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There are many religion related symbols you can insert on documents using keyboard shortcuts. You can use decimal or hexadecimal code values along with alt key for inserting these symbols. In our earlier article we have explained600+ alt code shortcuts for inserting symbols in Windowsand here is a list of alt code shortcuts for religious symbols in Windows and Mac computers.

Here is a shortcuts table for 40+ religious symbols used in Christian, Muslim, Hindu and other religions.

SymbolDescriptionWindows ShortcutWord ShortcutMac Shortcut
Devanagari OmAlt + 23840950 + Alt + XOption + 0950
Orthodox Cross EmojiAlt + 97662626 + Alt + XOption + 2626
Chi Rho or Constantine’s CrossAlt + 97672627 + Alt + XOption + 2627
Cross Of LorraineAlt + 97682628 + Alt + XOption + 2628
Cross Of JerusalemAlt + 97692629 + Alt + XOption + 2629
West Syriac CrossAlt + 98402670 + Alt + XOption + 2670
East Syriac CrossAlt + 98412671 + Alt + XOption + 2671
Gujarati OmAlt + 27680AD0 + Alt + XOption + 0AD0
Tamil OmAlt + 30240BD0 + Alt + XOption + 0BD0
Star And Crescent EmojiAlt + 9770262A + Alt + XOption + 262A
Farsi Symbol Or Symbol Or IranAlt + 9771262B + Alt + XOption + 262B
Adi Shakti Or Khanda Or Sikh Religious SymbolAlt + 9772262C + Alt + XOption + 262C
Hammer And SickleAlt + 9773262D + Alt + XOption + 262D
Peace Symbol EmojiAlt + 9774262E + Alt + XOption + 262E
Yin Yang EmojiAlt + 9775262F + Alt + XOption + 262F
Church EmojiAlt + 996226EA + Alt + XOption + 26EA
Shinto Shrine EmojiAlt + 996126E9 + Alt + XOption + 26E9
Atom Symbol EmojiAlt + 9883269B + Alt + XOption + 269B
Star of David EmojiAlt + 100172721 + Alt + XOption + 2721
Wheel of Dharma EmojiAlt + 97842638 + Alt + XOption + 2638
Latin Cross EmojiAlt + 10013271D + Alt + XOption + 271D
📿Prayer Beads EmojiAlt + 1282551F4FF + Alt + X
🕀Circled Cross PommeeAlt + 1283201F540 + Alt + X
🕁Cross Pommee With Half Circled BelowAlt + 1283211F541 + Alt + X
🕂Cross PommeeAlt + 1283221F542 + Alt + X
🕃Notched Left Semicircle With Three DotsAlt + 1283231F543 + Alt + X
🕄Notched Right Semicircle With Three DotsAlt + 1283241F544 + Alt + X
🕅Symbol For Marks ChapterAlt + 1283251F545 + Alt + X
🕆White Latin CrossAlt + 1283261F546 + Alt + X
🕇Heavy Latin CrossAlt + 1283271F547 + Alt + X
🕈Celtic CrossAlt + 1283281F548 + Alt + X
🕉Om EmojiAlt + 1283291F549 + Alt + X
🕊Peace Dove EmojiAlt + 1283301F54A + Alt + X
🕋Kaaba EmojiAlt + 1283311F54B + Alt + X
🕌Mosque EmojiAlt + 1283321F54C + Alt + X
🕍Synagogue EmojiAlt + 1283331F54D + Alt + X
🕎Menorah Or Hanukiah EmojiAlt + 1283341F54E + Alt + X
🛕Hindu Temple EmojiAlt + 1287251F6D5 + Alt + X
🛐Place of Worship EmojiAlt + 1287201F6D0 + Alt + X
🔯Dotted Six Pointed Star EmojiAlt + 1283031F52F + Alt + X
🪯Khanda EmojiAlt + 1297111FAAF + Alt + X

Typing Religious Symbols in Windows

There are multiple ways to type religious symbols in Windows PC based on the application.

  • Hold one of the alt keys and then enter decimal numbers like 9962 using numeric keypad. This will produce the church symbol like ⛪. You have to turn on NumLock and use separate number pad for this to work. If you do not have separate keyboard, check out how to use alt code shortcuts on your laptops.
  • Only on Microsoft Word documents you can use hexadecimal code values of the symbols along with alt + x keys. For example, type 1F54C, press and hold alt key and then x key to convert the code into a mosque symbol like 🕌.
  • Most of the religious symbols are part of Unicode emoji which you can type using emoji panel. Press, “Win Logo + ;” or “Win Logo + .” keys to open emoji panel. Type the word to filter the emoji and insert on your document.
Alt Code Shortcuts for Religious Symbols – WebNots (1)

How to Type Religious Symbols in Mac?

  • On Mac, hold one of the option keys and type hexadecimal values of the symbol. For example, option + 0950 will produce the Devanagari or Hindi Om symbol like ॐ. You have to change the input method to Unicode Hex Input for this method to work.
  • Alternatively, you can use the emoji panel or Character Viewer in Mac to insert religious symbols. Press, “Control + Command + Space” to open Character Viewer app. Search for “religion” to filter relevant symbols and insert anywhere on document or chat conversation.
Alt Code Shortcuts for Religious Symbols – WebNots (2)

Typing Religious Symbols in HTML and CSS

You can insert these symbols in HTML and CSS documents using decimal or hexadecimal in predefined format.

  • For HTML, use decimal values in & # 128255; format or hexadecimal values in & # x 128255; format without any spaces in-between the characters.
  • For CSS, you can use hexadecimal values in \1F4FF; format with any selector like below:
li:before {content:\1F4FF;font-family:Times New Roman;}

Image for Offline Reference

You can also download all these religious symbols shortcuts in an image file for your offline reference. Right click on the below image and save as to your local computer.

Note that some of the symbols may show as square box in the above table. Because they are not compatible with displaying on browser as HTML entity. But the symbols will work on Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.

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Alt Code Shortcuts for Religious Symbols – WebNots (2024)


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Hold down the Alt key, and use the number keypad to enter the character code — that's 0252 for the plain checkmark and 0254 for the boxed checkmark.

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Will display as:
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What is the ALT 233 symbol? ›

Alt Codes for Greek Letters

For example, to create the Greek letter theta (Θ), the theta alt code is Alt + 233.

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Why is my Alt not working for special characters? ›

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  2. Hold down the Alt key.
  3. While holding the Alt key, type 0233 on the numeric keypad.
  4. Release the Alt key, and voilà, the é appears!
Dec 5, 2023

What is the Alt key for é? ›

CharacterALT CodeALT Code
10 more rows

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