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The trebuchet is one of the most underused and underrated weapons in Conan Exiles. It can be used either to defend your base from attacking forces or to destroy the base of an enemy. The latter is more common in PvP battles, but there’s still a place for it in PvE, especially after the Age of War updates. On this page, we’ll show you exactly how to build and use a trebuchet including how to place a Siege Foundation, Trebuchet Base, Trebuchet Frame, and Trebuchet Arm. This can be a lengthy, cumbersome, and sometimes tricky process depending on where you want to build the trebuchet, so we’ll give you some tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Any good base needs a trebuchet to defend it in Conan Exiles.

What Materials Do You Need to Make a Trebuchet?

If you just want to know what materials you’ll need to build a trebuchet, you can see the table below. In total, you need 1,500 Wood, 450 Stone, 30 Shaped Wood, 25 Brick, and 15 Iron Reinforcement. It’s important to keep in mind that the default time frame for building each of these pieces is 30 minutes, so once you have enough for the first piece you can start that building process before venturing out for more materials.

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Siege foundation30 Shaped Wood, 25 Brick, 15 Iron Reinforcement
Trebuchet Base500 Wood, 150 Stone
Trebuchet Frame500 Wood, 150 Stone
Trebuchet Arm500 Wood, 150 Stone

How to Craft a Siege Foundation and Trebuchet Base

The first thing you’ll need to start the process of building a trebuchet is a siege foundation. You can get the recipe for this at level 25 when you unlock the Engineer knowledge. You’ll then be able to make the siege foundation using 30 Shaped Wood, 25 Brick, and 15 Iron Reinforcement, as noted in the table above. You can also make the trebuchet base at the same time if you have the 500 Wood and 150 Stone required.

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Placing the Siege Foundation

Now that you have the siege foundation, you need to place it on your quickslot bar and then press the corresponding key to see where you can build it in the landscape. For example, if you place it in slot 1 of your quickslot bar, just press the key (or button on controllers) for 1 to see the outline of the siege foundation appear. It’s a rather large structure that covers the distance of roughly two and a half building foundation pieces in circumference, so you’ll need plenty of space to build it.

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(1 of 3) You need to place the siege foundation from your quick slot bar and adjust its height.

As you’re placing the siege foundation for the first time, you’ll notice that you can increase its height. Even if you don’t follow the tip mentioned above, you should aim to keep it high enough above the ground so that it doesn’t clip with any natural stone or earth foundations in the landscape.

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Building the Trebuchet Base

With the siege foundation in place, you can now select the Trebuchet Base and put it on your quick slot bar. The same principle applies when placing it, only this time you need to place the trebuchet base directly on top of the siege foundation. Don’t worry if you can’t rotate the trebuchet base to face a specific direction at this point, you’ll get the opportunity to do this with more precision later on.

If you experience any clipping issues while trying to place the trebuchet base on the siege foundation, you can deconstruct the siege foundation to place it elsewhere. You won’t need to rebuild the siege foundation after doing this. Instead, you’ll find it back in your inventory, ready to place somewhere new.

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How to Craft the Trebuchet Frame and Arm

Now that you have both the siege foundation and the trebuchet base in situ, you can interact with the trebuchet frame to bring up a new crafting menu. Here you’ll see the option to construct a trebuchet frame for 500 Wood and 150 Stone. Again, this will take 30 minutes if you have the default crafting time enabled on your server, so you can go back to doing something else for a while.

Only after the trebuchet frame has been constructed will you be able to make the trebuchet arm, and you’ll be waiting another 30 minutes for it to complete. This is why the whole process is lengthy and cumbersome, but it’s worth it in the end!

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How to Use the Trebuchet in Combat

Once you’ve finally completed crafting everything noted above so that the trebuchet is functional, you can hop onto the platform and interact with it to see a list of ammunition types. They each require different materials to craft, but the easiest is by far the Siege Boulder, which requires only 150 Stone. It’s a good idea to make a few of these and practice shooting the trebuchet with them before you waste any valuable materials on the more expensive ammunition types.

All Trebuchet Ammunition Types

The table below shows exactly what you need to craft each type of trebuchet ammunition.

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Burning Siege Boulder75 Tar, 75 Stone
Demon-Fire Barrage2 Explosive Jar, 10 Twine
Ironstone Siege Boulder75 Ironstone
Salvaged Star Metal Shell75 Star Metal Ore
Sieger Boulder150 Stone
Smelted Iron Siege Boulder75 Ironstone, 10 Steelfire

How to Move and Aim the Trebuchet

After placing the trebuchet and its constituent parts in a specific place, you won’t be able to move it again without losing some materials. You can always recover the siege foundation and the trebuchet base, but if you dismantle the trebuchet once you’ve built the frame and arm, you’ll need to build these again. It’s for this reason that you should consider carefully where you place the trebuchet to begin with!

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Aiming with the Trebuchet - Direction and Firing Angle

The aiming mechanism for the trebuchet takes a bit of getting used to. The first thing you need to do is run into either of the handles (wooden beams) that are placed opposite each other on the edges of the trebuchet, as shown in the screenshot above. This will move the trebuchet in a specific direction, although it’s a relatively slow process.

