantle, J.6.A.

Freshwater, 0.6.D.

Freugh (New), L.5.D.

Frogmore, H.7.B.

Frogmore, 1(.3. D.

Frogmore Park. 1(.3.D.

Frome Creek Station, A.2.A.

Frying Pan, H.9.B.

Fulham. 0.4.D.

Fullerton. J.7.B.

Funny Hill, J.7.A.

Furlong, E.6.D.

Furracabad, L.2.C.


Gaback & Alton, H.7.B.

Gabramatta, H.8.C.

Gadara. H.8.A.

Gaffrey, G. C., C.8.B.

Gainsborough, K.3.C.

Galah, E.7.A.

Galah, J.4.D.

Galambine, J.5. B.

Gala Vale, E.8.B.

Gallagher, J. 1., 1″/1.4.D.

Galtee Park, E.8.C.

Galtymore, J. I .D.

Gamack, J., M.4.B.

Gamalally, H.2.A.

Gambarra, H.6.D.

Gamboola, H.6.B.

Gameby, H.4.B.

Gangat, M.4.0.

Ganmain, G.7.D.

Gaphole, L.3.A.

Gara, L.3.C.

Garangula, H.7.D.

Garan Vale, J.8.B.

Gardenia, l).6.A.

Garfield, G.4.C.

Garfield, L.4. D.

Garlands Hills, 1(.2.B.

Garley, G.2.C.

Garnet (The), J.7.A.

Garnpung, C.6.A.

Garrawilla, J.4.B.

Garryowen, H .7.C.

Garswood, G.3.B.

Gate (New), F.7.D.

Gatheb LJ.C.,.V,

Gaylong Vale, H.3.A.

Geanmoney, H.4.A.

Geegullalong, H.7.B.

Geeron, G.6.B.

Gegedzerick, H .9. B.

Gela!Jl, 0.7.A.

Gelston. l<.5.B.

Genanagie, S.S., H.5.D.

Genaren, G.5.C.

George (Mt.), L.4.C.

Geraldra, G.7.B.

Geralgambeth, G.7.C.

Geramy, 0.7.A.

Garar, G.4.A.

Gerogery East, G.8.P.

Gerogery West, F.8.C.

Gerongra, H.2.D.

Geweroo, F.4.0.

Ghoolendaadi, J.3.C.

Gibraltar, L.3.A.

Gidgee, E.4.A.

Gidgeonbah, H.3.D.

Gidgerygah, G.3.B.

Gidleigh, J.8.B.

Gidya Wh., B.2.A.

Gilgain, G.3.A.

Gilgal, G.7.C.

Gilgal, G.7.C.

Gilgarney, G.3.C.

Gil Gil, l<.2.A.

Gilgoin, G.3.A.

Gilgooma, H.3.C.

Gillenbah, F.7.0.

Gillenbine, G.5.C.

Gillenbine & Gobondry, G.5.C.

Gillendoon, G.4.C.

Gillendoon (Old), G.4.C.

Gillinghall. J.5.A.

Gilmour, J.8.B.

Gilroy, 1(.2.A.

Gilwarny, G.3.B.

G ineroi. l<.2. D.

Gingamo na, J.8.B.

Gilgar, F.4.C.

Gincellic, G.8.B.

Gingham, J.2.A.

Ginqhet. G. ~.A.

Ginghi, 1(.5.0.

Gingie. G.2.C.

Gingie. H.2.D.

Gin Gin. H.4.0.

Gingkin, J.6.C.

Gipps (Mt.), A.4.C.

Giro, L.4.C.

Girrawa. J.4.A.

Girraween, H.4.C.

Girrawheen, 1(.2.B.

Glaisnock. H.7.A.

Glamis, L.4.C.

Glanmire. J.6.B.

Glannons Farm, D.8.C.

Glen (The), F.5.B.

Glen (The). J.2.A.

Glen (The), J.8.B.

Glen (The), l<.5. D.

Glen (The), L.2.B.

Glen Alpine. l<.4.B.

Glenalt. G.4.0.

Glen Alvie, C.7.C.

Glen Alvon, l<.4.C.

Glenarchy, H.7.0.

Glenarden. J.2.D.

Glenare. L.3.A.

Glenariff, F.3.C.

Glenariff, F.4.B.

Glen Athol. M.5.A.

Glen Arthur. l<.3.B.

Glenarvon, J.3.A.

Glenavon, 0.8.C.

Glen (East). 1(.2.A.

Glen Ayron, E.6.C.

Glen Barra, L.3.0.

Glen Beattie, J.9.D.

Glenbournie, 1(.4.C.

Glenbrook, E.8.B.

Glenbrook, H.9.B.

Glenbrook. J.6.D.

Glenbulga, J.4.B.

Glenburnie. H.3.B.

Glenburnie. l<.5.A.

Glencairn, l<.3.A.

Glencairn, L.5.A.

Glenchattan. J.8.B.

Glencoe, 0.7.C.

Glencoe, G.7.C.

Glencoe, H.4.C.

Glencoe, J.3.C.

t,lencoe, J.4.0.

Glencoe ( D. Weatherill), K.2.B.

Glencoe, K.3.A.

Glencoe, L.5.A.

Glencoe, N.2.A.

Glencoe (R. Weatherall) 1, K.2.B.

Glenconner, G.5.C.

Glencree, J.3.B.

Glendale, E.8.B.

Glendale, F.4.B.

Glendale, G.3.B.

Glendara, H.2.C.

Glendarnel, J.8.C.

Glendee, C.7.B.

Glendon, G.2.B.

Glendon, J.3.A.

Glendon, 1(.2.0.

Glendon, L.2.C.

Glendon, L.;1.0.

Glendon East, L.5.0.

Glendowea, J.4.B.

Glendower, L.3.B.

Glen Eden, H.2.C.

Glen Eden, J.2.C.

Glenelg, E.8.B.

Glenelg, H.6.0.

Glen Elgin, M.2.0.

Glenesk, C.8.B.

Glen Esk, G.7.B.

Glen Eske, A.6.C.

Glen Even, L.4.0.

Glen Fairy, J.4.0.

Glenfenzie, J . .1.C.

Glenfergus, J.9.A.

Glen Fernie, M.3.B.

Glenford, 1(.3.B.

Glegarrit, H.7.0.

Glengarry, J.7.A.

Glengarry, 1\.4.C.

Glengarry, L.2.0.

Glengarry, L.4.A.

Glenholme, H.4.C.

Glenhope, 0.7.0.

Glen Hope, C.3.0.

Glenidle, H.2.C.

Glenina, C.4.C.

Glen Iris, G.7.C.

Glen Iris, H.4.B.

Glenisla, H.5.0.

Glen Ivy, F.8.B.

Glenlea, G.4.A.

Glen lea, L.3. 0.

Glenlee, G.6.A.

Glenlee, G.6.C.

Glen Legh, L.2.C.

Glenleigh, C.8.B.

Glenleigh, H.4.C.

Glen leigh, J.8.0.

Glen Lossie, H.4.0.

Glenlyon Station, B.4.C.

Glenmere, J.9.0.

Glen Mitchell, H.5.B.

Glen Moan, 1(.4. 0.

Glen Mona, F.7.C.

Glenmore, 0.7.C.

Glenmore, G.5.C.

Glenmore, G.6.0.

Glenmore, H.6.C.

Glenmore, H.7.0.

Glen more, J.2.C.

Glenmore, J.4.A.

Glen more, L.2.A.

Glenmore, L.4.0.

Glen Morrison, L.4.A.

Glen Oak, J.5.A.

Glen Oak, l<.3.C.

Glen Oak. L.5.C.

Glenoe, C.8. B.

Glenogie, H.2.A.

Glenorchy, L.2.0.

Glenormiston, F.4.B.

Glcnpatrick, l< . .s.A.

Glen Riddle, 1(.3.B.

Glenrock, K.7.0.

Glenrock, L.4.B.

Glenrock, L.4.0.

Glen Rock, 1(.2.B.

Glen Rock, L.2.A.

Glenrow, G.3.B.

Glenrowan, H.J.B.

Glenroy, 0.8.C.

Glenroy, E.7.B.

Glenroy, F.7.A.

Glenroy, H.5.B.

Glenroy, H.9.C.

Glenroy, J.2.C.

Glenroy, J.6.B.

Glenroy, J.8.C.

Glen Rye, 0.6.C.

Glensloy, H.7.A.


Glenugie, N.2.0.

Glenulla, H.3.C.

Glenvale, 0.8.0.

Glenview, 0.8.0.

Glen William, L.5.C.

Glenwood Hall, J.8.A.

Glenworth, 1(.7.B.

Glonard, 1(.2.A.

Gloucester Estate, L.5.B.

Gnalta, B.4.A.

Gnalta (vld), B.4.B.

Gnomery, G.2.A.

Gnomery (Old), G.2.A.

Gnoulamein, J.2.C.

Gnorang, 1(.5.B.

Goangra, H.3.A.

Goangra. W., H.3.A.

Gobabla. G.4.C.

Goba Creek, H.7.B.

Gobarralong. H.7.0.

Gobbagunbalin, G.7.0.

Gobolion. H.5.C.

6obondry, G.5.C.

Goburn. H .4.C.

Godolphin, J.6.A.

Gogeldrie, F.7.A.

Goimbia, H.6.B.

Golden Hills. G.7.A.

Golden Valley, H.7.B.

Goldsworth, L.3.0.

Gol Gol, C.6. 0.

Gongirwarrie, J.6.0.

Gonn, C.8.B.

Gooandra, H .8.C.

Goobrarandra. H .8.A.

Good Good, J.8.0.

Goodhope, H.3.A.

Goodiman, J.5.A.

Goodnight. C.7.0.

Goodradigbee, H.8.B.

Good Wood, F.8.C.

Geogong. J.8.A.

Goodgumbla, E.7.C.

Goolhi, J.4.B.

Gooling, E.2.B.

Goollooinboin. l<.6.A.

Goolma, J.5.A.

Goolring, E.2.B.

Goonahra. H.5.0.

Goonal. J.2.A.

Goonalga, C.4.C.

Goondiarba. J.2.A.

Goonellabah, N.1.0.

Goonian, L. I. O.

Goonoo & Oardur, H.5.C.

Goonumburrah, J.6.0.

Goorangoola. L.5.A.

Gooree, J.5.B.

Goorianawa. H.4.B.

Goorimpa, 0.3.A.

Gooseberry Hill, J.6.0.

Gooyong, J.6.C.

Gordon, J.I.C.

Gordon. F .. 0.8.A.

Gordon Brook, M.2.B.

Gordon Park, H.4.0.

Goree. F.7.0.

Gorian, H.2.C.

Gorman’s Hill, W., F.6.B.

Gostwycke, L.5.C.

Gostwyck, L.3.C.

Gotha, o.s.c.

Gournama, 1(.2.B.

Gowan. J.6.A.

Gowang, J.4.A.

Gowrie. H.3.0.

Gowrie. l<.2.G.

Gowrie, l<.3.B.

Gowrie, 1(.4.A.

Gowrie, L.3.A.

Gracedale, C.7.C.

Gradgery. G.4.B.

Gragin, l<.2.C.

Grahweed, F.4.B.

Graman, 1(.2.B.

Grampian Hills, 1(.5.B.

Grange (The), 0.8.C.

Grange (The), H.4.B.

Grangeburn, H.5.A.

Granite House, H.7.0.

Grasmere, B.4.B.

Graspin, 0.8.B.

Grasses Plain. H.9.0.

Grassmere, 0.7.C.

Grassmere, F.8.B.

Grassmer e, G.6.A.

Grassmere, h …. A.

Grattai, J.5.0.

Gravesend, 1<.2.0.

Grawlin, H.6.A.

Grawin South, G.2.C.

Green, J., 1,;.11.B.

Green Arm, 1(.5.A.

Greenbah, J.2.8.

Green Bank, H.7.A.

Greenbar, J.4. 0.

Green Camp, t;.4.A.

Greendale, c.7.0.

Greendale, 0.8.C.

Greendale, E.8.0.

Greendale, H.7.0.

Greendale, H.9.C.

Greendale, J.9.0.

Greendale, K.6.C.

Green Gully, H.6.C.

Green Hill, G.8.8.

Green Hills, E.6.C.

Green Hills, H.8.A.

Green Hills, J.;).C.

Green Hills, M.5.A.

Greenlands, J.9.A.

Green Park, F.8.8.

Green Park, L.4.A.

Greenvale, H.5.A.

Greenvale, L.3.8.

Green View, H.6.C.

Greenview, M.3. 0.

Gregadoo, G.8.A.

Greganowan, J.6.A.

Gre Gre, 0.7.C.

Greg Greg, H.9.A.

Grenville, H.3.C.

Greylands, l<.2.C.

Greylands, l<.5.8.

Greylands, L.3.0.

Grogan, G.7.8.

Grong Grong, F.7.C.

Groongal, E.7.8.

Grove ( The), D.8.C.

Grove (The) . H.7.0.

Grove (The), J.6.0.

Grove (The), L.3.A.

Growie, l<.5.0.

Grubben, G.8.A.

Guabinga, H.5.C.

Gudgenby, J.8.U.

Guildford, J.I.C.

Guisley, G.2.8.

Gulargambone, H .4.A.

Gulargambone, H.4.8.

Gulargambone (New), H.4.8.

Gulf (Tne), H.8.C.

Gulf Creek, K.3.8.

Gulgalong, H.7.0.

Gulgalong, H.7.0.


Gulgowra, J.5.C.

Gullies (The), l<.6.A.

Gulpa, 0.8.C.

Gumanaldry, H.2.A.

Gumble, H.6.8.

Gum Cowal, G.5.8.

Gum Creek, E.7.8.

Gum Creek, E.7.0.

Gum Flat, J.6.0.

Gum Hole, H.3.0.

Gummin Gummin, H.4.B.

Gum Par:<, A.4.A.

Gum Swamp, E.8.B.

Gum Swamp, E.6.B.

Gums (The), O.!J.A.

Gum Vale, A.2.B.

Gunambil, F.8.0.

Gunbar, E.6.0.

Gundabooka, E.3.C.

Gundabine, E.7.B.

Gun<famulda, l<.3.B.

Gundare, J.4.C.

Gundare, J.4.0.

Gunaaringa, J.7.C.

Gundaroo, J.8.A.

Gundary, J.7.C.

Gundawera, F.2.C.

Gundebri, l<.5.A.

Gunaebri (South), K.5.B.

Gundillion, J.8.C.

Gundimungidell (Sandgate),


Gundong, H.5.0.

Gundowda, J.5.0.

Gundy, L.5.A.

Gundublui, H.2.A.

Gungahleen, J .8.A.

Gungalman, G.3.C.

Gungalman (West). G.3.B.

Gunnagawah, J.5.C.

Gunnagie, E.5.C.

Gunnee, 1(.2.C.

Gunnegaldra, G.4.C.

Gunnegaldra, F.6.A.


Gunnia (Mt.), D.7.C.

Gunnible, l<.3.0.

Gunnibung, H.4.A.

Gunningbar (New), G.4.C.

Gunningbar (Old), G.4.C.

Gunningbland, G.6.B.

Gunning East, G.6.B.

Gunning Grah, J.9.0.

Gunnong Jugrawah, H.7.A.

Guntawang, J.5.B.

Guntiabah, H.4.B.

Gunyah (The), H.3.C.

Gunyanna, J. I.C.

Gunyerwarildi, l<.2.B.

Gunyerwarildi (New), K.2.A.

Gurley, J.2.C.

Gurren, F .8.A.

Gurrera, F.2.A.

Gurrundah, J.7.0.

Gwalia, H.8.A.

Gwydir Park, L.3.A.

Gyarrah, l<.5.B.


Habnarey. H.2.A.

Hadden Rig, G.4.B.

Hadleigh Park. H.2.B.

Hadley, J.7.B.

Hainfield, J.9.A.

Hakruman, G.5.B.

Half Moon, G.4.A.

Half Moon Point, G.4.A.

Halifax, G.4.0.

Haller:on, H.4.0.

l-la11$ Creek, L.4. D.

Hammond Springs, 1(.4.B.

Hampshire, l<.4.0.

Hampton, 1(.4.0.

Handley, F.8.C.

Hanging Rock, G.8.A.

Happy Valley, F.4.B.

Happy Valley, H.8.C.

Happy Valley, H.6.0.

Happy Valley, 1(.2.C.

Harben Vale, l<.4.C.

Hardwicke, H.7.C.

Harley Hill, 1(.5.A.

Harlowe, J.9.A.

Harparary, K.3.0.

Harrington, J.6.D.

Harris (Mt.), G.4.A.

Harris (Mt.), G.4.B.

Hartfell, 1(.4.A.

Hartwood, E.8.A.

Hartwood, F .5.A.

Hartwood, H .5.A.

Harvey Park, H.5.0.

Harvey Park, H.7.D.

Harwood. N.2.A.

Hastings, F.3.A.

Hatfield, E.8.C.

Hatton, G.4.B.

Havelock, H.3.A.

Haverton, J.G.O.

Havilah, J.5.C.

Hawkesbury College, K.6.C.

Hawkes View, G.6.B.

Hawkes View, G.9.A.

Hawthorn. J.4.D.

Hawthorne, J.1.C.

Hawthorne Hill, J.4.A.

Hayden Park. H.9.C.

Hazeldcan, D.8.C.

Hazeldean, J.B. D.

Hezeldean, J.9.A.

Hezeldcan, 1(.2.C.

Hazeldean, L.~.c.

Hazeldell. A.6.C.

Hazeldell, J.8.B.

Hazel Park, J.2. D.

Hazelwood, J.4.A.

Hazelwood, J.G.D.

Heathcote. L.4.A.

Heatherbrae, G.4.C.

Heather Heath, J.6.0.

Heatherwick, M.1.A.

Heathfield. J.2.D.

Hemingford, J.2.D.

Hem~by. H.9.R.

Henley, B.5.B.

Henriendi, J.3.C.

Herbert Park, L.3.B.

Hereford, J.6.B.

Hereford Park, G.4.0.

Hermitage, F.4.0.

Hermita~e (The), E.7.A.

