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If you know a bit about the maximum trailer length part of campground then before joining one of them, you definitely will prioritize checking length of your trailer. And sometimes manufacturers have really confusing information about this length and height measurement. Most of them don’t have a proper explanation for this matter.

So, it’s best to find out how do campgrounds measure trailer length and try that formula yourself before going to the camp. That way you won’t face a situation where the whole trip basically got ruined. Because the trailer you decide to bring crosses maximum length restriction of your chosen campground. Keep On Reading…

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How Do Campgrounds Measure Trailer Length To Try It.

Typically, a camper will have around three sets of measurements that you need to take. The internal space of your camper is the first one that you may need to find out.

Then there’s the exterior side of trailer that needs to be figured out. And finally, you take measurements of the camper combinedly with trailer that basically holds it. We are focusing on trailer length today.

But keep in mind, when you go for a camping trip with your camper, having all those measurements prior to the event will help you get a better towing experience as well as have an idea on where to park it.

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How To Measure Camping Trailer Length.

There are a few manners that can be implemented for measuring up a travel trailer. The first one involves you starting the measurement right from ball mount. And then you take it all the way to bumper’s back part.

While there are also records, that floor plan length is basically what refers to the advertised one. And in that case, the length measurement will exclude any rear bumper or toque calculations at all. For example, something that’s referred to as a 20 feet length trailer could be actually 23 to 24 feet overall.

First and foremost, you should figure out exactly what the measurements are done for. So that you can decide about which parts are going to get included in the final measurement. Right surrounding the tow hitch, cover of trailer should be easily fit. However, when you need to go for an RV campground, then considering tow hitch together for calculating complete length of trailer will become necessary.

Before starting the measurement, get yourself a tape measure. Then you want to locate the farthest part of back bumper that’s protruding. Simply hold tape measure’s one end right here in line.

Usually, the curved bumpers will have this part on the center point. Also, to make accurate measurements, you’ll need another person’s help. So, make sure your camp buddy or anyone who can lend a hand is there will you. Tell them to hold the tape for you at that rear bumper point.

Then you want to start stretching the measuring tape. It should go downwards the trailer’s cabinet length. Reach to the front bumper part. And you want to stop on the farthest protruding part here as well. Take note of the figure that you got. And that should be the length of your trailer.

Campground Used Measurement.

In campgrounds, sometimes you have to consider length from rear bumper to the tongue of your trailer. And that’s basically usable space length the authorities set for every trailer allowed. But then again, having somewhat off results for let say, 3-4 feet, isn’t very concerning. You probably still can bring it inside the campground.

However, if you are curious about the entire process in detail, here it is. You need to place your measuring tape’s one end to the part where trailer cabin basically meets tow hitch. Now if the front bumper crosses tow hitch’s beginning, then follow earlier style of starting from farthest protruding part.

Then stretch the tape out just like earlier and you want to bring it all way to tow hitch’s farthest point. Markdown if necessary. Some hitch comes with an upward angle. In that case, you must go for a straightforward extending measurement. Rather than the hitch’s whole length.

Now you have measurements for both the trailer hitch as well as trailer cabin. Simply add them and you’ll get the entire length of your trailer. This is the length that you usually need to confirm when making campground reservations. And more than often, people confuse it with the length-taking process for buying new covers, which I talked about in earlier phase.

Quick Note – It’s still recommended that you talk to the campground authority beforehand and ask them directly which length measurement method they accept.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is the Width of Most Travel Trailers?

Most travel trailers come with a width that does not exceed 8 feet 5 inches because most states won’t allow anything more than that. However, it can still differ and you should check with the manufacturer-provided detail to be more specifically aware of it.

What Is the Maximum Trailer Length For National Parks?

The max trailer length for campgrounds in national parks is not the same most of the time. It actually depends on the regulation of a specific park. However, one average length is around 27 feet.

How Tall Are Most Travel Trailers?

This one also depends on which model you are referring to. On average, the height is almost 11 feet with maximum travel trailers. Then again, there are the ones that come with roof-mounted units of A/C. In such a case, the height will be even more. The maximum height for a travel trailer however is 13 feet 5 inches considering allowance on overpasses for highway purposes.