You’ll also notice a small lever near the center of the trebuchet, referred to as the “Firing angle” when you hover over it. You can adjust the firing angle from -25 degrees to 80 degrees, but you need to cycle through all of these options by continually clicking rather than selecting a specific input. This can be a chore in the midst of battle, so it’s a good idea to set up where you want to aim the trebuchet in advance if possible.

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(1 of 3) You can run into these wooden beam handles to move the trebuchet in different directions, and use the lever beside it to adjust the firing angle.

It’s difficult to determine where the small adjustments to the firing angle will cause ammunition to fall, so you’ll need to practice by firing some siege boulders initially. You can then see where they go, and make small adjustments from there.

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What Is the Load Ratio and Counterweight?

As you come to place some ammunition in the trebuchet inventory, you’ll notice the “Current Payload” percentage at the top. This will vary depending on the type of ammunition that you’ve crafted, but it always tops out at 100%. You’ll also notice the Counterweight inventory beneath the ammunition inventory. You can place most items in here, including raw materials, weapons, furniture, or practically anything you can think of to add weight.

The more weight you add, the higher the load ratio will become. Once it reaches 100%, you can’t place anything else in the counterweight inventory. The heavier the counterweight (or in other words the higher the load ratio), the more force will be applied when launching ammunition from the trebuchet, which translates to a more violent impact with a greater chance of smashing through enemy defenses.

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It will take some time to become competent with the trebuchet, but once mastered you’ll begin to wonder how you ever lived without it for some combat scenarios. They can be incredibly useful tools when defending against Purge attacks, especially after the Age of War update, but they’ll also be useful in sieges against enemies in both PvP and PvE. Any base worth defending should have at least one trebuchet protecting it.

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How to Build and Use a Trebuchet - Conan Exiles | Gamer G... (2024)


How do you activate a trebuchet? ›

To put a trebuchet into its "co*cked" position, a team of people use their energy to hoist the counterweight. When the counterweight is raised, it gains this energy as potential energy.

How far can a trebuchet shoot Conan Exiles? ›

the range is about 100 meters (slightly higher if placed on a tower or platform) or about 40 foundations placed end to end.

How long does it take to build a trebuchet in Conan Exiles? ›

IngredientsOutcomeCraft time
150 Stone1 Siege Boulder10 s

How do you use Obsidian Conan? ›

Obsidian is a near endgame crafting material, only found naturally within the caldera of the Volcano. It is unusable in the raw, but when combined with Steel in the Volcanic Forge, it can be used to create powerful weapons and high-tier harvesting tools.

What are the requirements for a trebuchet? ›

A trebuchet needs some careful measurements for it to be able to work properly. The length of your sling needs to be 4/5ths the total length of your throwing arm. The pivot should be 1/5th of the way up your throwing arm, so that the arm has a long bit and a short bit.

Could a trebuchet destroy a castle? ›

The Trebuchet, one of the deadliest military machines of its time, is a type of siege engine developed to attack and destroy the solid stone walls of castles.

Can you break down weapons in Conan exiles? ›

This workbench allows the disassembly of armors, weapons and building pieces into component parts - at some loss.

How to get burning siege cauldron conan? ›

It drops as a recipe from purges. You need an advanced war component and a regular siege cauldron to craft it.

How is a trebuchet built? ›

A trebuchet consists primarily of a long beam attached by an axle suspended high above the ground by a stout frame and base, such that the beam can rotate vertically through a wide arc (typically over 180°). A sling is attached to one end of the beam to hold the projectile.

What is the strongest trebuchet ever created? ›

The Warwolf, also known as the Loup-de-Guerre or Ludgar, is believed to have been the largest trebuchet ever made. It was created in Scotland by order of Edward I of England, during the siege of Stirling Castle in 1304, as part of the Wars of Scottish Independence.

How long do thralls take Conan Exiles? ›

Conan Exiles bases how long it takes to break a thrall heavily on the tier or level of the thrall. The time required to defeat a tier 4 or named thrall, who are recognized for their exceptional abilities and traits, is approximately 25.80 hours (92,920 seconds).

How do you use the volcanic forge in Conan exiles? ›

The player must obtain the Obsidian Tools (Knowledge) via a tablet, located behind the final dungeon boss, before the forge can be used. It takes approximately 15 minutes to craft 100 composite obsidian bars, which is the same as the default respawn rate. Prepare for this if you stay in the immediate area of the forge.

How do you use explosives in Conan? ›

Craft an explosive jar, then walk up to it and hit the interact key (then run away really fast). Heh, I killed NPCs with an explosive jar (their arrows hit it), hyenas with an explosive trap, and a whole village with explosive trebuchet rounds.

How do you use the simple weapon repair kit in Conan exiles? ›

You don't press the repair button. Instead what you do is have both the item to be repaired and the kit in your inventory, then drag and drop the kit onto the item in your inventory.

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