Hermitage (The), F.4.0.

Hermitage Plains, F.4.D.

Hernani, M.3.A.

Hethfield, H.2.0.

Heywood, H.8.B.

Hwywood, G., 0.8. D.

Hiawatha, H.6.B.

Hibernia, l<.2. B.

Hickey, T.E., C,7.0.

Highfield, J.6.0.

Highfield, l<.5.B.

Highfield, l<.7. D.

Highfield, L.3.B.

Highfield, H .6.t;.

Highland Home, M.3,0.

High Park, K.4. D.

Highrent, L.4.8.

Hill (The), J.1!.A.

Hill Bros., M.4.A.

Hillcrest, H.6.C.

Hillcrest, J.7.C.

Hilldyke, J.8.0.

Hill grove, J.4.B.

H ilrgrove, L.3.C.

Hill Head, J.5.0.

Hill Park, G.4.0.

Hillsborough, F.8. D.

Hillside, E.7.0.

Hillside, F.7.B.

Hillside, G.8.C.

Hillside, G.8.C.

Hillside, H.4.8.

Hillside, H.4.C.

Hirlsfcie, H.7.0.

Hillside, J.4. 0.

Hillside, J.6.A.

Hillside, 1(.2.B.

Hillside, L.2.C.

Hillstead, J.9.D.

Hilltop, J.6.0.

Hill Top, J.7.A.

Hilltop, 1(.3,B.

Hill View, G.7.A,

Hillview, H.8.A.

Hillview, J.9.0.

Hill View, L. ;;s.O,

Hill View, M. I.A.

Hillydale, H.7.0.

Hilston, A.5.A.

Hilton, J.6.D.

Hilyvale, C . .$.A.

Hobbies Yard, J.6.0.

Hobden, l<.3.C.

Holbrook, l<.5.0,

Holly Mount, J.7.0.

Hollywood, E.2. D.

Hollywood, J.7.A.

Holmes (The), H.5.C.

Holwood, J.6.0.

H omebush, H.4.A.

Homedale, J.9.D.

Homeland, l<.1.0.

Homeleigh, J.9.A.

Homeleigh, L.4.A.

Home Plain, G.5.C.

Homeville, F.4.C.

Homewood, J.7.0.

Honeybugle, F .4.C.

Honeysuckle Gully, J.6.0.

Hopefield, E.6.0.

Hope (Mt.), J.4.C.

Hope Royal, J.5.0.

Hopetoun Park, 1(.3.0.

Hopewood, l<.7.A.

Hope Wood, L.I.D.

Horeb (Mt.), H.8.A.

Horn Hut, E.8.A.

Hornseywood, G.3.0.

Horse Retreat, H.7.0.

Horseshoe Lagoon, G.3.B.

Horse Shoe Vale, H.5.A.

Horsley, K.7.B.

Horton Park, 8.2.A.

Horton Park. G.4.A.

Horton Park, l<.5.A.

Hothfield, L.3.C.

House (New), 8.6.A.

Howlong, E.7.A.

Howlong, J.9.0.

Huabba, F.6.A.

Hudersfield, E.7.C.

Hudson, R., C.8.A.

Hughenden, F.7.A.

Hughendon, H.4.A.

Hugundra, H.9.B.

H umula, G.8.C.

Hunters Vale, L.4.0.

Hunthawang, E.6.C.

Hunting Dale, l<.6.A.

Huntsgrove, 1(.3.0. ‘

Hyandra, H.5.A.

Hyde Park, G.8.B.

Hydes Creek, M.3.8.

Hyghbrough, J.9.0.


landra, H.7.A.

Ibelong, E.8.A.

lbon, H.2.C.

Idaho Park, E.8.C.

Idalia, 0.3.C.

lffley, H.2.C.

Ila, J.9.0.

lldon. 11.2.c.

lllamurgalia, H.4.B.

lllawong, H.7.0.

lllilawa, 0.7.B.

lllunie, H.7.B.

lllyrea, H.7.C.

llparran, L.2.C.

Indiana, L.2.C.

Ingar, G.4.C.

Ingar, G.4.C.

lngeedoobra, H.9.0.

lngleba, LA.A.

Iingleburn, L.2.A.

lngleby, F.8.8.

lnglebrya, H.9.D.

lngledale, H.4.C.

lngledow, J.8.B.

Inglewood, E.7.0.

Inglewood, H .2.C,

Inglewood, H .7. o.

Inglewood, H .9. B.

Inglewood, J.5.B.

Inglewood, J.9.0.

Inglewood, 1(.4.C.

Inglewood Forest, J.2.B.

lnkerman Downs, E.2.A.

lnnesfallen, GA.A.

lnnesowen, 0.4.B.

Innesvale, G.3. D.

lnnisfail, H.4.0.

lnnisfail, H.7.B.

lnnisfail, J.6.B.

lnnisfail, L.1.C.

Inveralochy, J.7.C.

lnverary, l<.4.0.

lnvercasley, 0.8.8.

lnverell, L.2.0,

Invergordon, L.5. B.

lnvergowrie, 1(.6.C.

Invergowrie, L.3.C.

lnverkip, l<.4.C.

lnvermay, H.2.A.

Invermein, l<.5. B.

lnvernaite, G.5.8.

Inverness, 0.8.8.

lnverrush, 1<.4.0.

Iona, E.6.B.

Iona, G.4.C.

Iona, J.3.A.


Iona, L.4. O. ,

Iona, 1(.3.D.

Ipswich, H .6. D.

Irish Jack’s Creek, H.7.A.

Irish Lords, 0.5.C.

lronbark, l<.3.B.

lronbarks, J.3.8.

lronmongie, H.9.C.

lrriwilbin, 1(.3.C.

Island (The), G.6.A.

Island (The), G.8.8.

Italy (New), N.2.A.

lta (South), A.5.0.

lvandale, 0.5.0.

Ivanhoe, 0.8.C.

Ivan hoc. H .2. 0.

Ivy Hall, 1(.7.0.

lvyholme, E.8.8.


Jackalass, H.8.A.

Jackson. o.. o.s.A.

James Park, H .6.C.

Jamesville, B.6.D.

Jandra, E.3.B.

Jarinden, J.8.C.
Jarvisfield, l<.7.B.

Jedburgh, G.4.B.

Jeir, J.8.A.

Jellambi, H.7.D.

Jellat Jellat, J.9.C.

Jellingrove, G.8.B.

Jemalong, G.6.B.

Jeogla, M.3. D.

Jeraley, D.7.D.

Jeremy, J.6.D.

Jerra Jerra, G.8.A.

Jerrong, J.7.B.

Jerula, H.6.C.

Jews Lagoon, J.2.D.

Jiggi, N. I.D.

Jillamatong, J.8.B.

Jimenbuen, H.9.C.

Jindabyne East, H.9.B.

Jindabyne \Vest, H.9.B.

Jingellic, G.8,C.

Johnson, R. H., M.3.D

Johnson, W. & R., J.9.C.

Jones Creek, H.5.B.

Jones Creek, H.8.A.

Jones Plain, H.a.c.

Jouline, A.3.D.

Journama, H.8.D.

Juanbong, 0.7.A.

Juanbung, C.7.B.

Ju des Creek, H .4.C.

Julni, C.6.D.

Julong, J.7.A.

Jumble Plains, G.5.D.

Junction Point, C.7.D.

Junction (The), J.6.D.

Juno, C.7.A.


Jadina, H.5.D.

Kai Warra, H.2.D.

Kalangan, D.5.C.

l<atangan, H.7.C.

Kaleno, E.4.D.

Kalkite, 1(.9.B.

Kallara, D.3.A.

Kallara, 0.8.C.

Kaloona, l<.2.C.

Kaludah, J.9.A.

Kalugh, G.4.D.

Kalyanka, C.-1.D.

Kamilaroi, J.2.D.

Kamilaroi, H.7.A.

Kamilaroi, J.2.D.

Kangarooby, H .6. D.

Kangarooby, J.6.A.

Kangaroo “reek, M.3.B.

Kangaroo Creek (Lower), M.2.C.

Kangaroo Plain, F.7.C.

Kangiara, H.7.C.

Kanimbla, 1(.6.D.

Kanoona, J.4.C.

Kanoona, J.9.C.

Kanori. J.9.D.

Kanowna, h.2.B.

Kara, H .9. B.

Karamea, L.4.C.

Karaola. L.:.!.D.

Karee, L.4.D.

Karoo, H.5.B.

Karoo, L.5.A.

Karoola, G.7.C.

Kars Spg., t<.4.C.

Karwar, F.7.D.

Katella, J.5.D.

Kate Lynch, E.5.C.

Kate Lynch, E.6.A.

Katers, G.4.C.

Kauthi, L.4.G.

Kayrunner, B.3.C.

Kaytoun, l<.3.C.

Keating, M., l<.8.D.

Keelendi, H.3.B.

Keepit, l<.3.C.

Keera, l<.3. B.

Keewong, E.5.A.

Keewong, J.8.D.

Keiara, B.5.D.

Keiwa, H.3.A.

Kelburn, J.7.C.

Kelleen, B.6.D.

Kelly, J .. c.s.B.

Kelmscott, E.8.C.

Kelso, A.7.B.

Kelso, L.2. D.

Kelton Plain, H.9.B.

Kelvin, G.7.B.

Kelvin, J.2.C.

Kelvin, J.6.B.

Kelvin, J.9.D.

Kelvin, 1(.3.D.

Kelvin Grove, E.6.D.

Kelvin Grove, J.9.D.

Kelvinside, K.5.B.

Kemp, A. A., M.3.A.

Kemeruka, J.9.C.

Kempfield, J.6.D.

Kenalee, L.5.A.

Kenfield, J.6.0.

Kenilworth, F.3.D.

Kenilworth, H.4.A.

Kenilworth, H.7.C.

Kenilworth, J.9. D.

Kenilworth, L.2.A,

Kenmore, J.7.C.

Kensington, H .3. D.

Kent (Mt.), 1(.4.C.

Kent Park, L.2.C.

Kentucky, F.8.D.

Kentucky, J.6.D.

Kentucky, L.3.0.

Kenyu, H.7.B.

Kenzo. G.4.Es.

Kerami, E.6.C.

Kerarbury, E.7.C.

Kercargo, H.3.A.

Kerewong, M.4.C.

Kergunyah, F.4.A.

Keri Keri, C.7.C.

Kerinville, H.6.C.

Keronga, J.2.A.

Keronga, J.~.B.

Kerrigundi, P.W.P., E.3.0.

Kerriki, M.4.0.

Kerriwah, G.5.A.

Keveline. H.3.A.

Kew, D.4.0.

Keysdale, J.3.B.

Keytah, J.2.A.

Khalassa, J.9.D.

Khancoban, H.9.A.

Khan Yums, J.8.C.

Khatambuhl Creek, M.4.0.

Kiacatoo, F.5.C.

Kiah Lake, H .9.B.

Kiah Lodge. H.9.B.

Kialgara, H.~.A.

Kiameron, G.4.B.

Kiaora, L.2.A.

Kia Ora. C.7.C.

Kia Ora, L.2.A.

Kia Ora, l<.4.A.

Kia Ora, 1(.4.C.

Kia Ora. L.~.o.

Kiara, G.7.C.

Kibah, l<.3.0.

Kickerbil. 1(.4.D.

Kiga, l<.2.A.

Kikiamah, H .7.A.

Kilbirnie, 1(.2.A.

Kilcoy, L.3.D.

Kilcoy, M.3.A.

Kildare, L.2.8.

Kildare, L.5.A.

Kildary, G.7.A.

Kildonan, E.8.C.

Kilfera, 0.5.0.

Kilgin, N.2.A.

Kilgowla, J.2.C.

Killala. J.1.0.

Killaloe. G.3.0.

Killaloola, H.5.8.

Killaloola, H.5.C.

Killanear. H.7.8.
Killar, H .3.C.

Killara, 1(.2. B.

Killara, l<.3.B.

Killarney, o.G.A.

Killarney, F. 7. D.

Killarney, G.~.o.

Killarney, G.4.A.

Killarney, G.5.A.

Killarney. H.4.D.

Killarney, J.1.8.

Killarney, J. 7.A.

Killarnev, l<.2.B.

Killeneen. F.8.D.

Killongbutta. J.6.A.

Kilmaurs. L.2.8.

Kilmyana, E.8.C.

Kiloola, J.6.8.

Kilrush. H.7.0.

Kimaculla, H.3.B.

Kimberley, A.5.8.

Kimo, H.8.A.

Kimo, J.9.D.
Kinchega, B.5.A.

Kinchela Creek, N.4.A.

Kincorna Downs, H.~.A.

Kindra Creek, G.7.0.

King, S. E., 0.8.0.

King East (Mt.), A.2.B.

Kinos Gate, M.2.0.

Kingsland, l<.~.A.

Kings Plains, L.2.0.

Kingstown, L.3.A.

Kingsvale, J.7.A.

Kinloch, 0.8.B.

Kinross, G.8. D.

Kiora, G.4.0.

Kiora, J.2.C.

Klora, J.9.A.

Kiora, J.10.A.

Kiora, l<.5.B.

Kirban, J.4. D.

Kirkconnell, J.6.8.

Klrkeno. 1, H.9.C.

Kirkton, .5.0.

Kirndeen, b.11.D.

Klori, l<.3.C.

Knockalong, H .. C.

Knoll (The), H .. B.

Kobi, J.5.C.

Kodayu, F.8.A.

Kolkibertoo, F .6.C.

Kolkibertoo North, F.6 C.

Kooba, F.7.A.

Kookaburragong, G.6.A.

Kookendoon, G.4.D.

Koomangoonong, F.8.D.

Kookara, G.4.C.

Koonaburra. 0.5.B.

Kooringa, H.7.A.

Kooringaroo. J.7.C.

Koorong, J.9. D.

Koorong, o.a.c.

Kooroongamma, J.2.B.

Kooyong, F.7.C.

Korachi, H.9.C.

Koraleigh Vale, C.8.A.

Koreelah (Old), M.I.A.

Koyong, H.3.8.

Koyonga, H.2.C.

Krui Plains, 1(.2.A.

Kudgee, A.5.C.

Kulcurna. A.7.A.

Kulki, E.7.C.

Kulki, 1(.2.C.

Kunanadgee, F.9.A.

Kunderang, M.3.D.

Kunghur, N. I.A.

Kungie, J.2.D.

Kurangai, L.I.D.

Kuringai, J.9.D.

Kuriong, J.5.D.

Kuroona, H.8.C.

Kurrabooma. J.2.”A.

Kurrajong, G.7.C.

Kurrajong, G.8.8.

Kurrajong, 1(.2.A.

Kurrajong, l<.2.C.

Kurrajong Hills, 1(.2.A.

Kurrajong Hill5, L.3.D.

Kurrawong, F.6.A.

Kurrinda, L.3.C.

Kurrumhede, K.3.D.

Kurrumboola. F.8.0.

Kydra, J.9.A.

Kyeamba, G.8.B.

Kyeema, D.7.C.

Kyle. K.2.A.

Kylebride. H.2.C.

Kyleston, J.9.0.

Kyneton Park, 0.8. D.

Kyong, F.8.B.

Kyron. H.7.D.

Kyuga, 1(.5.B.

Kyuna, l<.3.B.


Lachlan Downs, E.5.B.

Lacmalac, S.S., H .8.A.

Lacmalac Vale, H .8.A.

Lady Bower, H .5.A.

Lagoon, J.8.0.

Lagoon Creek, G.7.C.

Lagoons (The}, J .5. 8.

Lairdo, J.2.C.

Lake Boulebedah, 0.5.B.

Lake Cowal, G.6. D.

Lake Cow al ( Low’s), G.6.0.

Lake Cowal (Donkin), G.6.C.

Lake Midgeon, F.7.C.

Lake Plain, H.9.8.

Lake Speculation, 8.5.A.

Lake (The), L.4.B.

Lake Victoria, A.6.0.

Lakeview. L.3.0.

Lambs Valley, L.5.D.

Lamplough, A.6.C.

Lana, L.3.D.

Lanark, H.4.B.

Landgrove, H.7.0.

Landsdowne, E.3.D.

langawirra, B.4.A.

Langi Donah, E.8.C.

Langlah, F.7.D.

Langlea, E.6.B.

Langley Dale, C.6.C.

Langley Dale, H .4. 0.

Langtry Point. E.8.8.

Langwell, A.5.A.

Lankeys Creek, G.8.C.

Lansdown, H.2.C.

Lantoka. H.7.D.

Lanuarin, H.4.A.

Lanyon. J.8.A.

Lara. G.5.C.

Lardo, J.2.C.

Larras Lake, H.5.C.

Larry’s Flat, M.5.A.

Launchley, L.3.0.

Laura. L.3.A.

Laurel Hill. H.8.0.

Laurel Hills, H.4.8.

Laurie Park. C.7.A.

LaverstocK or Mountain View, H .7.C.

Lawarra. J.9.A.

Lawlers Creek. L.5.13.

Leaghur. C.6.0.

Leamia, l<.4.A.

Leaning Oak. J.5.0.

Leconfield, G.3.8.

Leconfield, L.5.0.

Leeholme, J.6.B.

Leigh, L.5.C.

Leighton Park. 1(.5.B.

Leighwood, J.7.8.

Lelma. 8.6.D.

Lemon Grove, G.3. D.

Leniston. E.8.C.

Lerap. 0.7.A.

Lerida, E.4.C.

Lerida. J.7.D.

Les el mo, G.8. 8.

Lethero, B.6.D.

Lettybrook, 1(.5.A.

Levingston, M.4.A.

Lewinsbrook. L.5.B.

Liano. J.3.B.

Liddleton, 1(.6.D.

Liewah. C.8.B.

Lighthouse. H.9.A.

Lignum Park, 0.6.A.

Lila Clower}, E.2.C.

Lila Springs, E.2.C.

Lilberne, L.4.D.

Lilburn, L.2.C.

Lilydale, F.8.C.

Lilydale, G.6. D.

Lillydale, M.3.C.

Lilly Vaie, L.2.8.

Limbri Park, L.4.A.

Limebon, J. I.C.