Wrap Up

Being concerned about how campgrounds measure trailer length is a common one if you have never visited before. I tried to give you some general methods of taking those measurements. However, it’s still best for you to be completely sure of the measurement process from your chosen campground’s authority.

In most case, you’ll get a good idea of this whole measuring scheme plus additional information that I’m sure will help you have a better experience overall.

How Do Campgrounds Measure Trailer Length! - OutdoorTag (2024)


How do campgrounds measure travel trailer length? ›

Trailer length is measured from the bumper to the tip of the trailer hitch.

How strict are campgrounds on RV length? ›

Approximately 98% of national park campgrounds can accommodate RVs up to 19 feet long. You still have a good selection if your RV is smaller than 25 feet more than 90% of parks permit that length. The number of available campsites drops if your RV is 29 to 32 feet long since about 80% of parks will let you in.

How is the length of a travel trailer determined? ›

Measure the trailer from the back bumper to the tip of the tongue jack, and add on the accessories or tow vehicle separately. Ensure the measurements are accessible. Once you take the time to measure your RV, keep the measurements on hand for reference.

Does trailer length include the hitch? ›

Trailer length is important in determining the overall set up of the trailer. When we talk length we mean useable floor space. This does not include the hitch or the gooseneck nose.

Does RV length include tongue? ›

RV parks and campgrounds are only concerned with the total length of the travel trailer from the rear bumper to the front of the trailer tongue. Almost all RV campgrounds will disclose the campsite length (pad length), which you should use as a reference for the usable space for both your trailer and tow vehicle.

Does RV length include tow vehicle? ›

The stipulated maximum length refers to the space designated for your total length. If you have a travel trailer, for example, you will need to add your RV length + your tow vehicle together.

What is the longest travel trailer allowed in national parks? ›

The longest RV allowed in National Parks typically ranges from 29 to 32 feet in length. While approximately 98% of National Park campgrounds can accommodate RVs up to 19 feet long, the number of available campsites decreases as the length of your RV exceeds 25 feet.

What size RV is allowed in Yellowstone? ›

Sites accommodating a maximum combined length of 40 feet or more are limited. Most campsites in Yellowstone will not accommodate oversized units. If you arrive at the campground/RV Park with equipment that differs from your reservation specs, campground staff will not be able to accommodate you.

What is the oldest RV allowed in state parks? ›

What is the 10-Year Rule? Many RV parks have a rule that limits access to RVs older than 10 years. This helps to maintain a certain level of quality and appearance within the park. The rule is infamous among RV travelers, especially with the growth of van life and refurbishing vintage vehicles.

Are trailer dimensions from the inside or outside? ›

Trailer height is measured from the bottom of the box to the top of the box. For trailer width, these measurements are taken outside the box, from one side to the other. If you hear someone refer to having a “six-foot trailer,” this means the trailer is six feet wide on the outside.

What is the longest RV allowed on the road? ›

The RV Industry Association supports a maximum length of 45 feet for a motorhome, a maximum allowable width of 102 inches plus up to six inches additional for appurtenances for all RVs and a maximum RV combination length of 65 feet.

How do they measure RV size? ›

Measuring your RV accurately is essential for complying with regulations and ensuring a proper fit in parking spaces and garages. To measure the length of your RV, start at the front bumper and measure to the rear bumper. For the height, measure from the ground to the highest point on the RV.

What are standard trailer lengths? ›

What Are Standard Sizes For Utility Trailers? Standard utility trailer sizes are relatively straightforward. As we have discussed a few times, the standard dimensions of a utility trailer are 8', 10', 12', 14', 20', and 22' in length. Trailers seldom are larger than 8' in width.

Does the length of a trailer matter? ›

A longer trailer (weight being the same) will usually tow better. The longer "wheelbase" will tow better.

What is the measurement of a campsite? ›

Standard Campsite – 20' x 30' Standard Long Campsite – 20' x 40' Standard Electrical Campsite – 20' x 30'

Is the length of a camper in the VIN number? ›

4th digit B=travel trailer. 4th digit C=fifth wheel. 6th & 7th digits often indicate trailer length. Sometimes this includes the 4' trailer hitch.

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