Limekilns. J.8.B.

limestone, H.6.A.

Limesto ne. L.5.B.

Limpinwood, N. I.A.

Lincluden. J.9.A.

Lincoln, L.4.D.

Lincoln Hill~. M.1.0.

Linden, J.3.B.

Linden, J.9.0.

Lindifferon, E.8.A.

Lindon. L.3. 0.

Lindon Downs, I<. I. D.

Lindsay. l<.3.A.

Lingy. G.3.D.

Linton. 1<3.8.

Linton, L.1.D.

Linwood, H.3.B.

Lionsvillo, 111.2.A.

Lisgar, G.5.C.

Lisgar. 1(.2.B.

Lissington. F.2.A.

Little Billabong, G.8.C.

Little Burra. J.8.A.

Little 8urrawang, H.6.B.

Little Carapabal Creek, G.6.C.

Littledale, G.7.C.

l.ittledale, H.6.C.

Little Plain, H.8.B.

Little Plain, H.8.A.

Little Plain, J.5.C.

Little Plain, J.9.o.1.

Little Pia n, J.9.0.

Little Plains, J.8.0.

Little Valley, f,7.A.

Little Wilga, f .4.A.

Livingstone, G. f., C.7.C.

Llambaddon, H.5.B.

Llandilo, E.7.A.

Llangollen, 1(.3.A.

Llangollen, 1(.4.0.

Llanillo, G.2.C.

Llanyer, G.5.B.

Loch Adair, J. I.C.

Loch iel, J .4.A.

Lochinvar, J.3.B.

Loch Leven, 1(.8.A.

Lockhart, f.8.B.

Lockhart, B., C.8.A.

Lockhart, J., C.7.0.

Lockslea, H.4.0.

Locksley, f.8.B.

Lockyersleigh, J.7.C.

Logan ( North), H.6.C.

Logan Downs, J.4.0.

Lohn, G.4.0.

Lolleep, G.2.C.

Loloma, 1(.5.B.

Loma, H .4.B.

Lomond Downs, J.4.A.

Long Arm, 1(.3.B.

Long Corner, H.8.C.

Long Creek, L.4.B.

Longfield. H .9.C.

Long flat, L.4.0.

Long flat, M.3.D.

Longford, L.3.0.

Longleys, F.8.0.

Long Park, f.8.B.

Leng Plain, H.8.C.

Long Plain, L.2.0.

Longreach, L.3.A.

Long Reach, N.3.0.

Longstowe, a.3.0.

Long Swamp, H.2.B.

Longview, J.3.B.

Longview, l<.2.B.

Long View, H .3.A.

Looby’s (New Park), G.s.c.

Loombah, H.5.C.

Loorica, C.7.C.

Lora Downs, H.~.C.

Lords Hill, J.9.0.

Lota, 0.7.0.

Lottery Vale, 1(.3.C.

Loughmagarry, 0.7.B.

Lower Cold Stream, N.2.D.

Lower Kangaroo Creek, M.2.C

Lower Lila, E.2.C.

Lower Methol Creek, G.7.0.

Lower Nilgie, H.2.B.

Lower Nowley, J.3.A.

Lower Ouarnbone, G.3.C.

Lower Willie, G.3.A.

Lowes Creek, 1(.3.C.

Lowlands, H.2.B.

Lows Station. G.6.0.

Loyola, H.3.0.

Lucerne Vale, J.7.0.

Lucknow, F.4.B.

Lucknow, G.4.A.

Lucksall, J.2.B.

Lue, J.5.C.

Lumbv, J.8.A.

Lumeah, J.4.A.

Lumley, J.7.C.

Lunnawarra, 1(.2.C.

Lu~kintyre. L.5.0.

Lutterworth, H.4.B.

Lyall CMt.), M.~.A.

Lyle Park, C.7.C.

Lyndhurst, G.4.C.

Lyndhurst, M.3.A.

Lyndhurst Vale, L.5.8.

Lynn (East), J.5.B.

Lynn (East), K.2.0.

Lynn (West). L. 3.A.

Lynwood, C.7.C.

Lyster11eld. G.7.0.

Lytton, 0.8.A.


Mabyn Vale, 1(.4.C.

Macdonald ( Mt.), L.3.C.

McDonald’s Creek, K,4.0.

Macfarlane, J. 0., C.8.B.

Marckay, H. A., M.4.B.

Mackay, R., M.4.B.

Mackville, H.4.A.

McKees Hill, N. 1.0.

McKinley, E.6.C.

McLennan, T. A. J., M.3.8.

McMahon’s, J.3.A.

McPaul, Jas., J.9.C.

Macquarie Farm, J.6.0.

McPhail & Hannah, 0.8.0.

McPhillips, M.3.0.

McQuade, J., M.3.C.

Maddy, T. J., 0.8.A.

Maderty, J.4.A.

Madi, H.3.C.

Maffra, H.9.C.

Magenta, C.6.C.

Maghara. E.2.0.

Magomedene, H.4.B.

Maharatta, J.9.0.

Maharatta ( Rodwells), J.9. 0 .

Mahonga, f.8.0.

Mahonga Park, F.8.0.

Malala, H.4.C.

Maida Vale, M.3.A.

Malden Creek, M.3.A.

Maids Valley, L.2.B.

Main Camp, K.3.8.

Main Camp, L.5.A

Main Camp, N.2.A.

Main Creek, L.5.B.

Maison Oieu, L.5.0.

Maisters Swamp, L.3.0.

Major, G.4.B.

MaJuba, F.5.C.

Malaraway, J.2.C.

Malaraway, J.2.C.

Malbooma, L.2.C.

Malboona, J.5.0.

Mallara, B.6.A.

Mallee Cliffs, 8.7.A.

Mallee Vale, F .7.B.

Mallow, 0.7.B.

Mallow Grove, J.6.0.

Malonga, F.6.C.

Malonga North, F.6.C.

Malvern, G.4.0.

Malvern, 1(.2.D.

Malwa, F.7.C.

Mamraville, F.5.C.

Mandamah West. G.7.A.

Maragle New (Block A),


Maragle New (Block B),


Maragle (Old), H.8.0.

Manara ( Mt.), C.5.B.

Marchmount, H.7.C.

Marma, 8.7.8.

Marowan, L.2.C.

Marshall (Mt.), 1(.7.B.

Marsh mead, G.3.B.

Marys (Mt.), J.3.C.

Mary Vale, E.7.A.

Maylands, F.2.B.

Manar, ;.s.B.

Manar, J.8.B.

Manaree, 1(.3.0.

Mandamah, G.7.A.

Manfred, C.6.B.

Mangalore, G.4.0.

Mangoplah, G.8.A.

Mani, H.5.C.

Manilla, 1(.3.C.

Manion, E.5.C.

Manna, G.6.A.

Mannamite, H.7.0.

Manus, S.S., G.8.C.

Maranie, L.5.A.

Maranoa, E.2.A.

Maranoonbah, J:’.5.B.

Marathon, G.3. O.

Marathon, H .9.C.

Marengo, H.7.B.

Marengo, M.3.A.

Marengo Park, F.8.0.

Marlfield, 0.5.A.

Maringo, G.5.B.

Markdale, J.7.A.

Marl, f.2.A.

Marlbone, H.3.8.

Marlow, 0.5.C.

Marlow, H.2.C.

Marlow, I(. 1.0.

Marma, B.7.B.

Maroomba, J.5.0.

Maroora, E.5.C.

Maroubra, G.3.8.

Marra, 0.3.0.

Marra, G.3.0.

Marran Vale, 0.8.0.

Marrar, G.7.0.

Marrowan, L.2.C.

Marrum, J.4.u.

Marshall Mt., 1(.7.8 .

Marshmead, 1(.9.A.

Martin Bros., 0.8.A.

Martin, J. R., L.5.8.

Martin, T., C.8.8.

Martindale, H.3.A.

Martindale, H.7.A.

Martindale, J.4.0 .

Martindale, 1(.5.C.

Martoo, l<.5.0.

Maryland, 1(.6.C.

Maryland, M.1.0.

Marylands, H.2.0 .

Marylands, F.2.8.

Marys Mount, J.3.C.

Marysville, J.5.0 .

Maryvale, G.3.0.

Maryvale, H.2.C.

Maryvale, L. I.D.

Mary Vale, G.8.8.

Marywood, 0.8.C.

Mascotte, 0.8.8.

Mascotte, J.3.8.

Matgara, A.5. 0.

Matong, H.9.C.

Mathoura, 0.8.C.

Matoopo, J.3.C.

Maudville, L.5. 8 .

Maureen, M.5.A.

Maxwellton, M.2.C.

Maybank, J.7.A.

May Field. 0.6.D.

Mayfield, F.9.8.

Mayfield, G.4.B.

Mayfield, G.4.0.

Mayfield, G.5.8.

Mayfield, H.3.A.

Mayfield, J.3.B.

Mayfield, J.6.C.

Mayfield, J.8.B.

Mayfield. 1(.3.0.

Maylands, G.7.0.

Mayo, G.4.0.

Mayura, H .6.A.

Mayvale, l<.3.A.

Meadow Green, G.4.A.

Meadow Plain, G.3.B.

Meadow Plains, H.3.A.

Meadow Park, 0.8.0.

Meadows, E.4.0.

Meadows (The) , A.4.0.

Meadows (The), H .5.C.

Meagherie, G.4.B.

Mearb, G.8.A.

Medway, J.5.A.

Medway, l<.4.B.

Meeleebee. J.2.A.

M ehau I, H .3.B.

Mehruda, H .5.C.

Meilman, B.7.C.

Melbee, L.5.B.

Melburra, K .3.A.

Mellool, C.8. B.

Melness, C.8.B.

Melool, B.4.0.

Melrose, F.5.C.

M·el rose, G.3.0.

Melrose, H.4.0.

Melrose, J.5.B.

Melrose (West), F.5.C.

Melrose, Block o., G.5.0.

Melrose Plains, G.5.0.

Melton, J.6.C.

Melton Grove, C.6.B.

Melvin Park, J.2.B.

Melyra, H.6.0.

Memagong, H.7.A,

Menadool, J.2.C.

Menah, J.5.C.

Menamurtee, C.4.A.

Meneedebri, K.3.C.

Mentmore. G.4.C.

Merah, J.3.A.

Meralda, E.6.C.

Merambego, H.9.C.

Meramie, G.4.C.

Meranburn, H.6.B.

Mercadool, H.2.D.

Merchmount, H.7.C.

Merebone, G.4.B.

Mereworth, L.3.B.

Meridown. J.6.C.

Merilba. H.7.C.

Merin Vale, J.8.A.

Meriti, 1(.2.B.

Merleville, J.3.8.

Merlin, L.2.A.

Merlwood, H.4.D.

Merndah, H.3.A.

Meroe, J.2.A.

Meroo, J.7.0.

Meroo Downs, J.5.C.

Merool, 0.7.B.

Merool Creek, E.7.8.

Merotherie, J.5.8.

Merran Park, C.8.B.

Merrendee, J.5.D.

Merriba, 1(.1.0.

Merribee, F. 7 .A.

Merriua. l<.8.A.

Merrigal, H.4.0.

Merrigal ( Back), H.4.A.

Merrigal ( New), H.4.0.

Merrigalah, J.4.8.

Merriginnie, 0.8.A.

Merrilla, J.7.C.

Merrilong, J.2.C.

Merrilong, 1<.4.0.

Merriman, H.4.8.

Merrimba, G.4.B.

Merri-Merrigal, E.6.C.

Merri-Merriwa, E.5.C.

Merri Merri (Upper), H.4.A.

Merrimuka, l<.5.8.

Merringina. G.2.A.

Merringreen, F.6.C.

Merrinong, H.4.D.

Merrita, E.2.0.

Merri Vale. H.4.A.

Merriwa, K. I.D.

Merriwee, G.4.B.

Merriwee, G.6.A.

Merriwee, J. I.C.

Merrowie North, E.6.A.

Merryanbone, G.4.A.

Herrybah, J.4.B.

Merrybindinyah, G.7.C.

Merryowen, K.3.0.

Merryville, J.7.0.

Merrywinbone, H.2.C.

Merton, H.5.B.

Merton, 1(.5.B.

Merton Vale, M. I .A.

Merula, E.4.C.

Merungle, E.6.C.

Merungle, E.6.0.

Meryon, G.4.B.

Meryula, 1′.4.0.

Meryula, M.1.0.

Methalibah. H.4.0.

Methol Creek (Lower). G.7.D.

Mia Mia, J.4.B.

Mia Mia, L.1.D.

Miangullia, J.4.C.

Micabil South, G.6.A.

Micalago, J.8.0.

Michalong, H.8.A.

Mickabil, F.6.B.

Micketymulga, H.5.B.

Middle Camo. A.5.C.

Middle Creek, M.2.C.

Middlefield, G.5.B.

Middle Flat. J.9.A.

Midgee, H.3.B.

Midgeon ( Lake), F.7.C.

Midkin, J.2.B.

Mihi, 1(.3.0.

Mila, J.9.D.

Milbank, L.4.B.

Milbey West, F.6.8.

Milbrodale, L.5.D.

Milburn Ck., H.6.C.

Milby, F.6.B.

Milby, G.6.A.

Milby Valley, F.6.B.

Milchengowrie, K.3.D,

Milchom, H.3.B.

Milchomi, J.4.A.

Milford, J.6.C.

Milford, M.1. 0.

Milgarra, l<.5.B.

Mliwa, H .4. 0.

Mllah Murrah, J.6.B.

Millamalong, H.6.C.

Millbank, G.7.C.

Millbrook, H .8.A.

Millears, E.8.A.

Millera, M.2.A.

Millers Creek, l<.4.C.

Millewa, G.5.A.
Millie, H.3.8.

Millie Creek, K.3.8.

Millow, J.3.A.

Mill post, J.8.A.

Millridge, G.5.A.

Mills Valley. L. 5.A.

Mill View, E.6.C.

Millville. K.5.8.

Milly Vale. F ..i.e.

M ilong, H .7.A.

Milpa, H.4.0.

Milray, L.4.0.

Milrea, G.2.C.

Milrose, H.4.C.

Milroy, F.2.C.

Milroy, K.4.A.

Milton, G.5.8.

Milton, H.6.C.

Milton Park. J.9.A.

Milton Park, 1(.7.A.

Milton Vale, 1(.3.A.

Miltonville, J.2.A.

Mimosa, G.7.0.

Mimosa, H .9.C.

Mimosa West, G.7.A.

Minargo. H.2.C.

Minchinbury, 1(.6.C.

Minda, 8.6.A.

Minembah, L.5.0.

Mingay, H.7.0.

Mingary Park. J.7.8.

Minilya, F.7.8.

Minmi. 0.8.A.

Minmi, L.5.C.

Min Min. C.6.C.

Minord. G.3.A.

Minoru. H.2.0.

Miowera. G.4.0.

Miowera Downs, G.4.0.

Miranda, 0.7.C.

Miranee, 1(.4.C.

Mirilba, G.4.0.

Miroobil, J.I.C.

Mirriadool, J.2.C.

Mistletoe, G.4.0.

Mitchell ( Mt.) , 1(.2.A.

Mitchell East ( Mt.), M.2.0.

Mitchell West ( Mt.). L.3.8.

Mitchell Vale, F.2.C.

Mittagang, J.9.A.

Mittagong, F.8.8.

Moangull, 0.6.8.

Moatfield, G.7.C.

Mobbinbry, t<.1.0.

Modell. H.4.A.

Moema, J.3.8.

Moetfleld. 0.7 .A.

Mogadore (The) , J.4.C.

Mogila, G.2.8.

Mogil Mogil. H.2.8.

Mogong. H.6.8.

Mograni, M.5.A.

Mohonga, F.8.A.

Moira, 0.4.0.

Moira, 0.8.C.

Moira. G.5.C.

Moira Park. C.8.8.

Moira Plains, C.4.C.

Moira Vale. G.5.A.

Mokely, A.2.B.

Mole (The) , G.3.D.

Mole River, L.2.8.

Mollari, C.8.8.

Mk>llee, J.2.B.

Molleen, J.3.A.

Molongulli, H.6.C.

Molten Plains, F.2.A.

Molton, J.2.C.

Momalong, E.8.C.

Momba. C.3.C.

Mona, H.4.0.

Mona. J.1.0.

Monaro Vale, E.8.C.

Money Money, H.7.D.

Monia Gap, E.6.C.

Monivae, J.5.C.

Monolon. No. 5, C.3.A.

Montana, G.5.0.

Montana. J.7.B.

Monte Carlo, G.3.B.

Monticollom, N.1.D.

Montora. 1(.5.A.

Montreal, J.9.A.

Monument Flats, F.6.C.

Moobong, G.6.B.

Moobong, J.8.C.

Moobooldool Est., F.7.8.

Moocu lta, F .3.A.

Mooeybah, J.4.A.

Mooki Springs, K.4.A.

Mookoo, J.2.A.

Moolah. E.5.0.

Moolahway, H.6.8.

Moolbong, 0.6.B.

Mooloomoon, D.7.D.

Mooloomoon, D.8.A.

Moolpa, C.7.C.

Moominbri, H.2.C.

Moomin Plains, H.2.C.

Moona, o.s.B.

Moonagee, G.4.A.

Moona Plains, L.3.C.

Moonaree, J.4.B.

Moonbah, H.9.C.

Mooball, N.I.A.

Moonbi, G.6.A.

Moonbi, K.4.B.

Moonbria, E.8.A.

Moonbucca, G.7.B.

Moonebah, M.4.B.

Moongulla West, H.2.A.

Mooni Mooni. H.7.D.

Mooraback, M.4.A.

Moorabilla, G.2.D.

Moora Park, D.8.B.

Moorara, B.6.B.

Moordell. J.4.C.

Moore. J., M.4.D.

Moorelands. G.2.C.

Moorelands, J. I .C.

Moorhead. w. J., J.9.C.

Moorina. J.2.A.

Moorlands. B.2.A.

Moorlands, J.7.0.

Moorna. A.7.B.

Moorong, D.8.A.

Moorong, G.8.A.

Mooroolbark. D.8.A.

Moothumbil, F.5.A.

Mootwingee, B.4.A.

Moparrabah. M.4.A.

Moplain, 1(.3.A.

Mopones, E.4.B.

Moppity, H.7.A.

Mopra. J.4.A.

Moquilamba, E.4.B.

Morago, D.8.B.

Morago ( Old) , 0.8.8.

Moramina, G.2.C.

Moranding. G.3.A.

Morangarell, G.7. B.

Morden, B.3.A.

Mordialloc, G.5.C.

Moredun, L.3.B.

Moreduval, K.4.0.

Moreland, 0.8.A.

Morella, F.4.C.

Morella, G.2.C.

Morella, H.7.A.

Morelma, 1(.2.C.

Morendah, G.2.C.

Mornington, J.8.C.

Moroco, E.8. D.

Moroco West, E.8.D.

Morrison’s Hill, H.7.D.

Morryinga, J. 1.0.

Morsebrook, L.3.A.

Morten, L.4.B.

Morten Plains, F.2.A.

Morven, F.8.0.

Morven, G.8.0.

Morven, M.2.A.

Morven Vale, H.2.C.

Morwell, F.6.0.

Mossgiel, 0.6.A.

Moss Hill, L.~.A.

Moss Vale, J.4.0.

Mossvale, l<.5.B.

Moulmain, F.6.B.

Mountain Creek, G.8.0.

Mountain Run, J.6.0.

Mountain Stn., H.7.0.

Mountain Stn., 1(.4.0.

Mountain Vale, 1(.7.A.

Mountain View, J.3.B.

Mountain View, L.4.A.

Mt. Adrah, G.8.B.

Mt. Airy, G.8.C.

Mt. Angle, J.4.C.

Mt. Arrowsmith, A.3.B.

Mt. Auburn, 1(.4.C.

Mt. Blake Warrah Creek,

1(.4. 0.

Mt. Bob, H.5.8.

Mt. Boorithumbil, F.6.A.

Mt. Brandon, H.2.0.

McBrowne, A.2.C.

Mt. Bulaway, J.4.A.

Mt. Butler, L.3.C.

Mt. Campbell, J.8.A.

Mt. Cooper. J.9.0.

Mt. Defiance, J.7.B.

Mt. Dixon, J.7.D.

Mt. Edgecombe, M.2.B.

Mt. Elrington & Ollalulla,


Mt. Erin, E.6.B.

Mt. Erin, 1(.4.0.

Mt. Eurow, H.6.A.

Mt. George, L.4.C.

Mt. Gipps, A.4.C.

Mt. Gunnia, 0.7.C.

Mt. Harris, G.4.A.

Mt. Harris, G.4.B.

Mt. Holly, J.7.0.

Mlt. Hope, J.4.C.

Mt. Horeb, H.8.A.

Mt. l(ent, 1(.4.C.

Mt. l<ing East, A.2.B.

Mt. Lyall, M.5.A.

Mt. Macdonald, L.3.C.

Mt. Manara, C.5.B.

Mt. Marshall, 1(.7.B.

Mt. Marys, J.3.C.

Mt. Mitch ell. l<.2.A.

Mt. Mitchell East, M.2.0.

Mt. Mitchell West. L.a.B.

Mt. Murchison, C.4.B.

Mt. Nombi, J.4.B.

Mt. Ottley, l<.2.B.

Mt. Peter, G.8.A.

Mt. Pleasant, E.6.A.

Mt. Pleasant, F.8.B.

Mt. Pleasant, H.9.B.

Mt. Pleasant. J.s.o.

Mt. Pleasant, J.6.B.

Mt. Pleasant, J.7.A,

Mt. Pleasant, L. I .C.

Mt. Pleasant, M.3.0.

Mt. Poole, A.2.C.

Mt. Sturt, A.2.C.

Mt. Tenandra, H.4.8.

Mt. Terrell, l<.4.C.

Mt. Top, J.9.0.

Mt. Ulva, F.8.A.

Mt. Valley, 1(.3.A.

Mt. View, E.6.A.

Mt. View, F.8.8.

Mt. View, J.4.C.

Mountain View, 1(.5.A.

Mt. View, L.3.C.

Mt. View, L.4.0.

Mt. View, L.5.A.

Mt. Wells, J.7.A.

Mt. Westwood, A.3.0.

Mt. Wilga, F.4.C.

Mt. Wood, 8.2.A.

Mt. Wright, B.4.A.

Mt. Yellow, F.5.8.

Moura, H.6.A.

Mourabie, G.3.8.

Mowable, F.5.C.

Mowenbah, H.9.B.

Muckabundi (see Mundi Bundi)

Muckerawa, G.2.A.

Muddall, G.4.0.

Mugwee, G.9.A.

Mulberrygong, E.7.0.

Mulga, F.4.8.

Mulga Downs, E.4.A.

M ulgah, E.6.A.

Mulga Park, F.2.0.


M uluate, J.3.8.

Mulgavale, B.5.8.

Mulga Valley, A.4.A.

Mulgawarrina, F.3.C.

Mulgowan, E.3.C.

Mulgunnia, J.6.0.

Mulla, G.4.0.

Mullagalah, F.3.A.

Mullah, H.4.0.

Mullah Cullah, B.5.0.

Mullaley Mt. J.4.8.

Mullan, H.4.0.

Mullee, L.5.A.

M ullengandra, G.8.0.

Mullengandra Est., G.S.O.

Mullengreen, H .5.C.

Mulligan, W. J., M.2.0.

Mullion, H.8.8.

Multagoona, E.2.B.

Muluerindi, L.4.A.

Mulurulu. C.6.A.

Mulwala, E.8.C.

Mulwarrie, 1(.3.B.

Mulya, E.3.0.

Mulyan, H.6.C.

Mumblebone, G.4.B.

Mumble Creek, F.5.C.

Mumbledool, F.7.8.

Mumboana, E.4.A.

Mumford’s, H.5.B.

Mum met, L,4.C.

Mumme! River, L.4.C.

Mundadoo, G.3.0.

Mundarlo, G.8.8.

Mundawaddera, F.8.B.

Mundi, G.4.8.

Mundi Mundi, A.4.0.

Mundiwa, E.8.A.

Mundoonan, J.7.0.

Mundowey, 1(,3.C.

Mundowey Island, G.8.A.

M ungadal, 0.7.C.

Mungalby, G. I.C.

Mungeribar, H.5.A.

Mungerie, H.4.8.

Mungery, G.s.c.

Mungie Bundie, J.2.B. (see Muckabundi)

Mungrabambone, G.3.C.

Mungyer, J.2.0.

Mungyer (New), J.2. D.

Munnell, H.4.A.

Munni, L.5.B.

Murara, L.4.0.

Murchison (Mt.). C.4.8.

Murdie, I<. I.D.

Mureela, H.3.B.

Murgha, 0.8.A.

M’urgo, 1(.2.A.

Murillo, J.2.D.

Murraguldrie, G.8.B.

Murraguldrie West, G.8.B.

Murrambo, 1(.5.A.

Murranumbla, H.9.C.

Murrawombie, G.3.0.

Murrawombie, l<.2.C.

Murray Downs, C.s:s.

Murray Downs, H.3.A.

Murrill Creek, F.7.8.

Murrin, F.6.A.

Murruah, E.5.D.

Murrulbale, G.7.0.

Murruman and Dural, F.3.B.

M urru mbidgerie, H.5.B.

Murrumbilla, J.3.8.

Murrumbogie, G.5.0.

Murrumbong, 0.5.C.

Murrumbong, H.5.C.

Murrumbucca, J.9.A.

Murrum Valley, C.7.B.

Murrungundy, H.5.8.

Murrungundy, J.5.A.

Murtee, C.4.C.

Murulla, 1(.4.C.

Muttabun, G.2.B.

Muttama, H.7.D.

Muzzlebrook, J.8.D.

Myall, F.4.C.

Myall, F.8.B.

Myall, G.3.0.

Myall, H.2.C.

Myall, 1(.1.0.

Myall, L.4.C.

Myalla, H.6.C.

Myalla, J.9.A.

Myall Creek, 1(.2.C.

Myall Downs, I<. I.C.

Myall Mundi, G.4.C.

Myall Park, E.7.0.

Myall Park, G.6.B.

Myall Park, H.3.A.

Myall Park, H.4.0.

Myall Plains, E.8.C.

Myall Plains, G.4.C.

Myall Plains, J.4.0.

Myall Plains, l<.2.0.

Myalls (The), G.3.C.

Myall Vale, J.3.B.

Myall Valley, 1(.2.C.

Myall View, H.4.C.

Myamley, F.5.B.

Myamyn, H.6.0.

Myanblar, H.2.B.

Myandetta, E.3.B.

Mycotha, F.7.D.

Mylonga, 0.7.C.

Mylora, H.7.C.

Mynumi, N.1.0.

Myola, L.4.B.

Myolla, G.4.A.

Myralga, H.2.C.

Myralla, 1(.3. B.

Myrangle, H.5.C.

Myroolia, 0.2.c.

Mystery (The), K.4.A.


Nacki Nacki, G.8.8.

Nally Enya, lf.4.0.

Nalungaloo, G.6.8.

Namoi Park, l<.3.C.

Namoi View, H.3.A.

Nampoo, A.6. D.

Nampoo, A.7.A.

Nanangroe, H.7.0.

Na:ndai, K.7.A.

Nandillyah, h.6.8.

Nandoo, H.3.0.

Nandoura, l<.5.8.

Nanena, J.6.C.

Nangara, 0.4.B.

Nangarah, l<.3.8.

Nangerybone, F.5.8.

Nangunnia, E.8.C.

Nangus, G.8.8.

Nanima, H.5.C.

Nanima. H.6.0.

Nani ma, J.8.A.

Napier, J.4.A.

Nap Nap, 0.7.0.

Napperby, J.4.8.

Naradhan, F.6.0.

Naradhup, E.6.0.

Naranghi, E.8.C.

Narba. J.2.0.

Nardoo, E.;/.C.

Narceba, J.2.0.

Nareen, E.7.C.

Narelle, L.3.C.

Nargoon, H.8.A.

Nariah, F.6.C.

Narlga, 0.8.8.

Naroo, L.4.0.

Naroogal, H.5.C.

Naroola, J. I .C.

Narra Allen. H.7. 8.

Narrabeen, J.9.0.

Narraburra. G.7.8.

Narragundy, J.5.0.

Narran, J.5.A.

Narrandera Park, F.7.0.

Narran Point, G.3.8.

Narraway, H.3.0.

Narrawin, G.3. 0.

Narrawong, E.7.0.

Narrengullen, H.7.C.

Narringa, E.7.A.

Narromine, H.5.A.

Narrow Plain, F.8.0.

Narwarre, E.3.0.

Narwonah, H.5.A.

Nattle Valley, E.8.A.

Natue, 0 .6.C.

Naughton, Wm., 0.5.8.

Navarino, 0.9.8.

Nawraine, F.8.A.

Nealy, F.4.8.

Nearo. J.2.0.

N ebea. H .3.C.

Nebca South, H.3.C.

Nebo, H.3.0.

Necarboo, 0.5.8.

Needle Park {or Rooyah). L.3.A.

Needlewood, J. I .C.

Needlewood, L.2.A.

Neenee, J.2.8.

Neila, H.6.C.

Neild, Jun., C.7.C.

Neimur Park, C.8.8.

Neinby, G.4.8.

Neinby, H.4.A.

Nekarboo, J.1.0.

Nelgourie, H.3.0.

Nelie Garra, 8.5.8.

Nellie Vale, E.2.0.

Neilie’s Springs. E.2.C.

Nollieville, G.4.0.

Nelson’s Plains, L.s.c.

Nelyambo, 0.4.A.

Nelyambo, 0.4.C.

Neotsfleld, J.2.D.

Neotsfleld, L.5.0.

Neptune, 0.8.C.

Neringla. J.8.C.

Nerstane, L.3.0.

Nesowa, G.3.B.

Netallie, C.4.0.

Netherby, A.7.8.

Netherby, H.3.A.

Netley, A.5.C.

Neumerrimang, H.8.0.

Neurea, H.5.C.

Nevada, 1(.3.B.

Never Ory, G.3.8 .

New Amegh, G.3.0 .

New Babinda, F.4.C.

New Bank, H.3.C.

New Berida, H.4.C.

Newbold, M.2.C.

New Breelong, H.4.C.

New Carabobala, G.8.0.

New Curban, H.4.C.

Newenden, L.3.A.

Newe Park, H.4.0.

Newfoundland, 0.3.C.

New Freugh, L.5.0.

New Gate. F.7.0.

New Gulargambone, H.4.A.

New Gunningbar, G.4.C.

New Gunyerwarildi, l<.2.A.

Newhaven, J.I.C.

Newhaven Park, H.7.8.

Newholme, F.2.C.

Newholme, L.3.B. •

Ne1¥holme, M. 1.0.

New House, 8.6.A.

Newington, H.7.0.

New Italy, N.2.A.

Newlands, G.6.A.

Newman & Yaunsem, M.2.A.

New Marangle (Block A,). H.8.0.

New Marangle ( Block 8.) H.9.A.

Newmarket, 0.7.A.

New Merrigal, H.4.0.

New Mungyer, J.2.0.

Neworra, H.4.A.

Newpark, F.7.0.

New Park (M. & U.), F.7.0.

New Park ( Looby’s), G.5.C.

New Park, G.6.8.

Newport. J.2.B.

New Prospect. H.2.0.

Newrea Est., H.5.C.

Newstead, H.3.0.

Newstead, J.6.C.

Newstead, I<. I. D.

Newstead North, L,2.0.

Newstead South, L.2.0.

New Station, G.2. B.

New Tabratong, G.4.C.

Newton Boyd, M.2.0.

Newtown, G.3.C.

Neyliona, E.7.C.

Nianbah, H.4.B.

Nidgery, F.3.C.

Nil Desperandum, E.2.A.

Nilgie (Lower), H.2.B.

Nillera. E.4.C.

Nilma, H.3.A.

Nimagee, F.4.0.

Nimbin, N.1.0.

Nimby, H.7.0.

Nimby, H.7.0.

Nimby, J.7.A.

Nimmo, H.9.8.

Ni ngawalla, E.2. 0.

Ningear, H.3.0.

Ningie Plains, G.3.C.

Nitholme, J.9.A.

Nithsdale, J.8.C.

Nobby’s Lagoon, G.6.0.

Nobby Park, J.9.C.

Nocoleche, 0.2.0.

Nogaigar, M.2.8.

Nombi, J.4.B.

Nombi ( Mt.). J.4.8.

Nombinnie, E.6.A.

Nonda, 1(.3.0.

Noola. A.6.D.

Noonah Vale, J.2.A.

Noonbah, G.4.B.

No. I Coreen, G.4.0.

Noorebar, J. I .C.

Noorong. 0.8.A.

Norah Bend, C.8.A.

Noreen (Old Burren), H.2.C.

Norman Vale, l{.3.C.

Norongo, J.8.0.

Northam, l<.3.D.

Northam, 1(.4.D.

North Berrembed, F.7.C.

North Boonoke, F.8.A.

North Bunarba, J.r.o.

North Brundah, H.6.0.

North Condobolin. G.5.D.

Northcourt, K.4.0.

North Cower, G.6.A.

North Cuerindi, K.3.C.

North Dale, C.8.8.

North Dean, D.8.A.

North East Roto, E.6.A.

North Euabalong, F.5.D.

North Kolkibertoo, F .6.C.

North Logan, H.6.C.

North Malonga, F.6.C.

N1rth Merrowie, E.6.A.

North Newstead, L.2.D.

North Nowley, J.2.D.

North Quanury, G.7.A.

North Stud Park, E.7.C.

North Peak, F.5.A.

North Tumbulgum, N.1.A.

North Tuppal. E.8.D.

North Wakool, D.8.A.

North Whoey, F.5.0.

North Windoo Est., G.8.A.

North Yanco, F.7.D.

North Yarraman, l{.4.D.

North Yat!iong, E.8.8,

No. 7, K.2.8.

Norwood, C.7.D.

Norwood, E.8.0.

Norwood, L.5.C.

Notley. w .. M.4.8.

Nowendoc. L.4.C.

Nowley, J.2.D.

Nowley (Lower), J.3.A.

Nowley North, J.2.0.

Nowranie, F.8.A.

Noyeau, H.6.C.

North Lynne, H.3.8.

Nubba, H.7.A .

Nubrygyn, J.5.D.

Nullabah, G.4.C.

Nullauong, 0.7.8.

Nullamanna, L.2.0.

Nullawa, G.2.8.

Numba, l{.7.C.

Number I. M.4.0.

Nurnbla, H.9.C.

Numbugga, J.9.C.

Numby, J.7.A.

Numerella, J.9.C.

Nundah, L.3.0.

Nundora, A.3.C.

Nundoro, 8.3.0.

Nuneham Park, J.6.0.

Nungar. H.8.C.

Nungatta, J.9.0.

Nungeroi, K.2.A.

Nuntherungie, 8.3.0.

Nyang, D.8.A.

Nyingay, D.7.C.

Nymagee, F .5.A.

Nymboida, M.2.C.

Nymboida (0. Maxwell), M.2.C.

Nymboida (G. R. & F. W. Ellis), M.2.C.

Nyngan East, G.4.0.

Nyrang, H.6.8.

Oakbank, A.6.C.

Oakbank, C.8.8.

Oakbourne, H.3.8.

Oakburn, H.6.8.

oakdene, C.7.8.

Oakey Creek, J.4.C.

Oakey Creek, J.5.0.

Oakey Creek, L.2.A.

Oakfield, L.4.0.

Oak Hill, F.8.8.

Oak Hill, J.8.A.

Oak Hills, G.8.B.

Oak Hills, J.8.B.

oakhurst, G.6.C.

Oakhurst. l<.1.0.

Oakland, K.4.A.

Oaklands, l<.4.0.

Oaklands, l{.7.B.

Oak Lea, l{.2.A.

Oaklea, l<.6.C.

Oakleigh, F .3.A.

Oakleig h, H .3.A.

Oakleigh, H.4.C.

Oakleigh, K.5.0.

Oaklyn, K.4.C.

Oak Park, L.2.C.

Oakridge, E.8.A.

Oak Ridge, L.3.8.

oaks, H.3.0.

Oaks (The), G.7.C.

Oaks (The), l<.3.A.

Oaks (The), l{.3.B.

Oaks (The), K.5.B.

Oaks (The), L.5.B.

Oakstand, H.3.0.

Oakvale, F.3.C.

Oakvale, J.3.B.

Oak Vale, J.8.0.

Oakvale, J.9.A.

Oak Vale, K.4.C.

Oakvale, M.I.D.

Oak View. F.8.8.

Oakwood, H.4.C.

Oakwood, K.3.B.

Oakwood, L.2. D.

Oakwood, M.2.D.

Oban, L.3.B.

Oban S.S., J.4.C.

Obella, H.5.C.

Oberne, G.8.B.

Oberon, C.8.8.

Oberwells, C.6.B.

0.8.X. Creek, M.2.C.

Ocean View, K.8.A.

Ohio, L.3.C.

Oisemont, L. 1.0.
O.K.. K.2.A.

Old Bangaroo, H.6.C.

Old Berrigan, E.R.C.

Old Biam6iT, J.4.D.

Old Bobadeen, J .5.B.

Old Bonalbo, M. I.C.

Old Burren, H.2.C.

Old Camp, J.7,A.

Old Carabobala, G.8.D.

Old Castle, J.5.B.

Old Cathundral, G.4.C.

Old Dubbo. H.5.8.

Old Edgeroi, J.3.B.

Old Gillendoon, G.4.C.

Old Gnalta Stn., 8.4.B.

Old Gnomery, G.2.A.

Old Gunningbar, G.4.C.

Oldham Point, C.7.C.

Old Koreelah, M. I.A.

Old Maraglo, H.8.D.

Old Morago, 0.8.B.

Olino, E.4.1!.

Olive Downs Stn., A.2.B.

Olivers, H.6.C.

Olives (The), F.8.C.

Ollalulla & Mt. Elrlngton, J.8.8.

Ollera, L.3.8.

Olsland, L.4.A.

Omagh, G.5.8.

Onepah, 8.2.A.

One Tree, 8.2.0.

Oolembeyan. E.7.D.

Ooma, H.6.0.

Oondoroo. G.~.D.

Ophara Station, A.5.A.

Opposum Plain, G.8.B.

Opossum Poi”t, H.8.D.

Oranda, D.5.0.

Orandumbie, L.4.B.

Orange Grove, C.6.C.

Orange Grove, F.8.A.

Orange Grove, K.3.B.

Orange Grove, M.3.B.

Orange Grove, M.4.C.

Orange Plains, G.5.A.

Oranmore, J.5.A.

Oree!, J.2. o.

Oregon. l<.2.8.

Ormonde, G.5.B.

Orroral. H.8.C.

Orton Park, 1(.1.C.

Osaca, C.2.A.

Osaca Bore, c.2.0.

Osborne, J.6.B.

Ossory, G.5.8.

Osterley Downs, E.4.C.

Ottamildl, K.2.A.

Otterburn, H.7.C.

Otterndorf, H.3.0.

Ottley, K.2.8.

Ottley (Mt.), 1(.2.B.

Dura, G.8.8.

Dural, H.3.0.

Ournie, G.8.C.

ournie Creek, G.8.C.

Ouyan, 1(.3.B.

Overdale, G.7.C.

Overflow (The), F.5.8.

Overflow (The), G.4.C,

Overton, K.5.B.

Overton, M. I.C.

Overton Park, F.ll.A.

Ovesky, K.5.B.
Owerone, 1(.5.A.

Oxley, D.7.A.

Oxley Park, G.4.C.


Packham, C. L., G.5.A.

Packsaddle Station, A.3.C.

Pack’s Grant, H.6.C.

Packwood, J.8.B.

Paddington, E.5.A.

Paika, C.7.A.

Paintsfield, L.3.B.

Paisley, F .2.B.

Paisley, J.2.c.

Palaera, K.3.B.

Palapah, 0.5.D.

Palbinuo and Boraig, H.8.D.

Palesthan. f.5.C.

Pallal, l<.2. D.

Pallarang, J. I .c.

Pall is Hill, L.3.C.

Palmdale, L.6.A.

Pampas, H.3.B.

Pan Ban, C.6.A.

Pancake, G.3.D.

Pangee, F.4.C.

Panuora. H.6.B.

Para, B.6. D.

Paradise, E.6.C.

Paradise Creek, L.2.D.

Paradise East, L.2.D.

Parema, K.4.D.

Paringa, G.4.C.

Park (New), M. & U., f.7.0.

Park (New), G.6.B.

Park (Newe), H.4.D.

Park Est.. 0.7.C.

Park Hill, F.8.B.

Parmidman, H.4.B.

Parson’s Creek, H.7.D.

Partington, A. P., J.8.B.

Patiola, o.s.c.

Paupong, H.9.C.

Payer a, F .2.B.

Peach Tree, M.5.A.

Peak ( North). F.5.A.

Peak (The), F .6.0.

Peak (The). H.9.B.

Peaka, B.6.D.

Peak View,

Pee Dee, M.3.D.

Peel River Co.’s Est., K.4.B.

Peep-of• Day, G.5.A.

Pelican, J.7.C.

Pellerne, 1(.3.0.

Pembelgong, E.7.D.

Pembrook, H.3.A.

Penally, H.4.B.

Pendarvis, J.6.A .

Pendennis, J.3.A.

Penryn, K.3.D.

Pentlands, K.4.C.

Peoria, H.2.A.

Pepperbox, K.2.B.

Pepperbox (J. Lucas), K.2.C.

Perricoota, 0.8.C.

Peter (Mt.), G.8.A.

Pevensey, 0.7.B.

Phillips Creek, L.5.B.

Phils River, J.7.B.

Phoenix Park, L.5.C.

Piallaway, K.4.B.

Piambong, J.5.0.

Pibroch, 0.7.A.

Plbbon, J.4.D.

Pickering, K.5.B.

Pickers, J.7.A.

Pidgee, J.2.D.

Piedmont, K.3.B.

Piercefield, K.5.B.

Pier Pier, G.3.C.

Piersby Hall, K.2.C.

Plgeonbah, G.4.C.

Pike Pike, 0.8.A.

Pileabutta, J.4.C.

Pillicawarrina, G.3.C.

Pilton, J.4.B.

Plndari, L.2.D.

Pindera, B.2.C.

Pindiml, M.5.D.

PlneallY. A.3.A.

Pine Brush, L.5.C.

Pine Cliff, 1(.4.A.

Pine Clump, A.4.A.

Pinegobla, H.2.A.

Pine Grange, C.7.C.

Pine Grove. D.8.C.

Pine Grove, E.6.A.

Pine Grove, E.8.D.

Pine Grove, E.8.C .

.-111t1 u,uvc, r.o.M-,

Pine Grove. F.8.B.

Pine Grove, G.4.0.

Pine Grove, H.6.A.

Pine Groves, E.8.A.

Pine Hill, D.8.C.

Pine Hill, E.8.B.

Pine Hill, J.6. D.

Pine Hill, J.7.A.

Pine Hills, E.8.D.

Pine Hills, H.7.C.

Pine HIlls, J.6,A.

Pine Hills, K.2.A.

Pine Leigh, H.S.A.

Pine Lodge, C.8.B.

Pine Lodge, E.8.D.

Pine Lodge, H.4.0.

Pine Park, E.6.C.

Pine Park, E.6.D.

Pine Park, J.5.D.

Pine Point, A.5.B.

Pine Ridge, E.6.A.

Pine Ridge, H.7.B.

Pine Ridge, J.4.C.

Pine Rise, E.8.B.

Pines (The), F.8.B.

Pines (The), G.6.B.

Pines (The), H.4.D.

Pines (The), J.5.B.

Pines (The), J.9.D.

Pines (The), l<.9.A.

Plnevale, C.6.C.

Pine Vale, f.7.A.

Pine Vale, H.4.C.

Pine View, G.3.B.

Pine View, H.4.0.

Pinewood, D.8.B.

Pinnacle, H.6.D.

Pinnacle (The), H.S.B.

Pi ri II i e, E.2. D.

Plain (Back), K.3.B.

Plain Camp, J.4.B.

Plain (Lake), H.9.B.

Plain (Little), H.8.B.

Plain (Little), H.8.A.

Plain (Little), J.S.C.

Plain (Little), J.9.D.

Plain (Little), J.8.D.

Plain (The), 1(.3.A.

Plains (Little), J.8.D.

Plains (The), G.4.D.

Plains (Tho), Yugilbar,

M. I .C.

Plain View, G.4.C.

Plain View, H.3.B.

Plain View, H.3,B.

Plain View, J.3.C.

Plantation, J.2.A.

Plashett, K.5.B.

Platina, G.5.D.

Pleasant (Mt.), E.6.A.

Pleasant (Mt.), F.8.B.

Pleasant (Mt.), H.9.B.

Pleasant {M ‘ ), J.5.D.

Pleasant {Mt.), J.6.B.

Pleasant (Mt.), J.7.A.

Pleasant {Mt.), L.I.C.

Pleasant (M1). M.3.D.

Pleasant Valley, F.7.0.

Pleasant View, H.9.C.

Pleasant View, J.7.A.

Pleasant View, J,9.D.

Plentyana. F ,8. D.

Plenty Farm. H.6.C.

Plevna, G.5.C.

Plummer, w.. M.3.C.

Plumthorpe, K.3.A.

Pockataroo, H.2.c.

Poddy Hut, J.9.D.

Poggie, l<.5.A.

Point (The), H.7.0.

Polar Fogal, L.4.C.

Polidori, J. I .C.

Polio, B.6.A.

Pollen Creek, C.7.B.

Pollybrewon, G.3.B.

Polocara, 0.3.D.

Pomeroy, J.7.C.

Po mi ngalarra, G,8.A.

Pomona, H.5.C.

Poole (Mt.). A.2.C.

Poon, C.7.0.

Ponn Boon, C.8.A.

Poolamacca, A.4.A.

Poplar Grove, G.4.D.

Poplar Hill, J.7.A.

Popilta, A.6.8.

Popinguy, K.2.A.

Poverty Vale, E.6.B.

Prairie, J.2.8.

Prairie Lands, G.6.B.

Prairie Lodge, D.6.C.

Prairie Park, F .8.A,

Prairie Park, L.2.0.

Prairies (The), l<.3.0.

Prairy Vale, J.4.8.

Prattenville, E.3.8.

Premer, J.4.C.

Presteign, G.7.8.

Pretoria, J.3.8.

Pretoria, l<.2.8.

Pril Park, 8.7.C.

Primley, L.3.A.

Primrose Farm, E.2.C.

Prior, E. V., M.4.8.

Priory (The), F.5.A.

Prospect. F.7.8.

Prospect, 1(.2.A.

Prospect, L.3.C.

Prospect (New), H.2.0.

Prungle, 8.7.8.

Puah, C.8.8.

Puckawidgee, E.8.A.

Pullaming, l<.4.A.

Pullinga, F.5.C.

Pullitop, G.8.A.

Pulpulla, E.4.A.

Purlawaugh, J.4.8.

Purlewah. 1(.4.8.

Purliwa, J.3.A.

Purnawilla, C.4.8.

Pylara, J.a.e.

Pylara, J.8.B.

Pyramul (Upper), J.5.C.


Quabathoo, G.3.0.

Quambone, G.3.C.

Quam bone (Lower), G.3.C.

Quambi, ‘A.6.C.

Quanda, H.4.8.

Quandangs, A.5.8.

Quandong, F.8.8.

Quandong, G.7.0.

Quandong Park, F.7.A.

Quandona Park, H.4.0.

Quandry, G.7.A.

Quandary, G.7 .A.

Quandry North, G.7.A.

Quandry South, G.7.A.

Quantambone, F.2.C.

Quarry Hill, 8.5.A.

Quartz Reefs, A.4.C.

Quat Quatta, F .8.C.

Queel Queel, E.7.A.

Queensborough, J.4.C.

Queen’s Pinch, J.5.C.

Quiamong, E.8.A.

Quilbone, G.3.0.

Quinburra, J.9.0.

Quinyambi Station, A.3.A.

Quondah, 1(.4.C.

Quondong, G.7.0.


Raby, G.4.C.

Raby, K.6.C.

Raeburn, H.5.A.

Raeburn, J.7.0.

Raglan, L.5.B.

Rainham, J.6.B.

Rainville, H.4.C.

Rallima, H.5.A.

Ramornie, M.2.C.

Ramornie Meat Works, M.2.C.

Rampsbeck, M.3.A.

Ranch. J.8.B.

Ranch (The), F.4.C.

Ranch (The), 1(.3. 0.

Randwick Park, K.5.C.

Range (The), 1(.4.8.

Range (The), L.3. D.

Rangemore, 0.8.A.

Ranaemore (A. Chalmers), 0.8.A.

Rangemore (J. Flight), 0.8.A.

Rangers Valley, L.2.C.

Rangiri, K.3.D.

Ratak, M.2.A.

Rathden, H.7.0.

Ravensfield, D.6.C.

Ravensworth L.5.A

Ravensworth D 7 D

Ravensworth, J.7.0.

Rawden, J.5.C,

Rawdon Vale, L.4.C.

Rawsonville, H.5.A.

Rayland, H.3.D.

Raymond, J. A., M.3.8.

Razorback, J.6,B.

Redan, A.5.B.

Red Bank, H.7.0.

Redbraes, K.4.C.

Redcliffe, C,7.0.

Reddanville &. Wllgar Glen,


Redford, l<.7 .A.

Red Hill, H.8.A,

Redhill &. Ellmore, H.7,A.

Redlands, H.6,C.

Reedy, G.5.C.

Reedy Creek, H.7.C.

Reedy Creek, L.3.B.

Reedy Creek, L.4.A.

Reedy Corners, G,4.8.

Reedy Point, B.6.A.

Reevesdale, J.7.C.

Restdown, F.6.C.

Restdown, F.6.C.

Restirling, 0.9.8.

Restdown, F.4.0 ..

Retford Springs, L.2.A.

Retreat, G.3.0.

Retreat, G.4.0.

Retreat, G.7.C.

Retreat, (.3.D.

Retreat (The), F.4.C.

Rheinberger, C., J.9.C.

Rhyl, G.6.8.

Rhyne Falls, H.9.B.

Ribbonwood, J.5.C.

Richlands, J.7.B.

Richmond Grove, K.5.8.

Ridgelands, K.5.B.

Ridgelands or Turee Vale, J.4.C.

Ridgemount, L.2.C.

Ridge (The), C.6.C.

Ridgery, K.4.A.

Rimbanda, L.3.0.

Ringhra, G.4.8.

Ringwood, F.7.0.

Ringwood, F.8.0.

Ringwood, G.6,A.

Ringwood, 1(.5,A.

Rio Park, H.2.C.

Rise (The), E.6.C.

Ritchie. H. B., J.9.C.

River Bend, L. 1.0.

Riversdale, C.8.8.

Riversdale, E.7.0.

Riversdale, E.8.B.

Riversdale, G.4.D.

Riversdale, J.4.0.

Riversdale, K.3.0.

Riverslea, H.6.C.

Riversleigh, l<.2.A.

Riverside, 0.8.A.

Riverside, 0.8.8.

Riverside, E.7.0.

Riverside, H.4.C.

Riverstone, M.2.C.

Riversvale, G.3.8.

Riverview, C.7.C.

River View, 0.8.A.

Riverview, G.3,A.

River View, H.4.C.

River View, H.9.C.

River View, J.8.B.

Riverview, J.9.D.

Roachdale, G.8.0.

Road View, H.5.A.

Roamville, L.4.8.

Robinson, G., M.4.D. •

Rock (The), G.8.A.

Rock (The), J.9.A.

Rock Alibey, L,3.B.

Rockdale, L.2.B.

Rockdell, J.6.0.

Rock Forrest, J.6.A.

Rockgedgiel, J.4.C.

Rock Hill, L.5.A.

Rocklands, L.4.0.

Rockleigh, 1(.5.0.

Rockleigh, L.2.0.

Rockley, K(.4.C.

Rock Lodge, J.9.D.

Rockmire, K.3.B.

Rockmore, K.3.B.

Rockmount, J.4.A.

Rocks (The), F.2.C.

Rocks (The), J.6.A.

Rockton, J.7.A.

Rockvale, K.4.A.

Rockvale, L.4.A.

Rock Vale, L.3.B.

Rockview, G.7.0.

Rock View, E.8.C.

Rock Villa, 1(.3.C.

Rockwell, E.8.C.

Rockwell, J.3.0.

Rockwood, L.a.c.

Rockwood, J.7.A.

Rocky Creek, K.3.A.

Rocky Creek, L.2.A.

Rocky Glen, H.8.A.

Rocky Plain, H.9.B.

Roeta, E.6.A.

Rogers, F .s.c.

Hollands Plains, M.4.B.

Roma, J.3.A.

Roma. J.4.A.

Roman, R., E.2.0.

Rookery (The), 0.7.D.

Rookery (The), F.4.0.

Rookwood, E.7.A.

Rooyah & Needle Park, L.3.A.

Rosalynd Park, C.6.C.

Roscommon, L.2.B.

Roscrea, J.4.0.

Rose bank { G. Hare), D.8.A.

Rosebank {R. Redfearn). D.8.A.

Rosebank, F.8.B.

Rose Bank, H:6.A.

Rosebank, L.5.C.

Rosebank, N.1.0.

Roseberry, r.1. I. B.

Rosebrook, J.9.A.

Rosedale, 0.3. D.

Rosedale, E.3.A.

Rosedale, F .4.C.

Hoseaale. F .7.C.

Rosedale, G.4.C.

Rosedale, J.6. D.

Rosedale, K.4.0.

Rosedale, K.5.A.

Rosedale, K.7.D.

Rose Green, G.7.C.

Rosehill, F .4.C.

Rose Hill, G.5.C.

Rose Hill, G.7.C.

Rosehill, H.3.A.

Rose Hill, H.5.0.

Rosehill, J.3.A.

Rosehill, J.4.D.

Rose Hill, 1(.3.B.

Rose Hill, L.2.C.

Roseland, K.2.A.

Roselea, G.7.B.

Rosemount, H.8.A.

Rosemount, J.9.0.

Roseneath, G.5.C.

Roseneath, K.2.A.

Roseneath, L.2.A.

Roseneath & Ulamogo, H.4.C.

Rosevale, D.7.C.

Rosevale, F.7.C.

Rosevale, F.7.0.

Rosevale, G.7.C.

Rosevale, H.4.C.

Rosevale, K 6.0.

Rose Valley, K.3.B.

Roseville, C.8.B.

Roseville, L.2.0.

Rosewood, E.6.A.

Rosewood, F.7.0.

Rosewood, G.5.B.

Rosewood, G.5.C.

Rosewood, H.4.B.

Rosewood, J.4.B.

Rosewood, J.3.B.

Rosewood, J.3.C.

Rosewood, J.7.A.

Rosewood, K.1.0.

Roslyn, H .2.c.

Roslyn, J.5.0.

Roslyn, J.7.C.

Roslyn, J.9.D.

Rossgole, K.5.B.

Ress Hill, L.3.A.

Rossmore, F.3.A.

Rossmore. J.3.A.

Ross Soden, F.7.D.

Rothbury, J.3.A.

Rothbury, L.5.0.

Rotherfield, G.8.0.

Rotherwood, J.4.C.

Rotherwood, J.8. B.

Rotherwood, K.4. D.

Rothesay, H.3.B.

Rothiemay, E.8.C.

Rothsay, K.3.D:

Roto, E.6.A.

Roto (North• East), E.6.A.

Roumalla, L.3.0.

Round Hill, J.6.A.

Round Hill, J.6.B.

Reund HIii, G.8.0.

Round Plain, C.6.C.

Round Swamp, J.3.B.

Round Swamp, L.4.B.

Rous Mill, N.t.O.

Rowlands, C.7.C.

Royalla, J.8.D.

Ruby, G.6.A.

Ruby Hills, L.3.0.

Rudds Point. E.7.A.

Rugby, H.7.B.

Rules Point, H.8.C.

Rules Point, H.8.C.

Runnymede, F.3.C.

Runnymede, N.1.0.

Rushbrook, H.7.C.

Russley, t<.s.B.

Rutherglen, L.4.A.

Ryan, M., 1(.8.D.

Rye Park, L.3.A.

Ryhola, 0.8.A.


St. Andrews, 0.6.0.

St. Andrews Park, H.3.0.

St. Aublns, K.5.B.

St. Aubyns, L.4.B.

St. Clair, L.5.A.

St. Elmo, K.4.0.

St. Elmo, L.2.A.

St. Helena, J.2.D.

St. Heliers, L.5.A.

St. Heliers, K.5.B.

St. Mungo, C.6.0.

St. Omer, J.8.B.

St. Pauls, D.7.0.

St. Pine, E.7.A.

Salau, O., C.8.B.

Salisbury Downs, C.2.D.

Salisbury, J.7.A.

Salisbury, 1(.4.D.

Salisbury Court, L.3.C.

Salisbury Park, F.3.A.

Sallys Flat, J.5.C.

Salmon VIiia, H.6.C.

Salt Box, H.7.C.

Salt Bush, G.4.A.

Salt Glen, G.3.A.

Sandalwood, G.6.0.

Sandgate (Gundimungidell), H.4.A.

Sandholes, J. I .C.

Sandhurst, J.3.A.

Sandilands, M. I .c.

Sandringham, G.4.D.

Sandside, F.8.A.

Sandy Camp, G.3.C.

Sandy Creek, G.6.C.

Sandy Creek, G.8.A.

Sandy Creek, J.7.A.

Sandy Creek, M.3.A.

Sandy Creek Bore, A.3.C.

Sandy Valley, E.7.B.

Sanpah. A.3.A.

Santa Paula, G.4.B.

Sapphire, L.2.0.

Saros, H.4.C.

Satur, 1(.5.B.

Saumarez, L.3.C.

Saunders, R. J .. M.4.B.

Savernake. E.8.C.

Sawyer Gully, l<.3.B.

Scarsdale, B.5.A.

Scott’s Creek, N.1.B.

Scrubby Range, F.6.D.

Secombe, W. E., M.4.B.

Sebastopol, G.s.c.

Sedarton, H.8.B.

Sefton Park, H.2.D.

Segenhoe. 1(.5.B.

S. E. l<ing, 0.8.D.

Selma, B.6.A.

Selma, 0.8.C.

Sentry Box, K.3.B.

Serpentine, M.3.A.

Sesbania, H.2.C.

Seven Oaks, M.3.C.

Severn Farm, L.2.C.

Severn Vale, L.2.C.

Sevington, L.2.0.

Shannon Harbour. l<.3.0.

Shannon Vale, L.2.C.

Sheep Hills, 0.6.A.

Sheep Station Creek, H.7.C.

Shepherds Creek. J.5.0.

Shiel, H.6.C.

Shiloh, F.8.D.

Shirley, H.5.B.

Shirley, J.9.0.

Shookeroo, G.8.C.

Sidon,a, 0.7.B.

Silent Dale, H.4.B.

Silent Dale, J.4. 0.

Silverdale, A.4.0.

Silver Hill, J.8.D.

Silver Pines, F .8.A.

Silverton, L.3.C.

Silverwoods, E.7.C.

Sine Hills, H.7.C.

Sing, C.8.B.

Singapore. 1(.2.0.

Singoramba, E.7.D.

Six Mile Fiat. J.8.B.

Skellater. l<.S.B.

Skibo, M.4.D.

Skiffal, L.3.A.

Slamanon, C.5.B.

Slapdash, J.5.B.

Smeaton Park, D.8.B.

Smeaton Park, E.7.A.

Smith, E.5.C.

Snodgrass, H.9.C.

Snodgrass ( Mckay Bros), H .9.C.

Snodgrass (W. Preston), H.9.C.

Snowball, H.8.A.

Snowdon, 1(.4.B.

Snow Vale, H.9.B.

Snow Vale, H.9.C.

Sogiio, J.8.D.

Somerset, 1(.2.D.

Somerset, M.4.0.

Somerset Park, F.7.D.

Somerton, J.8.B.

South Berry Jerry, f.8.B.

South Bukalong, J.9.D.

South Bunarba, J.2.A.

South Grawlin, G.2.C.

South Gundebri, 1(.5.B.

South lta, A.5.0.

South Micabil, G.6.A.

South Nebea, H.3.C.

South Newstead, L.2.0.

South Quandry, G.7.A.

South Tuppal, E.8.D.

South Urana. F.8.A.

South Wangamong, F.8.0.

South Yalgogrin, F.7.B.

South Yathong, E.8.B.

Speculation Lake, B.5.A.

Spicers Hut, E.3.C.

Spire View, J.4.A.

Spraydon. F.8.A.

Spring Bank, F.8.A.

Springbank, J.8.A.

Spring Creek, H.4.B.

Spring Creek, H.5.A.

Spring Creek, J.4.A.

Spring Creek, J.5.B.

Spring Creek, l<.3.C.

Springdale, o.s.D.

Springdale, G.8.D.

Springdale. H .8.A.

Springdale, J.5.A.

Springdale, L. I.C.

Springfield. D.6.0.

Springfield, D.8.D.

Springfield, E.4.0.

Spri ngfleld, E.8.C.

Springfield, H.7.B.

Springfield, H.7.C.

Spring Field, J.5.B.

Springfield, J.6.A.

Springfield, J.7.C.

Springfield, J.7.D.

Spring Field, J.9.D.

Springfield, K.2.B.

Spring Field, K.5.A.

Springrove, J.8.B.

Springlawn. J.6.0.

Spring Gully, G.8.A.

Springmount, L.3.B.

Spring Park, E.2.A.

Spring Park, G.9.A.

Spring Park, H.7.A.

Spring Plain, D.8.B.

Spring Plain, J.2.D.

Spring Plains, H.9.B,

Spring Point, C.7.C.

Spring Ridge, D.8.A.

Spring Ridge, K.4.A.

Springs (The), G.2.B.

Spring~ (The), H.5.C.

Springs (The), J.8.A.

Springs (The), J.9.A.

Spring Vale, G.2.C.

Spring Vale, H.6.C.

Springvale, H.6.C.

Spring Vale (Meppem’s), J.3.B.

Spring Vale, J.4.C.

Spring Vale, J.7.A.

Spring Vale, J.8.D.

Springvale, K.4.C.

Spring Vale, H.9.C.

Spring Vale, H.9.C.

Spring Vale, J.7.A.

Springvale, J.9.0.

Spring Valley, E.8.B.

Spring Valley, K.4.C.

Springville, J.3.B.

Springwell, J.9.A.

Spri ngwood, L.3.A.

Spy Hill, G.6.0.

Square Range, L.2.C.

Stanfield, J.6.D.

Stanford, H.7.B.

Stanford, J.6.A.

Stanhope, L.5.D.

Stansbury, J.3.D.

Steam Plains, E.7.D.

Steam Plains (Yanko Block A.). E.7.D.

Steitson, D.8.A.

Stirling, H.7.A.

Stirling, K.1.0.

Stirling, K.2.B.

Stirling, 1(.2.C.

Stirling Park, D.8.C.

Stobo, L.4.C.

Stockdale, H.7.0.

Stockton, L.3.B.

Stonebrook, L.3.B.

Stonehenge, F.2.C.

Stonehenge, J.9.D.

Stonehenge, L.2.C.

Stonehurst, H.7.D.

Stoney Creek, J.6.B.

Stoney Creek, l<.3.A.

Stonington, F.8.B.

Stonybatter, L.3.A.

Stony Creek, E.4.C.

Stony Creek, J.6.B.

Stony Creek, L.4.0.

Stony Ridge, J.a:c.

Storm, E M., D.8.0.

Stormount, K.3.B.

Strachan, L.2.B.

Straona, E.8.A.

Stratford, J.6.C.

Strathaird, J.7.B.

Strathallen, F.8.B.

Strathalpine, M.1.0.

Strathalyn, G.5.B.

Strathbogie, L.2.A.

Strathclyde, H.2.C.

Strathearn, F.4.B.

Strathearn, G.4.B.

Strathlsla, L.5.A.

Strathmere, F.8.D.

Strath more, G.5.B.

Strathmore, J.2.C.

Strathmore, 1(.2.C.

Strathroy, L.3.A. ‘

Strathvean, G.4.D.

Strathyre, o.8.C.

Streamville, J .6. o.

Stripe (The) . C.4.D.

Strontian, F.7.C.

Strowan, 1(.5.B.

Stuartville, J. I .C,

Stud Park, o.8.B.

Stud Park North, E.7.C.

Sturt ( Mt) A.2.C.

Sturts Meadows, A.4.B.

Success, J.2.B.

Sugaroaf. H.8.B.

Sugarloaf. J 3 P

Suffolk Vale, H.7.B.

Summer Field, H.2.C.

Summerfield, L.4.B.

Summer Hill, F.8.B.

Summer Hill, J.5.B.

Summer Hill, 1(.4.B.

Summer Hill. L.4.B.

Summerlea, G.4.0.

Summerville, J.7 .A.

Sunbury, J.2.8.

Sunbury Plains, F.8.B.

Sundown, E.3.C.

Sunshine Park, F.7.C.

Sunny Clime, H.4.D.

Sunny Dale, A.5.A.

Sunny Pines, E.8.A.

Sunny Plains, H.2.D.

Sunny Ridge, J.6.D.

Sunny Side, G.3.D.

Sunnyside, J.2.D.

Sunnyside, l<.3.C.

Sunnyside, l<.5.A.

Sunnyside, 1(.5.A.

Sunnyside, L.2.C.

Sunnyside, L.2.D.

Sunnyvale, G.4.A.

Sunnyview, J.7.A.

Surbiton. B.5.8.

Surbiton, C.5.A.

Sussex, F .4.A.

Sutherland, A. C., M.4.8.

Sutherland Bros., M.3.C.

Swatchfield, J.6.C.

Swinton, 1(.2.C.

Swamp Oak, L.2.8.

Swamp Oak, L.4.A.

Swan Bay, N.2.A.

Swan Lagoon, F.8.A.

Sydenham, J.6.D.

Sydenham, 1(.3.B.

Sylvania, l<.2.A.

Sylverham, E.6. D.

Sylvia Vale, J.7.A.


Tabletop, G.8.D.

Tabratonu, G.5.B.

Tabratong {New), G.4,C.

Tabulam, 111.1.C.

Tackinbri, 1(.2.A.

Taemas, H.7.C.

Tahlee, M.5.D.

Tala, C.7.8.

Taland, J.I.D.

Talawanta, F .2. B.

Talbarea, J.4.B.

Talbingo, H.8.D.

Talkook, D.8.D.

Tallagandra, J.8.C.

Tallawang, J.5.A.

Tallawanta, J.2.A.

Tallwood, H.3.A.

Talmalmo, G.8.C.

Talmo, H.7.C.

Taloosi, K.5.D.

Taloula, E.3.A.

Taloumbi, N.2.D.

Talyealye, D.2.A.

Tamarang, K.4.C.

Tamban, M.3.C.

Tambua, E.4.A.

Tammit, 8.7.C.

Tanasari, J.9.D.

Tanbury, B.5.D.

Tandora. A.4.C.

Tangley, L.3.B.

Tankerooka, D.4.A.

Tantallon, J.6.A.

Tantangra, H.8.C.

Tantarana, 1(.2.A.

Tapalin, 8.7.B.

Tapio, 8.6.D.

Tara, D.3.C.

Tara. E.8.8.

Tara, F .2.C.

Tara, F.5.D.

Tara. G.7.C.

Tara, L.3. D.

Taradate, J.7.D.

Tara Downs, A.6.C.

Taraganda, J.9.C.

Tara Hall. K.4.D.

Taralbar. F.7.D.

Tarario, C.7.D.

Tarbert, J.2.C.

Tarcoola, 8.6.C.

Tarcoola, L.3.A.

Tarcoon, F.3.8.

Taroutta, G.8.8.

Tareela, K.3.A.

Tareelaroi, K.2.A.

Tarella, 8.3.C.

Tarengo, H.7.8.

Taringo, E.5.A.

Taringo Downs, E.5.A.

Tarlee, J.3.8.

Tarlington, W. D., J.9.B.

Taronga, L.2.8.

Taroo, H .2.C.

Tarrabandra, H.8.A.

Tarrabandra S.S., H.11.A.

Tarraganda, J.9.C.

Tarramia, F.8.D.

Tarriaro. J.3.8.

Tarrion, F.3.8.

Tarro, L.5.C.

Tartlington, H J., J.9.B.

Tartlington, J. H., J.9.8.

Tartna Poi nt. 8.5.D.

Tarweng, D.6.D.

Tarwoona, L. I.D.

Tarwyn Park, K.5.A.

Tasma. H.7.D.

Taylors Plain, K.3.A.

Te Aro, E.7.A.

Tedsworth, L.3.8.

Telba, K.4.A.

Telba, K.4.8.

Telleraga, J.2.D.

Temi. 1(.4.C.

Temora, G.7.8.

Templemore, H.7.B.

Templemore, K.5.A.

Templestowe, F.3.B.

Tenandra (Back). H.4.A.

Tenandra (Mt.), H.4.8.

Tenandra Park, G.8.8.

Tenoin, G.5.8.

Tenterden, L.3.A.

Tenterfield, M.2.A.

Terala, J.2.8.

Terara, 1(.7.C.

Terelea, H.4.A.

Terembone, H.3.C.

Teridgerie, H.3.C.

Terlings, K.2.A.

Terlinjah, 1(.9.A.

Terra, H.5.A.

Terrabella, H.5.8.

Terragong, 1(.5.A.

Terragong, l<.7.8.

Terramungamlne, H.5.B.

Terranion, G.4.D.

Terrell, 1(.4.C.

Terrible Vale, L.3.D.

Terrible Vale West, 1,..3.D.

Terry-Hie-Hie, K.2.0.

Teryawynla. C.5.A.

Tewkesbury, J.3.A.

Texas, L. I. 0.

Thackambie, D.4.A.

Thackaringa, A.5.A.

Thalaka, 0.7.0.

Thalgarrah, L.3.8.

The Avenue, C.4.A.

The Avenue, F.7.0.

The Belars, G.4.0.

The Bluff, F.7.A.

Tho Brae, J.3.A.

Tho Braes, l<.3.C.

Tho Branch, H.5.C.

The Brigalows, G.3.8.

The Brigalows, K.3.A.

The Bulgas, H.4.C.

The Camp, H.5.A.

The Cato, E.2.8.

The Cedars, F .3.8.

The Cedars, G.4.C.

The Corners, G.4.A.

The Cowals, E.4.C.

Tho Creel, H.9.8

The Crown, l<.6.A.

The Cuan, l<.5.8.

The Cubas, 0.6.C.

The Curragh, H.6.C.

The Curragh, J.6.0.

The Dewett, L.4.C.

The Dip, 1(.4.A.

The Downs, 8.2.8.

The Downs, K.2.0.

The Farm, J.6.C.

The Fleurs, 1(.6.C.

The Folley, F.8.8.

The Forest, G.7.C.

The Garnet, J.7.A.

The Gil gar, F .4.C.

The Glen, F.5.8.

The Glen, J.2.A.

The Glen, J.8.8.

The Glen, K.5.0.

The Glen, L.2.8.

The Grange, 0.8.C.

The Grange, H.4.B.

The Grove, 0.8.C.

The Grove, H.7.D.

The Grove, J.6.0.

The Grove, L.3.A.

The Gulf, H.8.C.

The Gullies, l<.6.A.

The Gums, D.8.A.

The Gunyah, H.3.C.

The Hermitage, E.7.A.

The Hermitage, F.4.D.

The Hill, J.8.A.

The Holmes, H.5.C.

The Island, G.6.A.

The Island, G.8.B.

The Junction, J.6.D.

Tfie Knoll, 11.s.B.

The Lagoons, J.5.B.

The Lake, L.4.B.

Thelangerin, 0.7.A,

Thelangerin, 0.7.A.

Thelega & Walkaroo, B.6.A.

The Meadows, A.4.0.

The Meadows, H.5.C.

The Mogadore, J.4.C.

The Mole, G.3.0.

The Myalls, G.3,C.

The Mystery, l<.4.A.

The Oaks, G.7.C.

The Oaks, 1(.3.A.

The Oaks, 1(.3.B.

The Oaks, l<.5-B.

The Oaks, L.5.B.

The Olives, F.8.C.

The Overflow, F.5.B.

The Overflow, G.4.C.

The Peak. F.6.D.

The Peak, H.9.B.

The Pines, F.8.B.

The Pines, G.6.B.

The Pines, H.4.D.

The Pines, J.5.B.

The Pines, J.9.D.

The Pines, l<.9.A.

The Pinnacle, H.5.B.

The Plain. l<.3.A.

The Plains, G.4.0.

The Plains. Yulgilbar. M. I.C.

The Point. H.7.0.

The Prai ri es, l<.3.D.

The Priory, F.5.A.

The Ranch, F.4.C.

The Ranch, l<.3.D.

The Range, H.4.B.

The Range, L.3.D.

The Retreat, F.4.C.

The Ridge, C.6.C.

The Rise, E.6.C.

The Rock, G.8.A.

The Rock. J.9.A.

The Rocks, F.2.C.

The Rocks. J.6.A.

The Rookery, 0.7.D.

The Rookery, F.4.D.

Therrlbri, K.3.0.

The Springs, G.2.B.

The Springs, H.5.C.

The Springs, J.8.A.

The Springs. J.9.A.

The Stripe, C.4.0.

The Troffs, G.5.C.

The Vale, C.6.C.

The Vale, K.5.B.

The Valley, H.s.c .

The Veldt, A.3.C.

The Waterholes, J .8.D.

The Wilderness, L.5.D.

The Wilgas, G.4.C.

The Wllgas, G.6.B.

The Wilaas, H .2.C.

The Willows, E.7.A.

The Willows, E. 8.B.

The Willows, J.7.A.

Thistlebank, C.7.0.

Thistlebout. E.8.C.

Thistle Vale, H.6.B.

Thooloomi, H.3.D.

Thornbro. J.3.B.

Thorndale, F’.4.C.

Thornfleld, K.3.A.

Thornthwaite, l<.4.C.

Thorton, D.8.0 .

Thornton. G.5.B.

Thornydyke, H.3.0.

Throsby Park, 1(.7.D

Thugga, G.8.0.

Thule, 0.8.D.

Thule, E.5.B.

Thurloo, H.4.B.

Thurloo Downs, C.2.A.

Thurlow, 0 .6.B.

Thurrowa, E.8.B.

Tiabundle (Cape), K.3.B.

Tiara. L.4.B.

Tia River, L.4.B.

Tia (Upper), L.4.B.

Tibbereenah, J.3.B.

Tibbuc, L.4.C .

Tidbinbilla, H.8.B.

Tibora, 0.5.C.

Tiengha Reach, L.3.A.

Tilboroo, G.7.C.

Tilbusber, L.3.B.

Tillara, C.7.D.

Tillimby, L.5.C.

Tillsbury HIlls, J.6.C.

Tiltagara, D.4.C.

Tiltagoona, 0.4.B.

Til Til, C.6.C.

Timbery Ranae, J.9.D.

Timbie, H.5.C.

Timbirra, M.2.A.

Timor, L.4.0 .

Tin, C.7.B.

Tinapagee, 0 .2.A.

Tindayrey, E.4.B.

Tinderrys, J. 8.0.

Tin Pot Alley, H.6.0.

Tintarie, H.2.C.

Tintinallogy, C.5.A.

Tiri, M.4.0.

Tirling Park, J.2.B.

Tirranna, J.7.C.

Ti -Tree Creek, G.8. B.

Tiverton, F .4.B.

Tiverton, H.7.B.

Tiverton, J ,4.B.

T. Martin, C.8.B.

Toadalla, L.3.A.

Tocabil, E.6.B.

Tocal, L.s.c.

Toenda, I(. I. D.

Toganmain, E.7.B.

Tolarno, B.5.C.

Tollbar, J.9.A.

Tollembar, E.6.B.

Tolmoi, J.2.B.

Tomago, L.5.C.

Tomalla L.4.A.

Tomalla, L.4. 0 .

Tombong, H.9.C.

Toms Lake, 0.6.C.

Tomki, N. I .D.

Tona, A.6.C.

Tonanbil, H.6.A.

Tonderburine, H.4.B.

Tongala. G.4.D.

Tongamba, G.4.B.

Tongo, C.3.B.

Tongy, J.5.B.

Toogimbie, D.7.0.

Toogong, H.6.B.

Toofamanang, J.5.C.

Toolong, H.9.A.

Tooloom, M.1.0.

Tooloon, H.4.A.

Toolringdon, H.9.B.

Tooma, H.8.D.

Toomoobin, M.2.B.

Toona, G.4.C.

Toonga, G.8.B.

Toora, A.6.C.

Toora. H.3.0.

Toorale, E.3.A.

Toorak, F.3.B.

Toorawandi, J.4.A.

Toorooka, M.3.C.

Toorooloo, J.9.D.

Tootal, F.8.B.

Tootha, G.3.B.

Tooyal, G.8.A.

Topar, A.4.C.

To par, B.4. D.

Top (Mt.), J .9.0.

Top Reed, F.8.B.

Top Wolga, H.4.B.

Torcobil, E.6.A.

Tordown, B.5.D.

Tori, C.7.8.

Torrens Creek, 8.2.A.

Torrie Lodge & Wlngara, K.5.A.

Torwood, F’.2.B.

Toryburn, L.3.A.

Toryburn. L.5.8.

Tosari, F.8.D.

Toucan, G.4.C.

Toulby, F.2.8.

Tourable, H .3. D.

Tourable, J.4.B.

Towal Creek, M.3.0.

Towal Creek, M.3.D.

Towamba, J.10.B.

Tower Hill, 1(.3.B.

Towla, H.2.C.

Towonga, H.3.A.

Towri. H.3.B.

Towri, H.5.C.

Train View, L.3.0.

Tralee, C.7.0.

Tralee, H.5.C.

Tralee, J.8.A.

Tralee, 1(.2.A.

Trangle State Farm, G.<\_.C.

Traversdale, G.6. B.

Trefusis, J. I.C.

Trefusis, L.3.C.

Tregalana, G.6.C.

Tregalana East, G.6.C.

Tregantle, 1(.4.B.

Trelawny, H.2.C.

TreTiawarren, J.6.0.

Tremayne, J.2.C.

Trenayne, L.2.B.

Trevallyn, 1(.3.A.

Trevallyn, L.5.C.

Trevallyn Park, K.2.C.

Trialgara, G.3.0,

Trianbil, J.5.0.

Triangle Flat, J.6.A.

Triangle Flat, J.6.D.

Trickett. G.7.D.

Trida, 0.5.C.

Trida, L,3.0.

Trigalong, G.7.8.

Trigamon, 1(.1.C.

Trigger Vale, F.8.B.

Triggs, A. B., E.5.A.

Trilby Park, H.3.A.

Trinkey, K. 1.0.

Trin key, K.~.A.

Troffs (The}, G.s.c.

Trowel Creek, F.4.C.

Troy, J.2.A.

Tryallion, l<.5.0.

Tubbo, E.7.C.

Tucka Tucka, K. I.C.

Tuckombil, N.2.A.

Tugalong 1(.7.A. .

Tuggranong, J.8.A.

Tugland. H.4.C.

Tulachard, L.2.0.

Tulcumbah, l<.3.0.

Tulia or Berremegad, 0 .8.A.

Tullamore, G.5.C.

Tullarook, G.5.B.

Tullegang, 1(.7.A.

Tulloona. l<.1.0.

Tullymorgan, N.2.A.

Tumbleton, H.7.A.

Tumblong. G.8.B.

Tumbulgum ( North}, N.1.A.

Tunbleton, H.7.A.

Tuncester, N.1.0.

Tuncoona, E.2.C.

Tuppal E.8.0.

Tuppal Creek, E.8.0.

Tuppal North, E.8.D.

Tuppal Park, E.8.D.

Tuppal South, E.8.D.

Tupra, C.7.8.

Tupra, 0.7.A.

Tupra East, 0.7.A.

Tupra West, C.7.B.

Tupurupura, 0.7.B.

Turalla, J.8.A.

Turanville, K.5.B.

Turee, J.3. 0.

Turee, J.4.C.

Turee Vale or Ridgeland,,


Turill. J.5.8.

Turkey Creek, 8.3.C.

Turkey Lagoon, K.I.D.

Turkey Plains, E.8.B.

Turlee, C.6.0.

Twigg, W. P., J.9.D.

Tyalgum, N.1.A.

Tycannah, J.2.C.

Tyndale, N.2.D.

Tynedale, J.9.A.

Tyree!, J.2.B.

Tyrell Creek, M.4.D.

Tyrie. G.5.B.

Tyrone. J.2.C.

Tyrvine, J.9.D.


Uabba, F .6.A.

Uah, G.6.C.

Uardry, E.7.A.

Uki, N. I.A.

Ukolan, K.3.C.

Ulabri J 6 B

Ulah, G.3.8.

Ulamogo & Roseneath, H.4.C.

Uley Park, F.7.C.

Ulimambri, J.4.A.

Uliman. J.4.B.

Ulinda, J.4.D.

Ullamalla, J.5.D.

Ulonma, J.3.C.

Ulong, F.7.A . .

Ulonga, D.7.B.

Uloola.” L.4.D.

Ulumbarella, K.3.A

Ulumbit,, H.3.A.

Ulundi, J:.r:c.

Ulunda, J.4.A.

Ulupna, K.2.B.

Ulva ( Mt.), f.8.A.

Umagarlee, J.5.A.

Umaralla, J.9.A.

Umback, F. & C., J.9.C.

Umbango, G.8.B.

Umbiella, K.6.A.

Undercliffe, M.f.D.

Underwood, L .3.D.

Ungaree. G.6.D.

Unumgar, M.I.B.

Upper Balabla, G.7.8.

Upper Boomfey, J.4.D.

Upper Bumbaldry, H.6.D.

Upper Bundabulla, G.2.D.

Upper Merri Merri, H.4.A.

Upper Pyramul, J.5.C.

Upper Tia, L.4.8.

Upper Wyalong, G.6.D.

Upper Wyalong, No. 2, G.7.A.

Upper Wyalong, No. 3, G.7.A.

Uppingham, H.7.A.

Urah, G.6.A.

Uralba. H.6.B.

Urambie, F.5.D.

Urana, f.8.A.

Urana South, F.8.A.

Urangandie, L.3.B.

Urangeline, F.8.B.

Urangera, J.4.B.

Urawilkie, H.3.C.

Urban Park, H.4.D.

Urella Downs, C.2.D.

Uren. W. R .. M.3.D.

Urbenville, M. I.A.

Urbly, F.7.D.

Uriamukki. L.4.8.

Uriarra. H.8.B.

Urila, J. 8.D.

Urinka, ).6.A.

Uri Park, E.7.C.

Uri Point. F.2.8.

Urisino, C.2.D.

Uri Valley, L.4.D.

Urunaway. E.6.B.

Urungle, H.3.C.


Vale (The), C.6.C.

Vale (The), K.5.8.

Vale Beder, H.7.C.

Vale Head, H.6.B.

Valhalla, G.5.8.

Valle View, J.7.D.

Valley ( Little), F.7.A.

Valley ( Mt.}, K.3.A.

Valley (The), H.5.C.

Valley View, H.5.B.

Vatua, H.3.C.

Veldt (The), A.3.C.

Velyama, 1(.3.D.

Vermont, K.4.8.

Verona, H.4.A.

Vickery’s, 1(.6.C.

Victoria (Lake). A.6.D.

Victoria Park, E,8.C.

Vieta, E.6.A.

View ( Mt.), F.8.8,

View (Mt.) J.4.C.

View ( Mt.}, E.6.A,

View C Mountain), K.5.A.

View ( Mt.), L.3.C.

View ( Mt.), L.4.D,

View ( Mt.), L,5.A.

Village View, J.7.A.

Villila, C.4.D.

Vine Lodge, H.7.B.

Vine Lodge, l<.7.0.

Violet Downs, l{.3.A.

Virginia Water, J.8.8.

Vyrnwy, J.6.D.


Wabbo, J.2.D.

Wagga. H.3.C.

Wagingoberembee, F.7.C.

Wahroonga, 1(.4.A.

Waihemo. H.7.8.

Waiko, D.5.0.

Wai mea, H.3.C.

Wairoa, G.4.8.

Wairoa, J.3.8.

Waitella, G.8.A.

Wakefield, M.~.D.

Wakool North, D.8.A.

Walbrook, J.6.C.

Walbundrie, f.8.C.

Waldaira, E.8.C.

Walhallow, 1(.4.A.

Walhallow, K.4.8.

Walkaroo & Thelega, 8.6.A.

Willabadah, l<.4.C.

Wallaby, D.6.C.

Wallace. M., M.3.C.

Wallace Vale, E.5.8.

Wallah, J.3.8.

Wallah Tappee, J.6.8.

Wallamonbi, M.3.D.

Wallamurra, J.5.C.

Wallanbillian, G.5.8.

Wallangambone, G.3.C.

Wallandool, F .8.C.

Wallangra, 1(.2.8.

Wallangriva, J.7.8.

Wallangrove, J.7.A.

Wallaringa, L.5.8.

Wallaroi, F.6.B.

Wallaroo, J.4.D.

Wallaroobie, G.7.A.

Wallaroobie, G.8.A.

Walla Walla, F .8.C.

Walla Walla. G.6.8.

Walla Walla, H.4.8.

Walla Walla, H.6.A.

Wallenanine, H.4.C.

Wallendibby, H.9.C.

Wallendibby (J. Morrison),


Wallindina, G.8.D.

Wallinga, J.5.C.

Walma, H.3.A.

Walmer Downs, C.7.8.

Wambangalang, H.5.B.

Wambanumbro, H.7.A.

Wamberra, 8.6.D.

Wambiana, H.4.D.

Wambidgee, H.7.D.

Wambiera, G.2.A.

Wambo, 1(.5.C.

Wambrook, H.9.8,

Wamell. G.2.8.

Wampera, D.2.C.

Wampo, C.6.D.

Wanaaring, D.2.D.

Wanda, 8.5. D.

Wanda Vale, A.5.A.

Wandara, J.7.D.

Wandary, H.6.A.

Wandinong, J.4.8.

Wando, G.2.8.

Wandobah, K.4.A.

Wandong, F.8.D.

Wandook, D.8.8.

Wandouri, G.3.8.

Wandoona, J.5.8.

Wandook West, D.8.8.

Wanera, J.3.B.

Wanera, H.8.A.

Wangabindi, 1(.2.A.

Wangal ea, E.7.A.

Wangamana, D.2.C.

Wangamong (South), F.8.D,

Wangan, H.3.C.

Wan11an1lla, D.8.B.

Wangaroa, E.5.D.

Wangaron, E.5.D.

Wangrawally, G.3.8.

Wangumma, A.6.D.

Wannanary, E.6.A.

Wanna Wanna, J.8.A.

Wantabadgery West, G.8.8.

Wantabadgery, G.8.8.

Wantwood, E.6.D.

Wapweelah, E.2.A.

Waram, N.I.D.

Waratta Station, A.2.C.

Warbreccan, D.8.C.

Warbro, M.3.C .

Warden Bros., K.8.A.

Wardry, F.6.8.

Wardry (Back), ,.8.

Wards Mista:.6, M.3.A.

Wards River, L.5.8.

Warenda, G.4.C.

Wargam, D.7.C.

Wargandinna, H.2.C.

Warge Rock, G.5.C.

Wargundy, J.5.8.

Wariama, J.2.D.

Waringah. E.7.D.

Warkton, J.4.A.

Waroonga, H.2.C.

Waroona, E.6.C.

Waroona. F.8.C.

Waroo. G.7.C.

Warragan, H.3.A.

Warragoon, E.8.D.

Warragribra, J.9.C.

Warrah, K.4.C.

Warrah Dale, K.4.C.

Warrah Ridge, K.4.C.

Warrakoo, A.7.A.

Warrambone, H.4.A.

Warrana, H.3.C.

Warrananga (East), A.6.C.

Warrananga (West), A.6.C.

Warrane, L.3.B.

Warranfella, L.2.B.

Warrangee, K.5.D.

Warrangong, F.8.8,

Warrangong, H.7,A.

Warrangorrah, F,6.B.

Warrangunyah, J.5.C.

Warranilla, J.6.C.

Warranilla, K.2.8.

Warranilla, L.4.D.

Warraroo, J.7.A.

Warrawa, 1(.1.0.

Warrawee, C.7.C.

Warraweena, F.2.D.

Warrawenia, A.6.8.

Warrawing, G.3,B.

Warree, H .4.A.

Warrenbri, J.3.A.

Warren Downs, G.3.B.

Warri. F.7.B.

Warrie, J.6.B.

Warrien, H.4.8.

Warringah, J.3.B.

Warriston. H.4.D.

Warroo, G.6.C.

Warroo, H.7.C.

Warung, 1(.4.D.

Warwoegai. C.7.C.

Warwick, H.9.B.

Warwillah, 0.8.A.

Watara, A.6.C.

Watagan Creek, L.6.A.

Waterdale, M.1.0.

Waterford, 0.7.C.

Waterford, H.3.B.

Waterford, H.5.0.

Waterholes (The), J.8.0.

Waterloo, E.7.D.

Waterloo, 0.6.B.

Waterloo, G.5.B.

Waterloo, J.9.0.

Waterloo, L.2.C.

Waterloo, L.4.8.

Watervale, H.6.C.

Wathenoo, H.2.C.

Wattamandara, H.6.C.

Wattle Grove, J.8.A.

Wattle Park, J,8,A.

Wattle Retreat, G.7.C.

Wattle Spring, J.4.A.

Wattle Vale, H.4.0.

Watton, 1(.5.C.

Waugoola, H.6.C.

Waurdong, J.5.C.

Waverley, 0.6.B.

Waverley, F.8.B.

Waverley, L.4.0.

Waverley, No . I, B.4.0.

Waverley Downs, C.2.B.

Waverton. H.6.B.

Wea, K.3.A.

Wean, K.3.0.

Weanbah, H.2.C.

Wedderburn, J.3.A.

Weddin View, G.6.C.

Weebollabolla. J.2.C.

Wee Elwah, E.6.A.
Weejasper, H.8.B.

Weejugada, E.6.A.

Weelong, G.6.C. •

Weemabah, H.4.D.

Weemabung, G.4.B.

Weemalah, K.3.A.

Weenya, H.4 B.

Weeroona, J.4.A.

Weetah, K,2.A.

Weetaliba, H.3.C.

Weetalibah, J.4.C.

Weeta Waa, J.3.A.

Wee Warra Plain, G.2.C.

Weilmoringle, F.2.B.

Weinteriga, B.4.C.

Welaregang, G.9.0.

Welbon, J.2.B.

Welbondonga, J. I.D.

Welbon Pia, ns Bore, J. I.C.

Welcome Change, A.4.C.

Welcome Change, B.4.U.

Wellingrove, L.2.C.

Wellington Vale, L.2.B.

Well Springs, E.2.C.

Well Station, l<.3.A.

Wells (Mt.), J.7.A.

Wellsvale, J.8.A.

Wellwood, H.2.0.

Wellwood, J.6.A.

Welton Dale, l{.4.D.

Wendouree, C.7.C.

Wendouree Park, E.8.B.

Wentworth Gully, G.7.B.

Weragil. J.6.D.

Werai, D.8.B.

Werilto, J.4.B.

Wermatong, H .8.A.

Werong, H.7.C.

Weroona, J.5.B.

Weroona, l{.3.D.

Werribon, l<.4.C.

Werribee, H,6.C.

Werrina, J.I.D.

Werrina, L.3.A.

Werrlston, l{.4.B.

Werriwa, J.8.B.

Werroona, G.3.A.

West Blowering, H.8.A.

West Bogan, No. I, G.4.D.

West Bogan, No. 6, F.4.B.

West Bogan, Nos. 2 & 3, G.4.A.

West Bogan, No. 7, F.4.B.

West Boona, G.5.D.

West Bullenbong, F.8.B.

West Calga, H.4.B.

West Carypundy, B.2.A.

West Gerogery, F.8.C.

West Goangra, H.3.A.

West Gungalman, G.3.B.

West Grove, K,3.D.

Westholme, J.6.C.

Westholme, l<.2.B.

Westhol’!le, L.2.D.

West Jindabyne, H.9.B.

Westlands, H .6,A.

West Lynne, L.3,A.

West Mandamah, G.7.A.

West Melrose, F.5.C.

West Mimosa, G.7.A.

West Moongulla, H.2.A.

West Moroco, E.8.D.

West Wandook, D.8.B.

West Wantabadgery, G.8.B.

West Warrananga, A.6.C.

Westwood, G.8.B.

Westwood (Mt.), A.3.D.

Westwood Downs, A.3.D.

Whoey (North), F.5.D.

West Woorooma, D.8.A.

Whalan, J. I .C.

Wharparilla, H.2.D.

Wheeo, J.7.A.

Wheogo, G.6.C.

Whissonsett, L.4.D.

White Rock, l{.5.B.

White Swamp, M.I.A,

Whitewood, G.4.D.

Whitewood, H.5.B.

Whitewoods, H.2.C.

Whitfield, L.5.B.

Whittabranah, B.2.A.

Whittonbri, H.3.D.

Whitwell, H.5.C.

Whroo. C.7.D.

Whurlie, B.5.D.

Whyba. D.5.C.

Wianawah, G.8.D.

Wicklow, B.6.A.

Wldden, K.5. D.

Widgee. J.3.A.

Widgeongully, H.7.D.

Wldgerum, E.6.B.

Wigelmar K 5 A

Wigenban H.4.A.

Wilba Downs, H.3,D.

Wilber Downs, H.3.D.

Wilbermere, H.4.A.

Wilberoi, l{.3.D.

Wilbertree, J.5.C.

Wilbertree, F.3.B.

Wilby, H.3.C.

Wilby, K.I.D.

Wilby Wilby Inn, G.2.B.

Wilderness, L.5.D.

Wildwood, H.4.D.

Wilga, H.4.B.

Wilga, H.6.A.

Wilga, J. I.D.

Wilga, 1(.1.D.

Wilga (Little), F.4.A.

Wilga (Mt.), F.4.C.

Wilgaban, H.2.B.

Wilgabar, H.3.A

Wilga Dale, F.4.B.

Wilgadeen, H.4.B.

Wilga Downs, F.4.B.

Wilga Mount, F.4.C.

Wilga Park, G.3.B.

Wilga Park, G.5.C.

Wilga Plains, F.6.B.

Wilgar, L.3.C.

Wilgara, G.3.C.

Wilgaree, G.4.D.

Wilgar Glen & Reddanville,


Wilgar Park, G.4.C.

Wilgaroon, E.3.C.

Wilgas (The), G.6.B.

Wilgas (The), H.2.C.

Wilgas (The), G.4.C.

Wilga Vale, G.5.C.

Wilga Vale, H.6.B.

Wilga Valley, D.5.C.

Wilgha Downs, F.3.D.

Wilgoma, G.7.C.

Wilkie, G.2.C.

Wilkie Plains, G.2.C.

Willadah, F.4.B.

Willaga, H.3.C.

Willalee, J.2.A.

Willamurra, G.3.D.

Willamurra, F.3.C.

Willancorah, G.3.C.

Wlllandra, E.6.A.

Willandra, E.6.B.

Willangee, A.4.A.

Willara, D.2.A.

Willewa, G.3.B.

Willa Willingbah, G.2.A.

Willeroo, J.8.B.

Willeroon, F.3.C.

Willewan, G.3.B.

Willie, G.3.D.

Willie (Lower). G.3.A.

Willie Ploma, H.8.A.

Williewarina, G.4.A.

Willigobung, H.8.D.

Willimill, J. I.C.

Willi Willi, M.3.D.

Willoh, G.2.A.

Willotia, B.5.D.

Willow Selah, H.5.A.

Willow Dale, 0.7.A.

Willowdale, K.3.D.

Willow Glen, G.3.D.

Willow Glen, J. I .C.

Willow Point, A.6.B.

Willows (The), E.7.B.

Willows (The), E.8.B.

Willows (The), J.7.A.

Willow Vale, J.6.D.

Willow Vale, J.7.A.

Willow Vale, M. I.D.

Will••-.a, J.5.0.

Willurah, E.7.D.

Willy-Bing-Bone, G.3.A.

Wiloa, F .4.C.

Wilson’s Downfall, M. I.D.

Wiltatara, A.8,C.

Wilton, A.6.C.

Wilton, H.5.A.

Wilton Park, K.7.B.

Wiltshire, 1(.2.C.

Wiluna, J.3.B.

Wilungra, K.2.B.

Winaaring, D.2.D.

Winbar, E.~.D.

Windamingle, A.6.B.

Windella, F.7.0.

Windella, H.2.C.

Windemere, 1(.7.D.

Windera, 0.4.8.

• Winderadeen, J.7.D.

Windermere, F.7.C.

Windermere, H .7 .8.

Winderoo, M.I.A.

Windoo Est. (North), G.8.A.

Windouran, D,8.A.

Windownie, H.8.A.

Windra Vale, 0.8.D.

Windsor Park, G.4.A.

Windurong, H.4.8.

Windy. l<.4.0.

Wingadee, H.3.D.

Wingara & Torrie Lodge,


Wingecarribee, l<.7.A.

Wingfield, G.4.8.

Wingillle. A.7.A.

Winscombe, L.3.A.

Winterslo. H.4.D.

Winton, F.3.A.

Wintong, C.7.A.

Winward. H .4.C.

Winwood, J.2.D.

Wlrchilleba. F.5.A.

Wirlong, E.5.8.

Wirrabilla, H .2.8.

Wirragulla, L.5.8.

Wirrah, H.2.8.

Wirranyia, D.2.C.

Wirra Warra, G.2.A.

Wirrialoa, M.3.A.

Wirrilahlee, G.4.8.

Wirryilka, 8.5.A.

Wisconsin, G.8.A.

Wltullo, G.4.D.

W.L.L., 1688, F.5.0.

W.L.L., 1689, E.6.A.

W.L.L .. 1750, E.5.6.

W. L. L., 1758, E.6.8.

W.L.L. 2072, F.5.D.

Wunnamurra, E.8.8.

Woburn, J.9.D.

Wog Wog, K.8.A.

Woko (E. Frost), L.4.C.

Woko (T. Higglns), L.4.C.

Wolgan, K.6.A.

Wolkara, F.3.8.

Wollar. J.5.8.

Wollara, 1(.5.A.

Wollongough, F.6.C.

Wollun, L.3.D.

Wolowolar, J.8.8.

Wolseley Park, G.8.C.

Wombadule, H.3.8.

Wombangalang, H.5.8.

Wombian, H.2.C.

Wombin, H .5. D.

Womboin, G.3.0.

Wombramurra, L.4.D.

Womerah, J.3.A.

Wonbobbie, H.4.D.

Wondah, J.2.C.

Wondahree, H.2.C.

Wondalga, H.8.A.

Wondao Wandong, H.5.D.

Wondilla, 1(.2.A.

Wonga, H.4.8.

Wonga, J.2.C.

Wonga. J.6.D.

Wongabindie, l<.2.A.

WongaJong, H.6.A.

Wonga Mong, F.8.D.

Wongawal, D.3.C.

Wongwibinda, M.3.A.

Wongwie, J.2.A.

Wonnaminta, 8.3.D.

Wood (Mt.). 8.2.A.

Woodbine, J.7.D.

Woodburn, J.8.A.

Woodburn, L.3.C.

Woodbury, E.8.D.

Woodbury, J.8.A.

Wooden bong, M. I .B.

Woodford, J.7.A.

Woodford, L.3.8.

Wood Land, E.8.C.

Woodlands, A.6.8.

Woodlands, C.5.C.

Woodlands, E.3.D.

Woodlands, G.4.D.

Woodlands, G.5.A.

Woodlands, G.8.D.

Woodlands, H.4.B.

Woodlands, H.5.A.

Woodlands, H.8.D.

Woodlands, J.3.A.

Woodlands, J.4.C.

Woodlands, J.5.C.

Woodlands, J.7.A.

Woodlands, J.8.8.

Woodlands, K.4.D.

Woodlands, K.5.B.

Woodlands, L.3.C.

Woodlands, L.3.D.

Woodlands (Dye), F,8,8.

Woodlands (East), G.5.B.

Woodlands (Kennedy), F.7.C.

Woodlands (Kook), E.7.C.

Woodlands Park, F.7.D. •

Woodlawn, D.8.C.

Woodlawn, F.8.D.

Woodlawn, J.6.C.

Woodlawn, 1(.2.C.

Woodlea, F.8.8.

Woodlea, H.7.C.

Woodmount, C.7.D.

Wood Park, H.4.C.

Wood Park, E.8.B.

Woodside, E.8.B.

Woodside, F.8.A.

Woodside, H.4.A.

Woodside, H.4.C.

Woodsome Lees, E.8.C.

Woodstock, F.3.A.

Woodstock, G.2.C.

Woodstock, J.6.A.

Woodstock, J.9.A.

Woodstock, L.2.D.

Woodstock, L.3.A.

Woodton, K.4.C.

Woodvale, E.8.A.

Woodview, G.5.C.

Woodville, J.7.A.

Woodville, K.3.A.

Woodville, L.3.B.

Woolahra, F.2.B.

Woolbrook, J.6.D.

Woolgarlo, H.7.C.

Woolgoola, K.2.A.

Woolloomby, D.7.B.

Woolooma, l.5.A.

Woolloondool, D.7.B.

Woolpagarie, C.6.C.

Woolshed, 1(.3.B.

Woolshed Creek, J.4.D.

Woolway, H.9.B.

Woomargama, G.8.D.

Woombi, L.2.D.

Woomoolahra, A.4.A.

Wooragee, J.7.B.

Woorak, D.8.C.

Woorang Downs, J.2.C.

Woorawadian, H.2.D.

Wooribiddee, G.3.B.

Wooroo, G.3.B.

Woorooma East, D.8.A.

Woorooma West, D.8.A.

Wooroowoolgen, M.I .C.

Wootton, i<.5.A.

Wooyeo, F.6.A.

Wollogorang. J.7.C.

Woperana, E.8.D.

Woraggo, F.7.D.

Woram, N. I. D.

Wowingragong, G.6.B.

Woytchugga, E.3.0.

Wren’s Nest, J.7.A.

Wright ( Mt.) , 8.4.A.

Wulgamere, H.3.B.

Wungumma, A.7.A.

Wunnamurra, E.8.B.

Wuttagoona, E.4.A.

Wyabray, G.3.A.

Wyadra, E.6.A.

Wyagdon, J.6.B.

Wyaldra Park, J.5.B.

Wyalla, H.3.8.

Wyalong (Upper). G.6.0.

Wyalong No. 2 (Upper), G.7.A.

Wyalong No. 3 (Upper) G.7.A.

Wyambeh, E.8.C.

Wyanawah, G.8.D.

Wyangerle, M.1.c.

Wyangle, H .8.A.

Wyarra Station, A.3.B.

Wyehan, H.6.A.

Wycliffe, L.2.8.

Wycombe, H.3.D.

Wycot, 8.5. D.

Wylandra Creek, H.6.A.

Wyndella; H.3.8.

Wyndham, K.5.A.

Wynineba, G.3.A.

Wynora, H.9.C.

Wyoming, D.7.B.

Wyoming, G.5.A.

Wyoming, G.7.C.

Wyoming, L.2.D.

Wyona, D.7.C.

Wyrallah, N.I.D.

Wyrilla, J.2.D.

Wytona, 1(.2.A.

Wyuna. G.5.8.

Wyuna, J.6.B.

Wyuna Downs, F.3.C.

Wyvern, E.7.B.


Yabtree, G.8.8.

Yaddra. F.6.8.

Yagobie, K.2.D.

Yahhello, F.4.C.

Yalcogrin, H.4.C.

Yalgogrin, F .7.B.

Yalgogrin (South,), F.7.8.

Yallangla, J.7.D.

Yallaroi, 1(.2.A.

Yallock, E.5.A.

Yaloka, D.8.C.

Yal Val, C.7.C.

Yamba, G.8.D.

Yambacoona, F.3.B.

Yamble, J.5.A.

Yamma, E.7.C.

Yamma, H.6.A.

Yam ma (Back), H.6.A.

Yammatree, G.7.C.

Yanca, C.7.C.

Yancannia, 8.3.B.

Yanco Exm. Farm, F.7.D.

Yanco North, F.7.A.

Yancowinna, A.4.C.

Yanda, E.3.C.

Yanda, G.3.8.

Yandama Station, A.2.C.

Yandembah, D.6.8.

Yandra, J.9.D.

Yandroo, A.4.A.

Yanganbil, G.4.C.

Yanko, E.8.8.

Yanko Block A. (Steam

Plains), E.7.D.

Yantara, 8.2. D.

Yaouk, H.8.C.

Yarara, G.8.C.

Yarawa, J.2.A.

Yarcandi, 1(.4.C.

Yarra, G.4.D.

Yarra, J.9.D.

Yarranbandi, G.Ci,B.

Yarrabee Park, F.7.0.

Yarraford, L.2.C.

Yarrangong, G.6.B.

Yarragrin, J.4.0.

Yarragundrie, G.8.A.

Yararl, J.3.B.

Yarraldool, H.3.8.

Yarralumla, J.8.A.

Yarraman, K.4.D.

Yarraman, D.8.C.

Yarraman, J.6.D.

Yarramanbah, K.4.D.

Yarraman North, K,4.D.

Yarraman Park, K.4,D.

Yarramundee, E.8.C.

Yarran, F.8.8.

Yarran, H.5.A.

Yarrandale. F.6.C.

Yarrandale, H.4.C.

Yarrandi, K.5.C.

Yarran Farm, H.5.A.

Yarrangerie, E.8.C.

Yarrangerry, G.7.A.

Yarran Glen, G.4.D.

Yarran Grove, G.4.C.

Yarranoo, J.7.A.

Yarran Park, F.7.B.

Yarran Vale, G.5.C.

Yarras, J.6.B.

Yarra Ville, G.6.C.

Yarrawin, G.3.A.

Yarrawonga, E.4.C.

Yarra Yarra, G.8.D.

Yarrennook, H.6.D.

Yarrol, J.2.A.

Yarrow Creek, L.2.C.

Yarrowitch, L.4.B.

Yarrowyck, L.3.A.

Yarrum, G.4.A.

Yarto, D.6.C.

Yathong, E.5.C.

Yathong North, E.8.B.

Yathong South, E.8.B.

Yatta, J.2.C.

Yeadon, D.7.8.

Yellowin, H.8.D.

Yellow Mount, F.5.8.

Yelta, C.5.8.

Yenrey, H.3.B.

Ytranbah, H.2.A.

Verra Verra, G.6.C.

Yetman, K. I.C.

Yeulba, J.4.D.

Yeumburra, H.8.B.

Yooroobla, E.8.B.

Yoorooga, E.7.C.

Yootha, H.4.8.

Youendah, G.3.B.

Youlbung, H.4.B.

Youldoo, C.3.A.

Youltoo Estate, C.3.D.

Youngara, F.6.C.

Youngee Plains, G.6.0.

Yowie, H.3.D.

Yuba. E.8.C.

Yulcarley, 0.2.c.

Yulgilbar, M.2.8.

Yullundry, H.5.C.

Yuma, H.3.D.

Yungenbah, H.4.A.

Yurcurrie, F.2.C.

Yuronga, J.1.c.

Yurramia, J.8.C.


Zara, D.8.8.

Zara, J.9.D.

Index of New South Wales Pastoral Lease names in 1923 (2024)
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